Les Misérables (English subs) part 12

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There they are. - We are ready for them.
Wait until they approach. Only pull the trigger when you're certain.
Don't shoot until you see the white of their eyes.
Courfeyrac, don't waste any ammunition.
Attention, they're attacking.
Are you ready?
Fifty three.
You have 53 men. And what about them?
Why don't you say 'us'? Aren't you one of us?
This is suicide. You and your friends won't leave this battle alive.
Unless you surrender.
What are you doing here anyway?
My duty. I work for State Security.
I told you so? - Make sure they put down their weapons.
You'll be given a fair trial. If no one gets hurt...
... it will be just a few years in prison.
Take him. He's a traitor.
We'll strap him up.
All our names, addresses...
... the place where we meet and even the girls we sleep with.
Two minutes before the barricade falls, you'll be shot. If it falls.
It will.
Identify yourself. - The French Revolution.
The flag has fallen down.
Stop shooting!
Should we let us get killed?
There's no visibility. It will be a shame about the gunpowder. We'll respond until it gets lighter.
If we're still here.
Who replaces the flag? - Not you! They're shooting.
Vive la revolution, vive Paris! Vive myself!
Gavroche, no. Not you.
Kicking a hero brings bad luck.
Gavroche, I've got an assignment for you.
You won't have any clothes left soon.
Did you... - He got stiff already.
I got a secret mission. We're facing superior numbers.
Day starts.
They will perform an attack, with the bayonets on their rifles.
And we'll defend ourselves. - Maybe once or twice.
After that, you'll be the commander of the death, until the moment you'll be dead too.
Can you hear the bells ring? This means the barricades are holding up.
Around noon the whole of Paris will rise in revolt. We'll have reinforcements.
Gavroche is saying: don't count on reinforcements. - Did the menace return?
I wanted him out of here. - He brought a man with a gun.
He's now on the watch at the rue Mondetour.
The child brought some bad news too. The upraise is sinking slowly.
The people don't support us.
Although the people abandon the republicans, we won't abandon the people.
We'll continue.
What are you planning to do? - Assist.
No, they'll attack us from behind.
Light the fuse and throw it away as if you're bowling.
You'll blow up at least twenty men. But if the fuse is broken, you'll be death.
Give me the keys. If you don't give them to me...
He can't hurt nobody. He never taught me to do so.
He can't do it either. Until today.
Little bastard,
Back, make sure you get away.
Or I'll blow the barricade. - You'll die to, idiot!
I wouldn't want less! - He's crazy. Get away.
Too bad.
I knew you'd return. But that means that Cosette...
I'd rather not talk about it.
No matter what she may have do to you, I need fighters, no dead bodies.
You'll need the best of luck in particular.
Take this body to my grand father...
... monsieur Gillenormand, rue Filles du Calvaire.
Eponine, what brings you here?
I'll die. - No, you won't.
They wanted to shoot you down, I threw myself between you and the bullet.
I feel relief, as if the pain fades away.
You must not die.
I'm not the only one that dies in here, you'll all be dead.
The thought she won't have you either is the only comfort to me.
You think I'm ugly, don't you?
Well no.
I know it. Compared to her I'm ugly.
If she wouldn't have existed, maybe you would have noticed me.
But I'll never find out.
Now you look at me.
Because I'll die.
Eponine, if I ever did hurt you, I'm sorry.
You can't help it. You're not a bad man.
If you only knew how spoiled I am. All members of the Thenadier family...
... are terribly evil.
Gavroche told me you think my father saved yours.
But that's not how it went.
He pulled the body of your father out of a pile of dead bodies...
... but not to safe his life.
But why?
To steal his watch.
I don't believe you.
You're delirious.
I'm just as evil.
When I told you Cosette has left...
... it was a lie too. She's still in the house with the yard.
She asked me to give you a letter. But I wanted you never to see her again.
And I wanted to punish you. - Cosette's still there.
She's waiting for me.
Thank you, Eponine.
Wait another second. I need you. Stay until I've died.
It won't be long.
I don't know what I'd wish you more: happiness or misfortune.
Don't you worry about me. Concentrate on god.
But I love you.
Marius, you need to promise me. When I'll be dead...
... promise me you'll kiss me just once.
On my fore head.
We chased them out of there.
You didn't hear anything of Pontmercy?
He's Cosette's lover, isn't he?
How I know about that? He told me so. And it has been going on quite a while.
We was crazy about her even before he knew her name.
It's much more than love, it's like a fire or a flood.
Something unstoppable. - I'd rather stopped it.
You'd better care for Cosette at home.
The barricade will go down for sure. And how should I tell Cosette about your death?
Pontmercy first.
How many are wounded? - Fifty or so.
Is there a hospital in the area.
I'm a doctor. Put me near the counter. I'll instruct you what to do.
Quick, I'm losing powers.
Didn't I send you to rue Montdetour? What are you doing here?
And what's he doing there?
The kid is insane. This will kill him.
Gavroche, come here, damn!
It's commerce, fellow citizen. - Come here.
A body snatcher, captain.
Ready for firing? But don't hit him, we need to scare him away.
It's only a child. Fire!
Be damned, they're shooting at my dead men.
Voltaire is to blame for my cheerful character
Rousseau is to blame for my poverty
Is that a rifle firing? I thought it was the rain.
He's playing a trick on us.
Just wait until the smoke disappears and hit him.
Stay there. Look for cover.
I'm a fallen man and Voltaire is to blame
my nose is in the drain and...
We're getting out of munition. - Get some at the other barricades.
Next assault will strike. - Shut up, you.
I'd knew I would meet you again.
Meet isn't the right word. The roles are different now.
You are the prisoner, I'm free. - Not really free. This will kill us both.
It will kill you for sure. I'm planning on getting out of here alive.
Nobody stands a chance.
Soldiers don't hesitate to kill a child...
.. and they'll shoot rebellions as well.
I'll be out of here by then. A piece of cake for someone that escaped from a prison camp.
Would you abandon your friends? I didn't think of you being such a coward.
They're not my friends and their battle isn't mine either.
I've come here to settle a personal dispute.
But I didn't find the person I was looking for.
Being the leaders, Courfeyrac and I could surrender and be shot dead...
... in exchange for the life of others.
But I refuse to negotiate with men that killed a little child.
The rue Mondetour is still open for those who want to flee.
Those who are willing to stay can go upstairs.
There, we could hold on for a few more hours.
I'll stay. - Me too.
And what about you Marius?
Someone is waiting for me. You know who.
I thought... - That was a mistake.
Someone lied to me. - Very good. Safe your life and your love.
At least one of us will be happy. I'm glad it will be you.