Save Money on Wedding Gowns and Formal Dresses (The Frugalicious Show)

Uploaded by TheFrugaliciousShow on 13.04.2011

ERIN: Hi everyone, I'm Erin Brooks, and welcome to the Frugalicious Show
BITSY: Hello everyone, I'm Bitsy Jennings, and today we're talking about
weddings and special events
ERIN: Yep, it's part of our weddings and special events series and it's
going to help you save big before you walk down the aisle. So let's get
started with the most important person in the wedding
BITSY: The bride!
ERIN: mm hmmm, now we already got some amazing tips from the fabulous Judy
from ItsJudyTime on how to save on your hair and makeup for the big day.
BITSY: Absolutely, so we've got the hair and the makeup covered, now we're
going to talk about the dress.
ERIN: Oh the dress, what a huge expense it can be, and for anyone who
watches shows like Say Yes to the Dress
BITSY: I love that show!
ERIN: I love the show as well, but it's so easy to see how brides can end
up spending thousands of dollars on their wedding gown.
BITSY: It's true and there's a lot of pressure because your wedding day is
such a special day and you want to look good but there are ways to look
great without going in debt.
ERIN: So to all you Frugalicious brides out there who are dress shopping
listen up, here are some of our tips for saving money on your wedding gown.
BITSY: Absolutely, well you definitely want to comparison shop.
ERIN: Right, and after you've called around to different salons and found
the best price, do one more thing - call stores in different states because
sometimes if you can have it shipped to a different state you won't have to
pay sales tax. For instance Bitsy here, Bitsy you live in Pennsylvania but
your parents live in New Jersey right?
BITSY: I do indeed, so when I ordered my wedding dress, I had it shipped to
my parents house, which saved me eight percent, which on a two thousand
dollar dress is one hundred and sixty bucks - nothing to sneeze at.
ERIN: Not at all, or you could consider buying your dress second-hand.
BITSY: A used dress?
ERIN: I'm serious, stick with me on this one.
BITSY: Well I will if you're in a used dress. I'm there.
ERIN: Well I will and listen up, think about it. It's only been worn once
and for a few hours, it's probably been professionally cleaned and is
basically as good as new, but you can get them for about half the price.
BITSY: Well then I guess I'll stick with you there because that is some
huge savings. But where do you find a second-hand shop for wedding gowns?
ERIN: there are some great sites to check out. I love, it's
got an amazing classifieds section where you can find all kinds of things
for your wedding, including your dress. Now also check out or In fact many of these websites have dresses
that have never been worn before but for one reason or another were
purchased and couldn't be returned. So you can get a brand new dress at a
fraction of the price.
BITSY: Oh you silly two dress brides out there, your folly makes our
frugalicious hearts really happy.
ERIN: Yes, so it really does happen, people buy two dresses, can only wear
one of them, unable to return it, which means YOU get a brand new dress for
a fraction of the price.
BITSY: And it's new to you!
ERIN: It's new to you! And check this out, my girlfriend Danielle is
shopping for a vintage dress right now.
BITSY: That's really big
ERIN: Which is a really cool trend, and she's looking online, and the dress
is going to be cheaper because it's been worn before, but it's got that old
vintage style to it.
BITSY: Yeah, and after you've tied the knot, why not think about selling
your own pre-owned wedding gown, you can really recoup some of your costs.
ERIN: See, now we're cooking!
BITSY: And we are. Now when we come back, we're talking about our Frugal
Friend Larissa from the Deal of the Day who did that very thing with her
wedding gown and saved, get this, over 60%
ERIN: That's huge!
BITSY: This girl knows where it's at!
ERIN: Mmm hmmm.