[Shinhwa Broadcast] God of MT - E.15 (full eng)

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Shinhwa go on an MT!
Find out who's the god of MT!
It's not just MT..
2 hours before the filming
We're preparing a hidden camera for Eric
In case Eric gets it right by any chance, we'll change the object
| Capture the moment | Open Your Eyes
(as planned) MinWoo successfully became the king!
(except Eric)It's way too easy!
correct answers again and again
I've got absolutely no idea!I don't see anything!
YukRik! A spoon
In case Eric gets it right by any chance, we'll change the object
A fork!
That's how the fork became the correct answer
The first game Make Eric get the penalty, CLEAR!
Forget about the hidden camera now
The MT's getting more excited
Wow! There's a waterfall!
(first destination) Piano Waterfall
Hidden camera show for Ericwill be completed successfully?
The first stopover Piano Waterfall
Let's go!
You write it 'MT'but you read it 'hidden camera'!
Operation Desert Fox
To deceive the fox Eric,
Here they are at the first stopover
Piano Waterfall
An artificial waterfall, height of 91.7m in Namyangju The piano-shaped toilet building works as an observatory
It uses water from sewage treatment system
Wow, it's a waterfall!
(flag of 'The god of MT')
In front of the waterfall, a hand on the shoulder
(Brace yourself, man!)
Romantic ChungJae
Six guys' one fine day!
Did you just play that? You're good!
Hey guys, look here one, two, three!
(I don't know anything)
King MinWoo will read the mission card and be the MC for now
- All right - (flattery) Our king!
- The king is fool~! - MinWoo, DongWan just called you a fool!
(You're the one who's a fool today..)
This game is taking off the paper pieces on your face along with piano melodies
The one who takes off the paper first will be the kingThe last one will get a penalty chosen by the king
Let's get started
- It is 'taking paper pieces off' - Shake your head hard along with music
You can take them off by hands as long as Eric doesn't see you
The staffs are all our side!
We'll use different glue for Eric He won't be able to take them off
- You, be careful not to be too suspicious! - Stop saying that, I can manage on my own!
(muttering) I know what I'm doing..
(acting) It's all ok unless we use our hands (HyeSung knows what he's doing)
(motivated) Can I use my feet?
Hey, it's not what you think.. It's not any normal post-it!
- If you can do that with your feet, it's fine - But you're not gonna hit your face with the feet?
Why not!
Hi, everyone! Isn't it such a lovely day? Shall we shout for 3 seconds! Ah~
nonsense hosting is only acceptable to the king
For this game, Shinhwa Broadcast invited a world famous pianist
- Who is it? - What's that!
- It's YongHee! - Isn't he Michael Jackson?
The world famous pianist seems in a hurry
Oh god, what's he doing!
identified as Shinhwa manager, YongHee
He smashed the chair down
Flame Sonata!
Flash technique hand-sync!
You're so good!
Playing backwards! Remarkable pelvic-based performance
(distracting) The pianist will be a big help for the hidden camera
wiping the dust in the middle of performance
Let's give him a big hand!
the piano stool broken by his knee
Just.. just a little..!
Let's start the game Can we have the paper, please!
One for each cheek
(one on one) not to be mixed up
(strong adhesive glued paper)
The others have normal post-it
I think mine will come off easily cause I've got oily skin
We'll use different glue for Eric
You can take them off by hands as long as Eric doesn't see you
The wind might blow them off Hold onto them well
His paper will never blow off, though
- Ready! - Play the piano, please
(I'm not gonna be the last one!)
(holding his laughing)
It doesn't come off!
Uh, my leg can't reach?
(zero flexibility)
Andy removes a piece!
What a sight..
When Eric's not looking, he removes it by hand
DongWan's become the king!
Do not let Eric know what MinWoo's left hand is doing!
I removed them all!
super ultra adhesive strength!
The frantic pianist never stops playing
Faking is enough now Simply use the hand!
