Hire a Celebrity for Your Event : Hiring Celebrities Dos & Don'ts

Uploaded by eHow on 05.11.2008

Hi, I'm Rita Tateel, from The Celebrity Source. This is actually the last segment in a twenty
one part series, on recruiting or booking a celebrity, for a public relations campaign
or special event. We're going to kind of summarize everything in this session, and talking about
the bottom lines, there's nine things that I've identified. In fact, if you don't mind,
I have a list here, and, if you don't do anything else, make sure you do these things. These
are kind of the do's and don'ts. First, number one, it's important to research and find credibility
with a celebrity. Make sure there is an obvious match, with what it is that you're trying
to accomplish, by having a celebrity involved. Two, research to determine potential motivators.
What might motivate a celebrity to say yes, beyond money? What's going to hook them? It's
important also, to research potential mine fields. In other words, something that could
derail your event or campaign, or if a celebrity has done something bad, you're going to want
to know about that in advance, so it's not a surprise to you, when the media starts asking
very uncomfortable questions. Next, it's important that you are realistic, about who you can
attract. Don't ask for a superstar to attend your event, when really, it's really meant
for somebody who's a lower level celebrity. State all of your needs up front. It's very
important to let a celebrity know and their representatives, what are you expecting of
them upfront? Make sure that briefings of a celebrity are thorough, but also brief.
Don't waste a celebrity's time, with lengthy briefing sessions, when it can be done over
the phone, or email. Keep all of your promises, and don't make any promises you can't keep.
My mentor, one of my most favorite mentors, Johnny Grant, who recently passed away, who's
the Honorary Mayor of Hollywood, taught me this, and I will never forget that. Always
keep your promises, and don't make any promises you can't keep. It's so important. It's what
makes relationships in this business. Have a backup plan. Celebrities are humans, ok?
Life happens. You might end up losing somebody, as a result of an illness, and sickness, so
go ahead. Have a backup plan. What's your backup plan? Ask yourself the question. If
the celebrity doesn't show up, what are we going to do? and have an answer, and finally,
don't just go after popularity. The biggest star may in fact, not be the best spokesperson,
for you. Think about it this way. Think of a celebrity, like a package on a supermarket
shelf. They may be very attractive on the outside, and that's very important, but what
you have to keep in mind, it's what's on the inside of the package that counts. Well, there
you have it. A little bit of tips about working with celebrities. I hope that's been helpful,
and if you're interested in working with celebrities, and would like to contact us, be sure to visit
our website at : www.CelebritySource.com. We're here to help you, and make your experience
in working with celebrities easy, and a pleasant one. My name is Rita Tateel. I'm President
of The Celebrity Source.