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Man Ok, we're home!
Ah! Did she still not find it?
What is the problem?
See... that is...
That is… I believe that Stylist Jang lost a watch.
Which watch?
The watch that was sponsored this time.
Ha! She made such a big deal asking us to keep it safely,
How could she lose that?
Hey, Jang Man Ok, are you crazy...?
Hey! Why the heck are you shouting?
I heard you lost the watch?!
Are you insane?
Watch? What kind of watch?
The watch that was sponsored?
Do you know how much that thing costs?
Even your lifetime salary will not be enough.
Ah! Be quiet.
Man Ok, what happened? Where and when did you lose it?
That is… Earlier, when I was chasing after you, Kang Hwi…
Then, I came back to the make-up room . . .
The watch… wasn’t there.
Great going!
It hasn’t even been long since you started your job as a stylist!
And, you end up losing a watch that is sponsored?!
If you don’t find it, you’ll have to pay for watch. What are you going to do now?
Are you adding oil to fire now?
Hey, you may go first. Please leave now.
You know that if you don’t resolve this properly, you are out immediately, right?
Sty-list Jang!
I will definitely find it! Everything will be fine if I find it.
How? Do you think the watch will appear if you cry like this here?
If you sit and cry, will someone solve it for you instead?
You said you were a pro?!
Ah! Please! Give it a break!
I told you to get out!
Clean this all up.
I definitely have to find the watch.
I'll find it.
That’s right, Man Ok. I will also help you.
Anyway, that guy, I don’t like everything about him from head to toe.
Especially that mouth! I like that mouth the least!
What did I do?
Did I say something wrong?
This is my chance to get her fired and I will not see her ever again!
What is this? You hadn’t left yet?
Because of this.
What is that?
The cat pajamas you got at the fan meeting.
I packed it and brought it, but I didn’t know what to do with it.
Get rid of this.
I thought it wouldn’t be possible because of your allergies.
Then… is it alright if I give it Kang Hwi hyung?
He asked me to give it to him earlier.
That’s alright. Leave it in the basement.
In the basement?
Yes! the basement!
Thank you, Kang Hwi!
Go back in quickly.
No, I’ll drop you off.
Oh! It’ll be the first time you’re riding my car.
My car is really nice.
Let’s go.
What is this? Are they dating?
Episode 4 ~Part 1~
She still hasn’t come back? Is there really a problem?
Sorry, my friend.
Uh? It’s the same car as my oppa’s.
Today, don't think about anything, just rest.
Thank you, Kang Hwi.
You’re going to the shop tomorrow, right?
I must. By finding it somehow…
Call when you go, I’ll go with you.
No, I can go alone.
I don't have anything scheduled.
I was going to go shopping tomorrow anyway.
It’s a good thing, go with me.
See… Kang Hwi, you needn’t.
Go inside, I'm going.
Please go back carefully.
Forget about the watch for now and sleep tight, alright?
What was that all about? Spill the truth!
The guy just now, he wouldn’t be… my Kang Hwi oppa, right?
It's true, it's your oppa.
Hey! Don’t joke around with me and tell me the truth.
Did you come together with my oppa?
Ah! You said you saw everything. He is indeed your oppa!
Why? How could he be my oppa?
How can a commoner like you be with my oppa?
Don’t leave anything out and tell me clearly, in detail.
And in detail, so that I can comprehend the situation!
I am the stylist for Take One.
You? How?
It just happened somehow.
Ah! You’re frustrating. Tell me properly!
Later… let’s talk later. I’m really tired now. Go now.
When later? Jang Man Ok...
I’m feeling immensely betrayed by you!
You see Kang Hwi oppa’s face every day.
How could you not say a word about it? Huh?
It’s not been too long since I started… and I was out of my mind.
Still, this is such an important thing!
Mom and I didn’t even know that...
And we were so worried that you might be suffering somewhere…
For someone who said she worried,
how could you not call even once?
That... I did that all for you.
Then, for me, please leave. Huh?
Let me get some sleep!
Jang Man Ok!
Hey! Jang Man Ok!
Pain in the Ass For My Entire Life
Ah! Seriously! Han Ga Ryeong!
