Não Me temam porque sou Deus de amor

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Moment of Reflection
(Jesus to Josefa Menendez)
I want children, these innocent hearts,
I do not know and grow in the ice of indifference,
ignoring what is worth your soul ...;
yes want these shrines that are my delight,
find a home where they are taught to know Me
and where to grow in the fear of my law and love of My Heart.
My desire is that you may be the fuel of this fire that I shed upon the earth,
because there is no point kindle the flame is there to feed it,
so I want to form a chain of love in souls inflamed,
that love hopes and expects that all of My Heart
so that, inflamed them, communicate the world.
Do not think I'll tell you something else other than the Cross.
Rescued by her men, for she now want to attract them to the truth of faith and the path of love.
Show you'll My desires: I saved the world from the Cross, or through suffering.
Already know that sin is an infinite offense;
so I ask you to offer your labors and sufferings,
united to the infinite merits of My Heart ...
Inculcai souls with whom you are in contact love and trust ...
Impregnai them in love, trust, kindness and mercy of My Heart.
And when you have time to give me the know tell them that I do not fear for I am the God of Love.
I ask especially three things:
1st - The Holy Hour of Exercise;
he makes to God the Father in union and repair Infinite through Jesus Christ, His Divine Son.
2nd. The devotion of Our Fathers Five to My Wounds, because it was through them that the world received salvation.
3rd And finally, the constant union, that is, the daily offering of the merits of My Heart.
Because you will succeed so that your actions have an infinite merit,
and avail themselves continually of My Blood, My Life, My Heart;
trust ceaselessly and fearlessly in My Heart;
here is the secret unknown to many souls ...
I want you to know know and enjoy.
Now I want to talk to my souls consecrated to Me can make known to sinners and to the whole world.
Many do not know yet penetrate my feelings:
treat me as someone who does not have confidence and who lives away from them.
I want avivem their faith, and their love
and that his life is of trust and intimacy with Him whom they love and who loves you.
Normally, the eldest son is the one who best knows the feelings and the secrets of his father,
in which puts his confidence more than the other, being smaller,
are unable to become interested in serious things and not hold the attention but the superficial.
If the father dies, the eldest son to transmit to young children the last will of his father.
In my church there are also older children, are the souls that I chose.
Consecrated by the priesthood or the religious vows
live closer to me and I trust them with my secrets.
They are, by their ministry or their vocation,
entrusted to watch over my young children, their siblings
and, sometimes, directly or indirectly, to guide them, educate them and inform them of my wishes.
Also writes for the souls that I love: I want you to understand well the desire for perfection, which consumes me,
and how this perfection consists in intimate union with Me in action,
even the most common and ordinary shares.
If my souls understand it well may deify his works and his life;
and worth as a day of divine life!
When a soul burns in desires for love, there is no difficult thing for her;
but when it is cold and disheartened, everything becomes difficult and painful for her ...
That will then seek strength in My Heart ...
Offer me your discouragement and join the ardor which consumes Me
and be sure that one day well lived will be of incomparable price for souls.
My heart knows all human miseries and have great compassion for them!
Not only that souls desire to join me in a generous way:
I want this union is constant, as is the intimate union of those who love and live together
although that does not always speak, look up and use mutual courtesies and attentions of love.
If the soul is in peace and quiet, it is easy to think of me;
But we are in desolation and anguish, fear not. Just Me a look! ...
I understand it, and only with this look, reach that My Heart to fill with the tenderest delicacy.
I say souls as you love My Heart.
I want you to know me well and so I do know that My love to those they trust.
I wish fervently that all souls in me fix my eyes not to alienate them ever;
that there is between them mediocrities whose origin, most often, is a false understanding of My love.
No; love My Heart is not difficult or hard;
is easy and smooth. To reach a high degree of love is not necessary to do extraordinary things.
Purity of the intended action smaller as the largest;
intimate union with my heart and my heart will do the rest!
My heart is not only an abyss of love,
is also abyss of mercy, and knowing all your miseries of the human heart that are not exempt,
souls who love most, wanted their actions, for they are small in themselves,
can reach me through an infinite value for sinners and for the souls who need help.
(From "A Call of Love" - ​​Jesus to Sister Josefa Menendez).
Dear Brothers, yes, the Heart of Jesus is all love, is MERCY!
If we knew more, how great would be our trust in Him!
+ The Blessing of God Almighty, Father, Son and Holy Spirit
descend upon you, increase your faith in His Love and Mercy and stay forever. - Amen.