What do you Know about Yazeed AlRajhi !?

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Thank god, we defeated it and outranked the rally
Probably, driving cars differs from rally
If I drive a car, I feel that I am enthusiastic, concentrated on driving
Driving mood only in my mind not the mood of ...... e.g.
Some read newspapers and consider the car the best place for reading
There are things you are never aware of until you..
get stuck in the end as God wills ...for e.g.....
In all my life, I don't remember seeing the red traffic light then pass through it
Others pass with high speed when the traffic light is yellow
I say to him how?!!!!! Passing is still not allowed
He says: traffic is not closed and if someone passes it, it shall be his mistake
The issue is not being right or wrong. we may die or get injured badly
we won't get any benefits from the hurry neither me nor you
Once a time, we're coming back from Kuwait, that happened 4 months ago
One of my friends was driving. The fog was covering the whole road
I said to him: fix your speed to certain speed....
Just .... concentrate on the road. That happened during the days of dust
It was Dust. we call it in Riyadh fog as we frequently see it
I covered my face, leaned back with the seat and slept for a while as I was tired
Almost after 5 minutes, I heard "Yazeed". I just removed the cover and
Suddenly.....!!!!. I saw a camel face to face striking us.....BooooooW !!
It happened extremely fast,.... there wasn't even time to fear
That accident have been affected my life
I did some researches on camels and I knew when they may cross roads
They usually do cross during days with full moon;
14th and 15th days of lunar months
I see why the camel crossed the road, what is the reason for that
Sometimes, I may be in the rally doing a test, someone may ask to join me
He joins me and fastens his seatbelt showing no fear
I realize that he has no experience and doesn't expect what shall happen
Because if he realized that I may lose control of the car
- I am not a computer, I am human -
Normally drivers lose control during rally,
The world champion this year has seven accidents
Meshary reminds me with the childhood of my brother "Yazeed"
Yazeed reached the top, that wasn't in a single day and night
Abdel El Karem Al-Rajhi
Yazeed tried hard until he reached this stage of success
Yazeed trained well, his start was in "Al-Tohoos"
just outside the living areas near the state of Riyadh
He learned how to drive a car since early life, almost at the age of 18 years
and continued training until reaching thie stage of stardom
The relation between Yazeed and others is perfect,
it's very good and has a special form
He always smiles and deals with others very kindly
he always accepts and deals with problems wisely
A blessed month and happy year upon you
Here, we have a custom that our father used to do with us
In every Ramadan, we breakfast in the mosque
After praying, the food is served in the mosque
Then we rejoin again at home
We are happy for being with you in this time
Allah is Great, Allah is Great
I bear witness that there is no God But Allah
I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah,
In Ramadan, we meet with each others as frequently as possible
We try the best we can to meet along the rest of the year like Ramadan
Truly we can't do so daily due to daily business
but we could do it weekly, we could show familial and social atmosphere
I would eat alone in my room; you would eat alone in your room
You wouldn't need me and I wouldn't need you
Every one could say so easily
Of course in everything I do, I consider my father and my mother opinion
In everything; maybe there are isseus that they may not accept
I search for a suitable way to convince them to accept these issues
Dr. Salman Al-Ouda
I notice - god bless him - his good decency, his kind heart, pure soul
His concern in perfectly doing the worship
I find his quiet and polite attitude
His constant feel to belong to this good family
and to ensure its cohesion and good reputation
And .... probably I would say: although I set with him many times
during travel or residence
I noticed he doesn't speak unless it is for good
The issue of time is very important issue
One should trains his children to respect time
Perhaps for example, one teachs his children about praying since childhood
because it respects time and teachs them many things…..e.g.
They learn how to respect time and to interact with people without any fear
Some old people may say we fear public speeches
or my children fear social gatherings
I expect every young child who get used to ...
... going to mosques 5 times daily for each day over the year
I would expect him to get trained to respect time accurately
And know when time of praying comes, and when it goes
he sees peoples in mosques, respects them
in the mosque, he would see how the elder treat the younger
Subhan Allah "Glorious is God" the mosque is a school, we don't realize well.
Badr Al - Rajhi
Brother Yazeed, I admire him as he respects others
he respects the elders and younger
and all our children -God Blesses them- admire him
not only because of the rally but due to his decency and...
his modesty with children, sons, fathers, brothers and friends
And he respects the elders and Sheikhs. He respects all.
This truly .....
In my family, the younger brother respects his older ones
not out of fear but out of a respect for
dignity, age, familial status, cohesion and fellowship, not ....for example
if a problem happened to his brother, to his father or his sister,
The duty make us try to remove away the difficulties...
and to ease up these obstacles commonly seen in life
My relationship with my sisters is quiet strange
We act like a small board of directors in taking votes
The opinion with higher votes wins, of course unless it's related to religious issue.