Jinnie still got one more!
Now, JunJin and Eric left
I'm not gonna be the loser again!
Sorry but you can't win
a minute has elapsed
One of the pieces comes off!
Jin, hurry up!
If you lose, it's over!
It's barely come off
- I'm dizzy! - It was a close game, Eric
(nice work, right?)
- The one who's removed them first is DongWan! - How about me? I was almost bottom..
- (dizzy) Where am I now? - The last place is Eric!
- King DongWan will choose the penalty - What's the last thing you wanna do?
Among these? .. I'd say penalties!
(that's cute..!)
- What's wearing shalala skirt? - (simple) Wear the skirt and go to the next place
But we're going there by car, anyway
Let him wear the granny pants, pulling it up to the neck Then keep him like that till the next place!
Eric will wear the granny pants,pulling it up to the neck
And he'll be in the car like thatuntil we get to the next place
Can we have the pants now?
I'm not wearing the pants unlessthe king helps me into them!
I'm not gonna lift a finger!
I'll help you into the pants carefully
- (chic) You'd better do properly! - Now put your legs in them
You sure it's the front? I won't put these on unless you're sure about it
Who can tell, even if they're backwards!
(picking on) If you make me put them on backwards, I won't play anymore!
Front or back, there's no difference
Granny pants style one-piece dress
Let's pull the pants up!
Don't do that!
Skinny pants!
Can we see him dance in this outfit?
freely moving pelvis!
complete harmony of the pants and hips
The second game, safely completed!
With your comfortable clothes, we'll have lunch time now!
(with this look?)
He'll have lunch with that look?
- Well, we'll have lunch in the car - No, we won't. And you can't take them off
Make your legs look longer in the granny pants!
You fool, I used my hand cause it didn't come off~
- You should've put these on - Me? Why? To make me a turtle?
- You know.. Suddenly I felt dizzy and.. - You didn't see Jinnie still got one?
Well, I didn't care anything I just got dizzy and stopped doing it
You've gotta put them on properly
as a bib?
(spoiled child) I'm too tired to feed myself You have to put it in my mouth!
MinWoo feeds him
Give me some rice, too!
(You need to have more food)
(rice stuck on his face) Hey, look!
You should put it in my mouth!
If you insist
Have more and moreYou'll get more penalties!
(I'll make my legs look longer)
It came out well but somehow not happy
a group photo with the granny pants in the middle
The waterfall! Come this way
a silly man in this neighborhood
Except me.. Are you all happy!
(innocent smile..)
Ok, that's enough! No more photos!
a blank look..
Let's go
To the next destination!
Your majesty, DongWan! Which one should raise the hand before speaking, this time?
To start with, you need to shut up first! Don't say a word
Eric will not say a word Now the rest of you talk to Eric!
Look at you! How dreadful! The granny pants and Eric!
suppressing his anger..
- Let's play word chain. Three-letter-word only!- We'll play it except Eric
(seething with anger)
Seol-leong-tang! (*hearty soup of beef and noodles)
Tang-su-yuk! (*sweet and sour pork)
Yuk-gae-jang! (*hot spicy meat stew)
(except Eric) playing the word game for 5 min
Simmering Anger
Whatever Eric feels.. They're not interested
- Keep the beat when you say words! - Do not say anything!
Grumbling Explodes!
- Are you gonna play that forever? - If you wanna join, keep quiet!
Chop his head, right now!
To the next destination!
(serious) If the next one's shalala skirt, let's wear it without the pants
Take the pants off and leave the underwear only That's the way it's supposed to be!
It'll be you! Ha ha ha ha~
MT, The second stopover
Water slide park!
A slope of 125m is waiting for Eric
When Eric's not watching, the others are planning strategies
- We have to run up this way! - Oh, my god
I've only had two spoons of the meal!
Operation Desert Fox continues!
