Ghost Maiden Yard Decorations | At Home With P. Allen Smith

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Let me show you how to make some ghost maidens for your front yard. One of the reasons that
I love Halloween so much is it's an occasion you can really kick in your imagination. Hey,
I like to decorate, and these are really fun to create. These are ghost maidens and they
are so simple to make. Aren't they fun? They're maidens from 175 years ago in their Antebellum
dresses. But to make these, you wanna be well prepared. I want you to wear gloves and long
sleeves because the base of these, well, it's made from chicken wire. When you cut chicken
wire it can become prickly. Okay, you wanna pay attention to this part, it's very important.
You can find these little tent stakes at discount stores, and they're very, well, essential
because they pin the skirt down to the ground and will keep your ghost maidens from flying
over into your neighbors yard. Now, what's great about this is you start out with this
basic form. As I mentioned, you can use the cheesecloth and do really anything you want.
While these girls look spooky enough without heads, I thought, well, why not use a Lumina
pumpkin as a head. So what I started out with was a half inch piece of rebar and drove it
into the ground. Notice it's dark colored -- I didn't paint it white because I want
it to go away, disappear at night. Then I just pushed this pumpkin down over the top
of the rebar, gently, just by starting a little hole in the bottom of the pumpkin. And then
from here I just attached so more cheesecloth in the form of a vail so it'll blow in the
wind and give it an even spookier sort of feel. The other thing that I'm gonna do: At
night, I'll be able to put a flood light out here and just cast light across them, which
will even bump up the spook factor even more. Hey, if you find these ideas fun, share them
with a friend, and make sure you subscribe to eHow Home. Have a happy Halloween.