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ANNOUNCER: It's Friday, November 19.
From ABC News, this is "World News Now."
ROB: Finally this half hour, a look at all the buzz words
heating up the Yahoo search engine.
And Vinita, I'll bet you'll never guess
what's trending hot right now-- my favorite story of the week.
VINITA: Oh, yes, I have to imagine it concerns
two recently engaged lovebirds, right?
ROB: Yes.
VINITA: Well, Yahoo's trend expert Pamela Woon is here
with that answer, as well as all of the other trends.
Good morning, Pam.
PAMELA: Hey, Rob, Vinita, good morning.
Now, the online world is abuzz today, clamoring to find
every detail about the next royal wedding,
the latest Harry Potter movie,
and the upcoming Thanksgiving meal.
But first, love is in the air.
( applause )
Five of the top ten searches this week on Yahoo
are related to the royal engagement.
Yahoo UK is reporting unprecedented numbers
on Prince William,
and especially his bride-to-be, Kate Middleton.
Searches for her went up an astonishing 20,000%
in the first 24 hours after the announcement.
Even searches for her parents' party business shot up 1,850%.
Now, it's true, guys-- if you like it,
then you should put a ring on it.
And speaking of a little bling, searches for engagement rings
usually spike in November and December
as people prepare to propose,
but this week, it is through the roof.
Now, searches for replicas of Kate's engagement ring
are off the charts.
Obviously, a sentimental favorite, since it was
the sapphire and diamond ring Princess Diana received
from Prince Charles.
Now, a vast majority of all these searches
for engagement rings are from the ladies.
All right, now, moving on
to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Harry Potter is back again-- a new movie out now,
and searches are up 13,000%.
Emma Watson is the most searched of the starring trio,
up 5,300% right now.
Lots of people searching for pics of her new hairdo.
So, it's almost Thanksgiving
and that means Yahoo searchers are talking turkey.
How to cook a turkey-- that's up 385% this week--
about two out of three searches are from women.
And up 571% this week on how to fry a deep-fried turkey.
Two out of those three are coming from the guys.
All right, you two, so what are you doing for Thanksgiving?
ROB: What are we doing for Thanksgiving, Vinita?
VINITA: I'm going to be stuck in a TSA line.
ROB: And I'll be working.
Happy times. ( laughs )