He's been completely taken in
If he loses this one and the next one he'll be really pissed off, then
- But we just play the game for this one- Just make sure Eric can't be the winner
The winner, only the king will have power One of you can sacrifice and distract him
(grumbling) Completely soaked, walking in here
- Are you gonna run with those sandals? - No, I'll take them off
That fashion.. is definitely alive!
This game is Water Slide
Run up the slope and ride down on the water slide The first place will be the king!
All the five members except the king will be considered to get the penalty
(acting) Five of us all will be considered?!
Five of you will have a number respectively
Two of you with the numbers randomly chosen by the king will be punished
- (that's not bad!) Two members! - Yes, two members will be chosen
Run up the slope and ride down on the slide Just make sure Eric can't be the winner
One of you can sacrifice yourself and bump into him or whatever..
The winner will choose the numbers for the penalty and you should read my sign carefully!
I'll let you know the number Eric's got You can call any number for the other one
But Eric can see that, too. He'll notice
It's not gonna be that simple. Take it easy Shinhwa Broadcast is not that novice..
Don't worry that much..
Unless you're the winner, it's meaningless
(I have to be the winner!)
(injured leg) HyeSung can choose one of Shinhwa managers to run for him
- Who will be running for you? - The most athletic manager, Lee JongHyun!
Come here and get ready What will you do for him in return?
With my heart and soul, I'll take care of him You guys, don't worry about a thing!
- JohnHyun, do you want anything from HyeSung? - I want him to be less sensitive!
- (sensitive) What the hell! - Right on!
Life can be good or bad Sometimes you can be sensitive! And sometimes not!
being sensitive
Eric's been losing 2 games in a row How do you feel now?
Although you'll lose this time again..
When we film Shinhwa Broadcast, time to time,one of us has bad luck for no reason
I think it's me being unlucky today But this time, I can get away with it
Well, you think you can?
A minute ago, I told Eric that I might not take part in the game because of my leg
And he said, "You're not playing the game! You're not being punished! What are you!"
He insisted that I should be punished as well
So I told him I wouldn't choose him for penalty In case my substitute wins and I'm the king
- But what's the point! It's a random choice - Well, I didn't know about that! Now I know..
Shall we start the game with a big shout!
(out of the blue) a shout?
- (army?) Screaming for 3 seconds! - Ughahhh~
Make sure Eric can't be the winner It is half the victory!
- Are you ready? - Yeah~ Do your best!
Ah.. I don't feel good..
- Right after the gunfire - I feel so weak now
To the top
Jinnie is so fast!
It's slippery!
(I'll win this time!)
Andy, giving up the race for the back pain
Eric is the last..
When everyone else is on the top Eric comes up too late
Manager Lee JongHyun is the first
stable posture
(my substitute) JongHyun's the first!
To win, you have to take the flag!
We can still win!
Manager Lee JongHyun wins the race!
Meanwhile Eric is..
Mine's not working
What the hell!
- Mine's broken! - Eric is the last one?
- It's not working. This is not right! - You should've come where the ground is wet!
Anyway, from the 2nd one, you're all the same Just come down here! It's done. Game over!
It is.. over?
I did my best..
Running and running..
I'm just losing every game.. I'm just being humiliated..
It is really.. not my day, is it?
(for god's sake) WHAT THE HELL!
All alone..
(we didn't do anything) He's doing like that just by himself!
- How come it ends up like this? - You should've come this way (wet ground)
The most unlucky man
If things start to go wrong,nothing works whatever you do!
- Being the last.. doesn't matter, though - But how come it stopped there? How exciting!
- HyeSung is the king for the first time!- (please¢¾) HyeSung!
It is a random choice, there's nothing I can do
Come on~ There's gotta be a way~¢¾
HyeSung will take the flag (and the badge) now
Can I really trust you, HyeSung? You're not doing this on purpose, right?
Can I really trust you, HyeSung? You're not doing this on purpose, right?
