Classical Vocal Training for Singers : How to Prepare Your Voice for Classical Voice Training

Uploaded by expertvillage on 09.02.2008

Hello, I'm Nina Mikhailova with Expert Village. So I've showed you a little bit of breathing
techniques, some voice exercises, and now I just want to give you some healthy tips,
for the singers or for the speakers. If you need to talk a lot, try not to talk a few
hours before, so your vocal cords they will be fresh. Remember when you wake up, your
vocal cords they have time to wake up also, so give them a few hours to wake up. If you
start your show, or talking, for example at 11 o'clock in the morning, try to wake up
earlier so your vocal cords will not be forced. When the speakers or singers lose voices,
in most situation when you force your voice too hard, when you sing or talk, when you're
really tired, because those are muscles and they just lose their flexibility. So if you
feel tired, the best medicine is just to be quiet for a while, and to drink. Don't drink
hot tea or hot coffee, because you can burn your throat. Drink some warm water with lemon
or tea with lemon and with sugar. Don't drink with honey, it's a big mistake, because honey
has a quality to irritate your vocal cords.