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What more has come up?
Tae Ik oppa said that he will take a commemoration photo in the pajamas and put it up on the fan café. I’m so looking forward to it.
I will just take one photo… Just one…
First, give me the watches.
Then this…
She turns her phone off in this situation?
Ah! I don’t know, I don’t know… it isn’t even my business.
What is this? What is this guy?
How can he call all night long?
Wow! He sent a text at 3 a.m. and at dawn?
How dare you turn off your cell?
If you see this, call immediately!
If you don’t want to regret it, it would be good to call quickly, Stylist Jang!
Ah! Seriously! This rude bastard! What does he want to make me do now?
I'm very sorry, but today I am very busy.
I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.
I requested so much, but if you do this, it is problematic.
Can’t you wait just one more day, please? Just one more day!
Instead, if you can’t return it by tomorrow,
you must take the responsibility and compensate for it.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
But can you find it?
It is such an expensive product that if someone saw it,
he would have taken it immediately.
I must find it somehow.
But… if...
What if the watch can't be found, how much does it cost?
You can pay for its actual cost.
Shh, keep quiet!
Oh my god.
How can a watch be that expensive?
I already told you.
It is an highly-priced watch that normal people don’t even get to see.
I will buy that watch.
I will pay for the watch.
Are you crazy?
Why? I earn a lot of money.
I can pay for that.
Still, this isn’t right.
I was at fault. Why would you pay for it instead?
It’s weird.
There’s nothing weird about it.
If you think about it, I’m also at fault.
If I hadn’t joked around back then, you wouldn’t have vacated the waiting area.
Then you wouldn’t have lost the watch.
So, I’m also at fault.
Anyway, it is my responsibility, so I will take care of it.
Don’t bother about it, Kang Hwi.
Why? I want to help.
Strangely, Man Ok, you seem familiar.
You even saved me when we first met.
Ah… that was…
You don’t know this, right? You look exactly like the girl I used to like.
What? Me?
Yes. You look exactly like my first love.
Whatever, if you have anything to request, you have to ask me first, alright?
You must! Alright?
Uh? What is this? Are you touched?
Thank you.
Really, there is only you.
Hey… this is nothing.
If you get to know me, I am a more touching person.
Eventually, you aren’t going to call, is that it?
That’s fine with me.
I am in no hurry at all.
It is slightly chilly, right?
What are you doing like a village ahjussi? Where did you get that dowdy hat?
I see that the two of you went somewhere together.
What’s it to you what others do?
Why? Are you curious?
Not at all.
I’m sorry I couldn’t call.
I was running around because of the watch.
Hey, that’s alright. You needn’t report everything to him.
Anyway, he isn’t even bothered.
Of course.
Why should I be bothered?
It isn’t even my business.
See! His consideration for others is less than the Achilles tendon of an ant.
Don’t be bothered about that kind of guy and let’s go in.
Hey! Put those scissors away.
Not you...
But Stylist Jang.
So, why?
I have some business with Stylist Jang. What?
Do you have a problem?
Cut this. Prettily!
By any chance... Did you call me last night because of this?
Don’t you think this is too much?
Wow! How could the two of you be so different?
Sir Kang Hwi even came with me to the shop because he was worried.
What is this, Mr. Lee Tae Ik?
Why is one ‘Sir” and the other ‘Mister’?
Why? Why don’t you ask that great Sir to find the watch for you?
That is… my job.
Ah! Is that so?
If you can’t find the watch, you will have to compensate for it…
Do you have the money?
You wouldn’t have any regardless of whether I ask you or not.
See, if you had left when I told you to, this wouldn’t have happened.
Hey, what is this? Do you know how much this is?
I won’t do it! I won’t!
I’m a stylist, not a gardener.
Why do you make me do things like this also?
Since you aren’t good at being a stylist, I have to make you do this kind of thing.
Who’s the one who created big trouble as soon as she started work?
If you say that you will leave immediately today,
I will take care of the watch problem somehow.
That’s alright!
I will never break the contract first and leave.
If you can't find the watch, you must leave.
That is also a violation of the contract.
I will find it. It will do if I find it, right?