- (avoiding his eyes) No, I'm not! - That's right! He said something about it
awkward laughing
Wow! It's amazing. Everything fits!
Chut! It can't be..
He doesn't seem to notice.. (phew)
If you really planned it, that's totally ridiculous (thank god he doesn't know anything)
- Well, it is a random choice.. - The king will take these and let the others choose
There are numbers, one to five?
- I'm not gonna tell you the number! - You choose at the end
- I didn't see it! - Don't look yet!
Don't forget! As we agreed, if you have towear the skirt, you don't put the pants on!
Well, you haven't had enough yet..!
Now, they'll see their numbers? Check the number! Are you done?
Whoa, what was that for?
- You want me to choose no. 1 by hitting me once?- No, of course not..
Check out your number! (glances at him)
The finger says that Eric's got no. 1
You should read my sign carefully! I'll let you know the number
Some know the truth..
Some never know the truth..
That's the secret of this weird MT
- (acting) How can I choose?- You can call out any two numbers
- From one to five..- It can't be..
pretending to choose seriously
(sacrificial lamb) I'll choose the no. 2 first!
(poker face) Are you sure?
- (nervous) Maybe, you can reconsider it! - Can I?
No, you can't!Not after talking with him like that!
Let's say we stick to no. 2. Period~
Okay, we stick to the no. 2. The other one is.. I'll just choose no. 1 and 2, as simple as that!
prearranged bad luck
Why on earth you make him stick to no.2!(no. 2 JunJin is the sacrificial lamb)
Born to be unlucky(?)
HyeSung's remarkable acting skill
Shinihwa Broadcast is always like this! Once you mess up, everything goes wrong!
(acting is not finished) Are you really no. 1? Seriously?
(there's a way out) Let's make only one of us get the penalty!
Uh? King, let's do this! Only one of us will do!
Even better!
Now we've got no. 1 and 2 Let's do this among 3, 4, and 5
- Do you really want this? - If we're not chosen, do another one
Let's choose a number, three of us each If you're chosen again, it'll be fantastic
(it can't be..)
(naive) I'd like to know what the penalty will be!
No worries, you'll see soon..
- I have to pick one after their choice - You pick one and give me one of them
Eric, you would only wear the skirt without that granny pants? If you're chosen?
(stammers) I'm.. not.. Why would I be chosen..
The number Eric's got is.. 5!
- Leave one of them out now - Stand behind me and hold my hands
I'll choose one among 3, 4, and 5
If none of them has the number, we'll do that again (which is not gonna happen)
(not this time again..)
I feel like.. it'll be Eric
- Then today is your worst day - You might wanna buy a lottery
The number for the penalty.. The lucky one is no. 5!
(whose number is it?)
- I.. I'm.. not.. - Well, you don't know yet
- What is yours? - No. 3!
Don't you feel anything suspicious?
(perplexed) What.. what you've got there?
As long as no miracle comes up.. The one already left out is no. 4!
mental collapse
fairly taken in!
There's no proof that I've got the 5! Who can tell mine is no. 5!
destroying evidence
(I'll destroy this!)
(restored evidence)
It is your destiny Let's do the penalty!
Seriously.. Shinhwa Broadcast is weird! There's something unusual!
Yeah, there is something..!
- Among the ones left now.. - It is not your day!
- I can't really get away with it! - Eric said something about shalala skirt in the car..
If the next one's shalala skirt, let's wear it without the pants
Take the pants off and leave the underwear only That's the way it's supposed to be!
self-caused disaster
- Can you tell us what you said before? - I don't actually remember anything!
- There's evidence of what happened in the car - (desperate) Let's.. let's wear it lovely..
(persistent) You said we should take off something before we wear the skirt!
- Eric said if the next one's the shalala skirt..- "Let's wear it lovely.."
- The one should take off everything! - Take off even the pants!
- Wow..! How come it's possible? - What would you like to avoid?
- Either this one or this one?- Neither!