The issues between us that we would disagree with each other about
we take them to the board of directors for voting
Vote, Vote
We vote for the issue and see whose opinion would win that for boys or for girls
and see which is the final opinion, and this is the correct dicision
If my opinion is right, I inform my sister about the wrong things
If I am wrong, she informs me that this thing is wrong and tries to correct me
Each one tries to correct the other. And i always say to anyone:....
I get pleased of anyone who criticizes saying Yazeed!
" you are wrong about certain thing"!.
Of course I think he is trying to improve my actions
If no one criticizes me, I would not be able to know the wrongs I am doing
The best thing is to challenge failure
In any road there are blocking stones
you could collect these stones from the road
and build a high mountain through which you could reach the top
A long ago, I remember the days of childhood;...
I remember that all people loved football were only interested in it
Subhan Allah "Glorious is God"
my interest was in cars and vehicles since childhood
I don't recall ever buying a football in my whole life
or ever trying to participate in a football team
And until now I still don't play football
In may field; I love cars....i like this kind of sport
It's not a must for one to buy a football for his son as a sport
There are numerous things or sports e.g......
horse riding, shooting, swimming, .... etc
There are many sports that people may teach to their sons
and they may show success in it
Thank God, I was interested in both motorcycles and cars
now I have two teams, one for cars and the other for motorcycles
Thank God, we win the kingdom championship in years 2007, 2008, 2009
Dr. Salman Al-Ouda
You may see some youth doing some high speed racing and drifting within...
the roads of cities, suburbs and neighborhoods leading to
annoyances of the peoples within these areas
Accidents and mortality of course is a common outcome
we see many miserable disturbing accidents of this kind on youtube
On the other side, others do have the talent of racing
Performing it in organized states within official race tracks
with the approval of state law is better
Thus, reducing risk for dangerous accidents and mortalities
As glorious God said: about exposing oneself to risks
"and be not cast by your own hands to ruin; and do good
Lo! Allah loveth the beneficent" Al - Baqara (195)
Each one must have self Complacency - Thank God who blessed upon us -
Many may say. "as I am Al Rajhi's son, we would be extremely happy"
However many may not have money like Al Rajhi but are 100 time happier than us
People's joy differs according to their degree of contentment and faith
I am satisfied with the graces God gives us…. For example:
one may wakes up at dawn, prays Al Fajr, opens his small market,
begins to sell....and through all the day, we see him happy and smiling
Unlike another who owns billions and is troubled due to rising and falling of stocks
,pulling out his hair, showing anger in his home, banging tables,
and we may see sadness across an entire life
Ah…..Someone said long ago in a peom:
I swear to God not to be sad even if I know...
.... that i would be burried today
Of course with faith, one is satisfied with his own life
Live with the happiness through youself
Thank God, for being happy as I can walk. For being happy as I can see
Live with graces you have
it's a duty you should do!. Thank God; I can walk
Live the Happiness
Imagine that you can't walk then imagine; you could walk again
what would the magnitude of your happiness be if you do walk
10% of that happiness may be enough to make you happy for an entire day
It's just 10% of a small grace
The one should be satisfied with his life, health
and graces given to him. and satisfy with them
Satisfaction is an endless treasure
We stayed her for long, let's go and see another place
let's go....
During my early life with rally contests
Most of people told me: "you would not do anything"
Most people were against Yazeed; you would fail
...... "you would withdraw". ....."you would lose".
Thank God. For two years, I have outranked the Middle Eastern championship
It is a breakthrough to outrank the championship for two successive years
unlike others who participated for many years and
until now they didn't outrank the Middle Eastern championship
Bender Al Rajhi
Before 15 years, Yazeed stole something from me.
I tried to catch him but he escaped from the back door of to the street
Once he tried to cross the pavement of the street, a car hit him
but he stand up and ran away again. And i was still running to catch him
Untill now i don't belive what happened. I continued running to catch him
He tried to enter through the main door at end of the street
but a second car hit him again
He stood up from the ground for the second time and ran away
In that moment, I stopped my tries to catch him and I said to myself:
"Nothing could affect that boy leave him with the thing he stole"
Of course there are things which come to my mind during rally contests
I always remember my family,.. my country..
and the mission I am here to accomplish
I always remember being a representative for the kingdom
These feelings reach their peak during the last hours of the contest
The contest usually takes two day. In the last hours of the 2nd day
I try my best to be in a higher rank that is honorable for my country
Being representative for my family and country is a stimulus
And that's an honor for me as Saudi
- With God well - I wish that we all (me and you)
did enjoy this show today
Truly I did enjoy today
especially with some actions; e.g. Lights, Fade ins and outs
and the expressions used today by cameramen
they say….. and ….. , strange names. I don't know them
As they don't know much about rally. I don't know much about their work
God bless you and to Bless our fast and charities
and to Bless all the Muslims