Cooking Tips : How to Clean Red Cabbage

Uploaded by cookingguide on 27.10.2008

To clean your red cabbage first we are going to pull back the first few leaves of the cabbage.
As you will see it will expose a nice deep purple color. We are going to go ahead and
throw these leaves away.
Next you want to make sure that you run your red cabbage under some running water and that
will help remove any extra debris that you may see. Finally, we are going to remove the
stem of the cabbage. To do this you are going to cut the cabbage in half. Be very careful
because it is round and it could roll around on you. As you see the root is now exposed
or the stem. What we are going to do is remove that by doing two cuts on either side of it
to pull it out. Once you do that you should be able just to pop it out like so. And that
is how you clean red cabbage.