Athena Community Astronomy Club on Compass with Boomer

Uploaded by reevesAstronomy on 11.10.2009

Boomer: Well, the clouds are in the skies, but Bruce, I am seeing some stars right
now. What's that one up there, Ron?
Ron: That's Sirius.
Boomer: He's serious folks! This is a telescope - and boy, when you take this places, how
do you plant it? Do yah like that one? It's the astronomy club and they have a big event
coming up this week, and every week coming up in the Summerside area, tell us about it,
Ron: Yes, well, Pierre will tell you about the International Year of Astronomy.
Boomer: Alright, well tell us about that.
Pierre: Well, it's in celebration of the 400th anniversary of the invention of the telescope
by galileo --
Boomer: --Jumpin' Jupiter!
Pierre: Yeah, no, just stay down to Earth. And, uh, each club across Canada and the World
has different endeavours, and ours - one of ours, is a public viewing that occurs on Wednesday
evenings, starting last week to the end of August.
Boomer: So, where is the viewing gonna to take place? Maybe you're going to interject
Ron: In Summerside, very close to the Shipyard Market facility on the Baywalk area. So, our
club will have four or five telescopes set up, and we've got one of our younger members
here, who will be showing members of the general public interesting things in the night sky.
Boomer: Alright Andrew, you said you've been seeing stars for a few years, tell us what
you can expect people to see.
Andrew: Well, we'll be showing the Moon and its various phases and craters.
Boomer: Alright, there we go.
Andrew: And Saturn is visible right now, and its magnificent rings.
Boomer: Oh, it is visible right now?
Andrew: Yeah, in the sky, it's in the Western sky.
Boomer: So, uh, obviously can we see it from the naked eye, or do we need this.
Andrew: You can see it as a small dot with the naked eye but with the telescope you can
see those rings.
Boomer: Alright, and another picture here? Oh, the Moon and what's this one?
Andrew: Jupiter, and we'll also be able to see its Moons as they orbit, you can see the
changes day to day.
Boomer: Wow! So all of this can be viewed again, where and when Ron? Tell us very quickly.
Ron: Shipyard Market, Summerside, Wednesday evenings, right at sunset.
Boomer: Alright, well I see a star every night and I'm looking at him right now and Bruce,
let's head up to Summerside with our telescopes next week!
Bruce: [Laugh] Heavenly bodies galore!
Boomer: Yes, they should be!
Bruce: OK, see you.
Boomer: OK.