I guarantee you that you’ll never find it. Never!
Hey! Where are you going?
To find the watch!
I asked all the staff to check everywhere, but I don’t think it is here.
Did you find the watch?
There is no way you could have found it.
I’m busy now, I’m going to hang up.
Stylist Jang! Hey! Stylist Jang!
Ah! Why?
Come here running when I say it nicely.
I’ll give you just one hour.
Ah, seriously! This rude bastard!
Ah! But, why is she still not coming?
See if you are even one minute late!
Lee Tae Ik, let me use the sauna.
Hey! How did you get in here?
Huh? The door was open.
Let me use the sauna.
It wasn’t made for you to use.
I will pay for this month’s electricity bill. Don’t be so cheap.
What is this?
What is this? Why is this here?
No way… Did you pocket this?
No, I didn’t.
Hey! The evidence is right here. How can you say that it isn’t?
Wow! Lee Tae Ik, seriously! I didn’t think you were like that.
I told you that it isn’t.
How dare you think of me like this?
Give it to me!
I will put it back where it was.
But why didn’t you say anything to Man Ok earlier, when you had this?
That is… I…
By any chance, were you purposely trying to give Man Ok a hard time?
Hey! When did I?
Look at you! Look at you! Your face has become red!
You were trying to get rid of her using this as an excuse, right?
How could you… think of something like that?
Am I you?
Then what is it? Tell me, huh? Tell me.
Stylist Jang is here. Please open the door.
You’re caught in the act. Man Ok!
Won Kang Hwi!
Don’t do it!
Ah, why?
Do you know how much our Man Ok suffered emotionally because of you?
Things like this need to be revealed completely.
What Lee Tae Ik, a Hallyu star, did against a powerless stylist needs to be told to the whole world.
Stop with the nonsense!
I’m warning you.
I don’t think you are in a position to warn Sir Me, now.
Why don’t you move aside?
Hey! Yes, yes… The watch... I was going to return it.
But Stylist Jang…
What about me?
Hey! How did you come in?
The door was open.
Hey! I told you the door was open.
Hi, Man Ok.
I would have come earlier if I had known Kang Hwi was here.
What is it that you have to say to me?
You asked me to come running because you had something to say to me.
Tae Ik said that he will solve the watch problem for you.
It’s the truth. So, you needn’t worry about it anymore.
Suddenly… What are you saying?
You aren’t playing a joke on me by any chance, right?
What joke?
Hey! Lee Tae Ik, the Hallyu star, thinks so much of his family, he wouldn’t play a joke like that.
Isn’t that true?
That’s right.
I don’t play silly jokes like somebody.
Ta da!
How did you find this?
See, what happened was Tae I…
Hey. Aren’t you taking a sauna?
C... can I?
Continuously from now on?
Ga Ryeong. Till when do we have to be like this?
Wait a bit.
Didn’t you hear what the part-time employee said earlier?
That swindler is a regular here.
A culprit definitely returns to the (crime) scene.
No. No. (in French)
Nora thinks differently.
The swindler is not an idiot.
Since we could be waiting here, would he come back here?
- Is that so? - Yes (in French)
Just waiting here is...
Stupid! It’s a stupid thing to do.
We don’t know his name or his phone number. How do we find him?
I shouldn’t have heard about the press card.
Where on earth did they get the press cards from? They went in so easily.
Press card! Ga Ryeong, I thought of something!
It is a really important thing.
If that man comes, please give him this memo.
Excuse me, this is a little…
What? You need to drive.
Non! This is a bribe…no, a present.
Nora, you seem not to know, but these things…
I just have to convey this to him, right?
We have to catch that rat-like creature.
This rat-like creature!
- So Ji Seung! This rat-like creature! - Hyung!
That rat!
Where are you going! Catch him!
Where did he go?
Aigo! Shocks!
I’m paying for this. My throat is a little dry…
Thank you for last time. We went in safely because of you.
Can I get 3 more this time?
My friends made a request…
Please be sure to call me!
I guess they luckily didn’t get caught.
Didn’t they check?
Ah! I can’t hand these out randomly…
What are the names of your friends?
A million won per person, total 3 million. You know, right?
