Save Hundreds on Baby Diapers!

Uploaded by TheFrugaliciousShow on 15.02.2011

Bitsy: Hello everyone and welcome to the Frugalicious Show. I'm your host Bitsy Jennings with my
partner in savings the lovely Erin Brooks!
Erin: Hello everyone, now today we are going to talk about the subject that makes almost
all women smile.
Bisty: Shoes?
Erin: Noo, even better. Babies!
Bitsy: Well, yeah, I don't know if you saw that pair of Ferregamo's I got on
last week
Erin: Bitsy! Haha
Bitsy: I mean babies are great, I cant even say the word baby without my voice raising
a few octaves. But cute little burps aside, they're expensive
Erin: They are, but we're going to try and change that as best we can. And luckily there
are so many online resources out there for anyone with a little one to care for, starting
with, Diapers!
Bitsy: seriously, a huge expense.
Erin: And the best way to deal with that is at Though funny, it seems kind
of obvious right? But you'd be surprised at how many moms and moms to be out there have
not visited this website.
Bitsy: Mmmhm… Absolutely. Well do the math mommy and start thinking about it because is really a great site.
Erin: they have an awesome, awesome deal section with mark downs up to 50% off. And don't be
misled by the name, they have a lot more than just diapers. From baby formula to furniture
to maternity clothes, is all about babies.
Bitsy & Erin: Frugalicious Babies
Erin: So stay with us and we'll have more information on how you can save when raising
you little one.
Bitsy: mmhmm