Am I supposed to be like, "Yay, I'd love to do this one~"?
The third penalty isWearing the shalala skirt
- This one? - Eric, it's cute!
Remember! You suggested the part of taking off the pants!
- It's not that short, thankfully.. - I can change here!
outdoor dressing room?
- Just make this bit lower- There's a camera, obviously filming him..
I must say that was too much..
I've never seen one change on the spot
- Give me the pants- If I start to run now, it'll be hilarious
Oh well! Whatever!
are you even trying to be funnier now
- I think you'll look cute!- You know, I'll do that in about 2 months
(announcement) Share your story on Shinhwa Broadcast web We'll give you the pants for the prize
Shalala Eric!
- That is crazy! - I even feel sorry for him..
Shall we go to the next destination? Let's go!
The third game, safely completed as well!
Well, you won't lose the next one Losing three games is probably the limit..
Not again, seriously..
- It is so funny.. - Hey.. I ended up losing four games in a row!
No, wait.. the slide, the draw and draw I lost three things even in this game!
Then it's five times in total! (what's wrong with me today..)
Are you happy? You can even change now..(from wet clothes to fresh new clothes)
I'm a total wreck now
- After changing, don't forget to get your key! - Huh! Mine's in the small pocket in the jeans
Nice slim legs
and the well built upper body
Oppa~! Come here~¢¾
My name is Mun Jeong Sun
(what a sight!)
To be fair, you didn't help me anything for the penalty. Do something now!
- What do you want? - Things that you can do as a king!
I let you take a good rest!
the grace of king
I am a king!
¢Ü Eric is~~ wearing a skirt~~ ¢Ý ¢Ü I'm checking out of it~ ¢Ý
- Jin, you wanna see? - See what? (half-hearted) Wow
Andy, you wanna see?
- It's all being filmed from the front! - No, only this part is seen..
- Actually, you can see from here.. - Can you see this now?
It's all filmed now an exhibitionist?
(out of the blue) Yay, it's an exciting Mt Go go go~
While I'm sleeping, don't evertry to touch me. No skirt peek!
- I can't do this to you? - Don't flirt with me like that!
- As the king, I tell you not to touch Eric's skirt - Please protect me, HyeSung!
serves you right
Now, I'm like a very sensitive woman
- What's wrong? - You tried to do something bad and got embarrassed?
HyeSung, you just peek under my skirt? (getting more serious in a ridiculous way)
(finally) The producer must have seen it, too!
She's framing up innocent people..
Hello? Father?
Did you just peek under my skirt?
Can someone please stop her..
Hello everyone! Now we only havepenalties about being hit
Can I suggest a different kind of penalty? Let's do the skirt again
- There's a big market in Chuncheon - Going to the market in the skirt? Call!
Of course it's a deal cause it's him going there anyway..
Hey.. Let's upgrade it this time!
The loser will wear this skirt and the tuxedo YongHee wore in the morning
You mean this one?
(again..) he's naively digging his own grave
The wig, tuxedo, and the skirt! (particularly being creative today)
I don't know what will happen but let's do it!(you clearly know what will happen..)
I think we're almost thereClap three times!
- There's a paintball shooting place! - Uh! Kart racing place, too!
- I wanna go to the karting place- That'll be so much fun
There are so many other things we can enjoyWhy would we search for needles in the sands?
Hey look, HyeSung.. We never mentioned the sand thing yet..
- (let's sort it out) Searching for needles? - (stuck) .. I.. don't.. know..
(awkward) How on earth we find needles? Needles.. huhu.. (silly) What if we get pricked?
I just said a proverb unconsciously.. 'Searching for a needle in the sands'
(is it safe?)
What the hell are you doing..!
What if Eric noticed something strange?
Hey.. for the penalty.. Five of us can shoot one (Didn't notice? Eric says irrelevant things)
- Call! The paintball! I'm definitely in! - (Thank god..) You'll get bruised..
