MiWuLa TV News: Juli 2011

Uploaded by MiWuLaTV on 01.08.2011

Welcome to the first MiWuLa-News after the opening of the Knuffingen Airport.
On May 4th, 2011 - after six years and 150.000 working hours -
the world's smallest airport was inaugurated under the watchful eyes of Hamburg's
mayor and of Formula-1 legend Niki Lauda.
But we still had much to do before we were to open.
Everybody had to work almost around the clock to finish the remaining tasks.
The final details for the terminals had to be manufactured
and applied to the three buildings.
The transitions to the passenger boarding gates were installed just before
the opening to connect the waiting rooms with the airplanes.
Over the years, many new push-button actions were developed.
For example, this parking barrier gone mad,
a Lowrider,
the Tractor-pulling competition
or these illegal Sprayers are now part of the airport,
and are ready to be activated by our visitors.
Many new airplane models, such as the AN-12,
or our most elaborate aircraft - the Antonov 124 -
with fully functioning nose and loading flap,
will become a part of the airport in the near future.
Some stationary models are already fully decorated.
As always, everything is supposed to look as close to the original as possible.
That is Jens´ job:
These are the first scenes where we can show all the things we made
that we can't use with the moving airplanes because
we can't directly approach a moving plane.
Here we have two planes where we can use everything we have -
caterers, tanker, stairs, loaders, pallets… everything.
More models will follow.
The walls around the airport section now have a simulated horizon
to create a natural and visually enhanced picture.
The cover now deserves its name because of the thick cloud layer.
The section has been in nonstop operation for three months now
and it's fascinating how realistic it has become.
But come and see for yourself!
The Neuschwanstein Castle wasn't quite finished before the opening of the airport.
But meanwhile, after all the details have been implemented,
the castle is part of the airport transition area "Allgäu".
Gaston tells us how much time he invested in this true-to-original model:
I spent about four and a half months on it.
It was one of the most complicated structures I've built in the Miniatur Wunderland.
First I had the groundplan, the panel, that showed
the eventual size of the castle.
Gerhard and I tried different models, various sizes,
and decided to build this castle in 1:120.
I glued exactly 3911 components together,
with 3 layers at times, to make the walls look more vivid and thicker.
And I believe we did well.
The most components are in the guard's walkway around the tower.
98 individual parts were pieced together for this.
The highlight is up here in the throne room.
I've made this out of plexiglass and put a photo of the inside of the castle behind it.
Beneath the castle, a dripstone cave can be found.
It is illuminated and decorated with many small visitors.
Even after the opening there was no time to rest,
because the water basin in Scandinavia required an urgent renovation.
On some places, the basin was about to lose water.
Furthermore, the moisture took its toll after almost six years.
So it was cleaned and in parts completely reworked.
One of the most worn out areas was the Danish beach.
The water had carried off most of the sand and caused calcified water stains.
or daring sport activities -
many new scenes are now to be found here.
Although the water is there again
and the ships cruise peacefully,
more details are still being made or revised at the edges of the layout.
Besides the renovation of numerous ships,
the floating dock was one of the most complicated tasks.
One of our oldest ships, the Black Prince, has now docked
and has become a lasting place of employment for many small workers.
Also, the details inside the water basin have been renewed.
There are curious things to be found, for example these "snorkel animals"
or a monster crab, that seems to have a diver in its grasp.
Our brand-new Panini collector's album is now available.
Because of the huge success of the previous collection, the new stickers
and magazines are now available nation-wide at many kiosks and stations
as well as in the Wunderland or in our online shop.
Enjoy the beautiful pictures of the airport and the greatest moments
of 10 years of the Wunderland and collect them all.
Also in this issue, there are unique pictures of the layout,
glitter stickers, portraits and coupon stickers.
Once again, there is also a platform for collectors and traders.
You can find some general information and first impressions on our website.
We look back on the 16th of August, 2001 with joy and pride.
10 years ago, at the grand opening of the Wunderland with the then-mayor,
we didn't dare to dream where we are now.
All our expectations were exceeded and the memories of the countless events
in the past years gives us goosebumps.
We wish to celebrate our 10th anniversary with our guests.
Between the 15th and 16th of August we have planned something special:
The Wunderland will be open all night
and you can look forward to some highlights.
Also, we will open a special exhibit on August 15th
with the events of the past decade.
Included are various wearing parts, crazy ideas, plans,
pictures and background information,
as wells as some incredible stories.
We would be more than happy to celebrate our birthday with you.
Besides the work on the water basin, the older parts
of the layout are being improved.
Currently, the model makers are working on the overall look of
Hamburg, Middle Germany, Knuffingen, Austria and America.
Special attention is paid to the greening of the layout,
which, after 10 years of operation, has lost a little colour in some places.
Starting in Knuffingen, some of the old greening has been removed
and the subsoil has been redone.
Two examples are the castle hill in Knuffingen
or the big coal mine.
Middle Germany also received a brand-new central market.
Bobby has reworked this area and has placed many small details.
Over the years, many of the more than 10.000 trees in the Wunderland
were affected by cleaning and maintenance work.
Our model makers had to replace most of the trees with more stable ones.
They were specially processed to create a more natural picture.
Several new treads were constructed to improve the access
to technical problems in case of an emergency.
Of course, these treads are concealed,
so our visitors won't notice them.
That's it for this month.
As you can see, there are many new things to discover besides the airport.
We would be delighted to welcome you once again.
We hope you'll have a sunny day or a pleasant evening.
See you next time!