Deaf Girls are Risky on Valentine's Day? Dine & Sign Episode 21

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Hi, I'm Alex and this is my father. He's deaf and I'm not. Join us as we share a father-son
conversation over a bite to eat and I start to learn that he's got a unique little way
of saying things to me. This is Dine and Sign.
If I find a deaf girl what would you say?
No, no. Please don't find one.
No, I don't want.
Really? why?
Why? Born deaf, bored.
I thank god my three kids are hearing. If my children were deaf? I'd be depressed. Finished.
I don't want to see you deaf. I don't want. Really, when almost born I hoped- hearing?
Yes. Second hearing? Yes! Third..? I hoped hearing. It was in. All hearing Yes! If deaf?
I'd be depressed.
I don't want to see deaf. I imagine myself, it's tough. I don't want to see deaf, I don't
want. Thank God I no deaf. Yes.
Do you think Deaf is a culture or a handicap?
Since we've started filming, I've been meeting and meeting deaf, seeing many people support
deaf culture. I realize I am involved with deaf culture but not involved 100% because
so far, I'm called CODA, I'm leaning about CODA, etc but you, not avoid deaf, but try
to give me a hearing world. Know what I mean? But I thought Dad's deaf, should be involved
in deaf culture.
Yeah.. deaf culture, but-
Sometimes I think about finding a deaf girl to make it easier to relate to you. To meet
a girl who cannot relate to you I feel- 2 worlds. Interpret between. I feel if deaf,
we can mix, relate.
I understand what you mean, but, same meet hearing… you have to… can you learn signing?
Patience, progress, thats it.
But I don't want to force- learn for me. It has to be naturally grown. You expect my life-
to learn sign language. I can't expect that. I have to enjoy life as is.
If not- that's life. But… I don't want you to marry a deaf girl. I don't want. Born more
risk. I think I- I hate… I don't mean I don't want born deaf. Really I don't want
it. You know why? I feel it will be hard on yourself. Now it's hard. In 1970's deaf was
nothing. Now deaf. Mainstream is good but tough to interpret. It's not easy.
I just find myself in-between two different worlds. Hearing world and deaf world. What-
Hearing is easy but I feel ignoring deaf. But deaf is involved in my world, I can't
Suppose blind. Blind what do you do? They have a special, fancy program. Send them there,
they can't live with us, you know that?
You think so?
Long time ago the deaf institute now changed to mainstream because deaf with interpreter.
Blind institute must. They don't have hearing with- hearing with blind. You see blind at
Shepherd Hill?
They should have 1 or 2.
Right right, that's true.
If blind, have to be quiet and accept. Send them to the institute and accept. That's it.
Depressed to send, you know? Same I born deaf, I'd be depressed. I don't want that.
So not deaf, what other girl you looking for? What qualities? What else?
What's normal?
Normal is what you like.
Use your judgement.
Purple hair.
I don't care, your judgement.
Mean anything?
Yeah, except Handicap. No.
What if speech low.
Handicap, still handicap. Called 5 senses. See, hear, all 5 normal, that's it. Dye hair
not my business. You can change later no problem.
What if 5 senses but she kills people.
Jail- gone.
What if I go see her in jail?
Don't bother
But… I'm interested
Mental- what's the matter with you?
love… that's it..
So far you haven't picked one… shhh
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