Contra as ânsias e as aflições - O Acto de Abandono

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Moment of Reflection
Against the anxieties and sorrows
"The Act of Abandonment"
Dear Brothers and Sisters, I want to tell you that this "Act of Abandonment"
has transformed so many hearts, meditating on it,
found a deep peace in all the difficulties of life.
They understood that God is present in all the events of our lives,
moment to moment, with all His omnipotence and His Father's Love!
But many people in times of anxieties and afflictions, turn to witches,
spending to much money and without achieving any results.
Rather, the false words of the witches often plague them.
What is disturbing their sleep and nutrition is impaired,
them causing a depletion weakens the physically and mentally.
They forget that only our heavenly Father is almighty.
Brothers / Sisters, in moments of longing and grief,
meditate with faith in this "act of abandonment."
Once you feel the need to purify his soul with a sincere confession.
The peace of Jesus will return and will be again happy with all your family.
It was Father Dolindo Ruotolo, Naples priest, who was born in 1882 and died in 1970,
certainly inspired by Jesus himself, who wrote that teaching about the abandonment to God.
"The act of abandonment"
"Why trouble you, waving to you?
Let me care of your things and everything will settle down.
Verily I say that every act of true blind and complete abandonment to Me
produces the effect you desire and resolve difficult situations.
Surrender to me does not mean to disturb, stir up, despair,
driving after a prayer for me so busy I will make you
and thus change the turmoil in prayer.
Abandon I mean to close the eyes of the soul
dispel the thought of grief and surrender to Me
so that only I make you come, like children sleeping in mother's arms, the other side.
What confuses you and I will greatly affect your reasoning is,
your thoughts, your anxiety and want, whatever the cost, providing you to what ails you.
How many things I do when the soul in its spiritual and material needs,
speaks to me, look at me, and telling me "YOU RESOLVE," close your eyes and rest!
Receive little thanks when you worry for producing them;
will have very many when, in prayer, give yourselves fully to Me
You, in pain, I take it you ask, but I take that as ye would ...
Turn to me, but wanted me to adapt to your ideas:
you are not sick to ask the doctor to cure, but ill suggest that lha.
Do not do this, but have taught you how to pray the Our Father:
"Hallowed be thy name"
ie, be glorified in this my need;
"Thy Kingdom come"
that is, all competing for your Kingdom in us and the world;
"Thy will be done,"
that is, solve thou "
I speak with all of my omnipotence, and solve the most difficult situations.
For instance, you see the difficulty increases instead of decreasing?
Do not fret, closes his eyes and tell me with confidence:
"Thy will be done", "Tu decides."
I tell you that I decide and act as a doctor, and you do miracles, when necessary.
You see that the patient gets worse?
Do not shake, but closes his eyes and says, "You solve."
I tell you that fix.
The worry, agitation, want to think about the consequences of an act is against the abandonment.
It's like the confusion of children when they want the mother think about your needs,
and they want to solve them, disrupting their ideas and their children's whims her work.
Close your eyes and let yourself go with the flow of My Grace
close your eyes and let you work,
close your eyes and not think at the present time,
Take away the thought of the future as if it were a temptation.
Your rest in Me and believe in My goodness, I swear to you, for my love,
that, telling me with these provisions "You solved"
I resolve fully, comfort you, free you, leads you.
And when you must take a different path than what you see, I train you, take you in my arms;
since there is no medicine more powerful than the intervention of My Love.
Only when I decide to close your eyes.
You could not sleep, you want to evaluate everything, scrutinizing everything, think of everything
and thus abandon yourselves to human forces, or worse, men, trusting in his speech.
This is what disturbs my words and my projects.
Oh! How I wish for you that your withdrawal benefit and how I grieve to see you excited!
Satan tends even to this:
you to shake you subtracted from my action and give you a prey to human endeavors.
Trust, therefore, only in me, rest in Me, abandon yourselves to me at all.
I do miracles as a proportion of total abandonment to me and total confidence in you;
I spread treasures of grace when you are in full poverty!
If you have your resources, even fewer, or if the searches, is the natural field
and therefore, you are following the natural course of things is often disturbed by Satan.
No thinker has done miracles or weight, not even among the Saints.
Those who abandon themselves to God divinely acts.
When you see that things get complicated, he says, with the closed eyes of the soul:
and distracts you, because your mind is disturbed, it is difficult for you see evil.
Trust me many times, distracting you from yourself.
It does so in all your needs.
Do so and you will see all big, solid and quiet miracles.
I swear it to you by My Love. Resolve, I assure you.
Pray always that provision of abandonment,
and ye shall have great peace and great fruit,
even when I give you the grace of sacrifice, and love of the repair that requires suffering.
It seems impossible to you? Close your eyes and says with all your soul:
Fear not, I decided I.
And you bless your name humbling thyself.
Remember well: your prayers are not worth as much as a covenant of trusting abandonment.
Always remember that. There novena more effective than this:
"O Jesus, I abandon myself to you: You solve!"
"Abandon yourself to my heart ... and see '
I want you to trust my omnipotence, not in your action.
Seeks to bring to Me in full action in the other, not you.
Search My intimacy, listen to my desire to possess you,
to enrich you, loving you as I wish.
Relax yourself, let me rest in thee, let me vent on you continually My omnipotence.
If you remain close to Me and not cared to act on your own to run out,
to say what you did, show them that I believe in my omnipotence
and I will work hard with you when you speak when you are,
when working, when you pray or sleep because
"To my dear I needed to sleep well" (Sl.126).
If you're with me not want to run, not worry about your stuff,
but if we deliver to me with complete confidence,
I will give you everything you need, according to my eternal plan.
I will give you the feelings I want you, I will give you a great compassion for your neighbor
and will make thee say and do what I want.
So your action emerged from my love.
Just Me and not you with your business, can I generate new children that are born of Me
I gerarei many more, to the extent that you want to be a true son as my only Son,
because you know that 'if you do my will shall be my brother, sister and mother "
beget the other for me, for I will bring forth new children serving Me with real children.
What You Do to get your plans are all smoking in comparison to what I do
in the secret hearts of those you love.
"Abide in my love ...;
if you remain in Me and My words abide in you, ask what they want and you will be given. "(Jn 15)." - Amen.
The blessing of God almighty and merciful;
Father Son and Holy Spirit descend upon you and remain forever amen