We Are Manual: An Invitation to President Obama

Uploaded by ThePresidentProject on 09.12.2011


>> MR. WILLIAM BRADFORD: It is not the one-hundred-year-old bricks
that define or distinguish our school. It is not the mascot or the school colors.
It is not our ACT scores or our national rank. It is, like a great book, the internal composition
of ideas, values, and voices that collectively amount to a cohesive narrative
of progress, creativity, and difference. [music]
>> JULIAN WRIGHT: Within the walls of duPont
Manual, I’ve learned to live for a greater purpose than myself. Within these walls, I’ve
learned that what I write isn’t nearly as important as why I write – and the words
that I say, and the stories that I can tell, can do a small part in bridging the gap between
the way the world is and the way the world ought to be. Of course, I’ve learned the
ups and downs of quadratics and the infinite details of world history, but above all else,
I’m learning how to be a human being. And that’s all that matters.

>> ELLIE MARSH: The diversity of thought and breadth of talent is what makes Manual
so special to me. In one class, I may sit next to a kid who is a National Science Fair
champion; in another, I might sit next to a girl who’ll be attending Juilliard for
dance next year. And in another class, I might sit next to a soon-to-be-Division-I linebacker.
We are kids who strive for academic excellence but have a strong appreciation for other aspects
of life. When you see National Merit Finalists painted up in red and white at football games,
you know you’re at a special place. The environment here at Manual is unparalleled,
and I wish every kid in America could have the high school experience that Manual has
given me. [music]
>> MR. TIM HOLMAN: duPont Manual is the arts.
It’s science, it’s drama, it’s communication. It's a diverse collection of dedicated students
and teachers who are all working toward a common goal: excellence.

>> MICHAEL PERRY: As class president, and more importantly, as a student of duPont Manual,
I would like to invite you, Mr. President, to come and deliver our 2012 commencement
address. Thank you.