Swindler! Bastard!
Hey! What are you doing?
How dare you steal money from a fan-for-life?!
Return our money while we're still asking nicely.
Ah! Hey! Hey! Hey! It hurts! It hurts! Wait a moment!
Man Ok Kwan, affiliated to the Korean Hapkido Association and which boasts a 50 year tradition...
I am the best friend of Jang Man Ok, the Master of Man Ok Kwan.
How dare you con us? How?
I'll give it... I will give it to you, so first release this hand…
Oh! And you, put down the camera!
Ga Ryeong, don’t release him. What if he deceives us again?
I won't. I won’t. This time, it’s the truth.
Ah, really, it hurts… listen to me.
Hey! If it is the 3 of us, we can even set up a company.
Then you will get press cards and everything…
And you can go to all the showcases or whatever that you like.
Yes, really.
Yes, Kang Hwi.
I took care of it well.
No, I’m at home…
Yes, Kang Hwi, I’ll see you tomorrow.
Oh! Shocks!
See you tomorrow. Kang Hwi, you, too.
Why are you getting surprised? Are you guilty of something to me?
Hey! What crime?
My friend. Should we have an in-depth conversation in awhile?
I signed an agreement.
What agreement?
Not to tell anything about the residence.
Then you really can’t tell anybody.
They say that there are many people who had to pay a huge amount of compensation because they broke that agreement.
I plan on not saying anything.
I will also never tell anybody.
So friend, just tell me slightly where it is.
Hey! Han Ga Ryeong!
- Oh! It's Grandfather! Volume up! Volume!
- Volume?
Yes, Grandfather.
Of course, we were obviously in training now.
Ay! Ay! Ay!
The kids are so diligent.
Yab! Yab! Ay! Ay!
Yes, Grandfather, don’t worry. Come back safely.
Bad girl!
I even shouted along. And, you still can’t even tell me that?
You completely have no loyalty.
Nora, speed up! We can never lose her today.
Yes, let's go (in French)
Why are you stopping?
No, no! In Paris, you must yield first. We are next.
You don’t know the basics of tailing after someone.
Ah! That pain!
Why is she going round and round? I’m getting car sick…
Take One, rehearsal starts.
It’s all the same.
From the beginning of the 2nd verse, Tae Ik come to the middle, Kang Hwi come to the center from the left.
Kang Hwi, come forward.
Kang Hwi, are you alright?
What’s the matter? Are you alright?
Yes. It’s nothing.
Today we are singing live on a live telecast, will you be alright?
Since earlier, you haven't been able to concentrate.
Are you alright? Hyung?
I think my lens disappeared.
I will go out briefly.
I’m sorry, just a moment.
Tell them we will do it by AR.
Why am I like this?
If you are going to say hi, do it properly, or just act like you didn’t see me.
Uh, yes.
You heard that I am doing the sports drink commercial which you had been doing, right?
What to do because I am sorry?
But that company was looking for a fresh image.
They are looking for a new face to represent the company.
I guess you don’t even look at the mirror?
Or you act like you don’t know even if you do.
Change your hair salon. Or change your stylist.
Aren’t you fed up of being called a fake Won Kang Hwi?
If it was me, I would feel completely bad.
Ah, right!
That commercial, I’m going to keep doing it.
It tasted so bad that I was going to quit.
But they said that they would raise my contract fee by two-folds.
If I had known that you were going to do it,
I would have told them that I’m not going to do it.
Don’t be disappointed.
If they need a new look, they’ll look for you again.
Because you are fresh.
Work hard!
Ah! Aish!
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Hey! Seriously? Are you happy?
Do you not know that I can't use anything?
Did you ever hear that you hurt your eye slightly when you were a kid?
Dogs, cats, rabbits... I hate things like that the most.
Omo! Oh my!
Hey, Lee Tae Ik, how could you work with a person of such low standards?
Stylist Jang!
Tae Ik hyung's cell is turned off. And Stylist Jang won't pick up.
Get me out.
Say, "Please get me out."
Are you crazy!
Tae Ik!
Are you asking me to sleep outside?
If we sleep together and get into a scandal,
will you take responsibility?