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What's up, everybody?
It's your boy Todrick.
Thank you so much for coming back to another week of Dance
Moms recap.
Now, I'm going to miss Angel and Victor and the people from
Dance Moms Miami so much.

But if you are like me, you were no doubt filled with
anticipation that Abby Lee and the original
Dance Moms were back!
Oh my gosh, they're coming back!
Oh my gosh, they're coming back!
Everyone's replaceable, and so is this baseball team.
Don't you love it?
So the episode started, all the moms and the kids came
back in, everybody was like hey girl, how you been?
How you doing?
How your mama doing?
And everybody was looking around for Abby.
She was nowhere to be found.
Just fashionably late, and missing,
like Jon Benet Ramsey.
So she strolls in and starts getting ready to announce
who's going to be at the top of the pyramid, and everybody
wants to know why she left, even though they all know it's
because Maddie messed up and she couldn't handle it.
And they kind of already started attacking her from the
beginning, and she was a little bit calm, but then out
of nowhere she was just like--
And we were like, all right, I guess now that you've got that
off your chest, we can move on.
At the top of the pyramid this week was Chloe.
Yeah, Chloe!
We all knew that was going to happen, because Chloe came in
first at the very last competition in New Jersey.
So good for you, Chloe.
It's about time you got your chance to shine, and I hope
you get to stay on top of that pyramid.
This week, because Chloe's at the top of the pyramid, where
Maddie usually is, she will be doing a solo, a trio, and the
group number.
So this whole episode was basically
about pressuring Chloe.
This week, they're going to California, which is a huge
step for them, because the competition is really, really,
really fierce.
And they're doing a number called "I Want It Now," which
is kind of like their little Elle Woods type characters,
and singing about how they want everything.
Kind of like that little girl from the Willy Wonka Chocolate
(HIGHPITCHED SINGING) I want the world.
I want the whole world!

This week there was so much pressure on Chloe.
I felt so bad for her.
I thought she was just literally going to run away
with the circus or something, because everyone was staring
at her like hawks.
Abby even had Nia and Paige and Maddie sit down in front
of her and critique her routine.
It was just so much pressure.
And on top of that, Abby literally was like (DEEP
VOICE) you are representing me, and my entire career, my
life, my family, my dog, rest in your hands.
Basically, Chloe, if you mess up this week you are
single-handedly responsible for the Holocaust, slavery
coming back, global warming, and the making of Glitter 2.
Please don't let that happen, girl.
So, while the other kids are rehearsing, Abby pulls Maddie
into a room and is like, let me see that solo
that you messed up.
If I ask you to do that, are you going to be able to
perform it this week?
Maddie was looking at her like, (HIGHPITCHED VOICE) OK,
don't get it twisted.
I might have messed up once, but let's be real.
I'm Maddie!
I mean, I'm Maddie for god's sake.
Anyway, they get to the competition, and lo and behold
by some fluke accident, Maddie is signed up to perform at the
Abby keeps pressuring her to perform, but Maddie's like
(HIGHPITCHED VOICE) I just don't think I'm ready.
So then they move on.
The trio happens, it goes pretty well.
But Paige forgets to do one [INAUDIBLE]
Abby starts acting like the sky is falling.
Mackenzie does her solo, which is freaking adorable, but then
she ends up slipping on her sleeve and falls down.
But let me tell you, she bounces back up like Beyonce,
and finishes that routine.
She doesn't even remember the end of it, and she strolls off
the stage like a pure pro.
Chloe does her routine, and she executes it very well.
I'm just a little bit nervous about Chloe.
It's just--
something ain't right with her.
It's not normal for somebody to be that calm and
stuff all the time.
Every time the world is falling apart, and all the
moms are freaking out, Chloe's just in the middle of the
hurricane like (HIGHPITCHED VOICE) it's all right.
I'll handle it.
And if I don't, things will be better next week.
And Chloe, if you're watching this, I just want to say I
think it's so nice that you're so sweet and so
kind all the time.
But listen.
There comes a time that you can stay cool and calm and
collected, and then there comes a time that you have to
act a fool to get results.

All right.
Anyway, it came time for awards.
Mackenzie came in tenth place, Chloe came in fifth place, the
trio came in third place, and the group came in fifth place.
So they didn't do that bad, considering the competition
was such a huge deal.
But of course Abby came into the dressing room later and
was like, you tell me, I flew all the way here for that?
I missed the sale at Big Wings R Us for that?
Then Abby literally went in on Brooke and was like you can't
even do a foite.
So then Kelly got up and basically told Abby that her
choreography was crusty.
(HIGHPITCHED VOICE) As every single one of these women who
is out there watching choreography, yours sucks!
And then she was like (HIGHPITCHED VOICE) maybe me
and Christi need to go to another studio.
And then Abby literally jumped on her like a freaking
pterodactyl and was like (DEEP VOICE) Kristie and I!
Kristie and I!
And I was like Abby is a mess.
She needs to get Ricola or Throat Coat or somebody to
sponsor her.
I mean, that is not safe.
Something is going to happen to her
voice box at any moment.
She's going to open her mouth to talk and nothing's
going to come out.
She sounds like Eartha Kitt, Macy Gray, and Harvey
Fierstein all got together and had a baby.
And that's all, folks.
That's how the episode ended, with a lesson from Abby on how
to properly construct a sentence.
Can't wait for next week when Abby teaches us history
starring Nia as Rosa Parks, in the back of the routine.
You might be laughing now, but let's be real.
You all know Abby would do it.
Anyway, thank you so much for watching this recap.
I'm Todrick, and you're watching (SINGING) FYI.

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