I'll watch my mouth..
The third stopover
A sandy field in front of Gangchon resort
Operation Desert Fox, the fourth mission!
Launch the operation
(annoyed) MinWoo never does this for the others!
In this amazing place, there are lots of leisure sports we can enjoy!
- So many exciting ones out there.. - Karting and a lot more.. But we're in the sands!
- It's a construction site - Wow.. What are these?
(recalling the mission by watching the table) Five boxes only..
The target appears
(chic) Escort me! Do it properly, like you treat a lady!
The lady walking splay-footed
You two look good together! Like a newlywed couple!
Hello, everyone! Julia Roberts is here
(oh dear)
- I'll give you the mission card to beautiful Eric - A beautiful girl Eric will read the card
(low) .. Mission card ..
You've done so well to come this far This time, you'll have fruit and cold drink
There are only five snack boxes and they're all locked
The keys are in the sands You have to find the key to eat the food
The one who finds the key first will be the kingThe last one without the key will get the penalty
I'll give you the key now
There's no keys in the sand after all
There might be some but, nothing will be the right one
(pretending to find it) You can take your time! Just slip it into the box and say 'I found it!'
For Eric.. it's just a complete waste of time shoveling!
(the scene of Eric's shoveling) makes them smile
- Let's take gloves and shovels - With this kind of shovel?
- We'll have garden trowels.. - How are you gonna do the penalty?
(not serious) Let's do the skirt and tuxedo!
- The skirt and the tuxedo from the pianist- The skirt he's wearing + tuxedo + wig!
With that outfits, walk around the marketand try some street food before coming back
- Do an errand for the king! - All right. Let's shout 'shoveling snack time'
Shoveling Snack Time!
The fourth mission begins!
No more penalties..!
(as expected) Eric's enthusiastic shoveling
Meanwhile for the others, it's like a cheerful weekend farm
Look all this dust! (where does it come from..?)
Eric's dust storm
Uh.. Is this not gonna work? I found a screw!
MinWoo found a jewel case
- Is there something inside? - Huhuhuhu~
(it can't be..)
He starts his acting already?
- Is there really a key? - No way it's a key!
Why not? What if it's the right key! (carefully reading Eric's move)
(and taking the key out) It is really the key!
Yeah.. I bet it is..
(pretending to be surprised) Oh, it's the right one! Uhaha It's open!
(getting emotional) It sucks.. What the hell..
I wanna see a box at least.. (Eric's feeling pressure)
There was nothing in it!
- Wow.. MinWoo is such a lucky man! - I'm sure there's one around here. Try here!
- Here.. right here..- Around the dog bones?
Uh? Uh? Uh?
JunJin found the box!
You wanna know what it is?
a gold key!
But what if I can open with it? (???) I can open this!!
Wow, Eric's working so hard! There's something, a hard one!
Eric found something hard? It can't be the key
- A battery discovered! - Nothing useful..
- I can't even see a box - Where is a box? I'm going crazy..
- Can it be just on the ground..? - Really? There can be no boxes?
Then, how are we supposed to find them!
JunJin looks around carefully and takes out the key
(boldly) drops the key on the ground
But there are a lot of boxes, too? (never notices anything)
(1, 2, 3!) I FOUND IT!!
Still, it can be a wrong one..
It can't be a wrong one..
(hurray) JunJin clears the mission!
(give me watermelon..)
Subak(*watermelon)~ Dubibob~ Subak~ Dubibob~
(pissed off) I'm not doing anymore!
Uh, Eric's giving up and he'll be the loser! We don't have to do this anymore?
Angry hand shoveling
- It's splashing all over! - Eric's trying so hard but no boxes for him
Found something?
(pity) just a piece of stone..
The others are also excavating weird stuffs
I thought it's a box but what the heck..
Are you sweating? :P
- It wasn't buried that deep? - (serious) It wasn't deep at all!
Bloody hell!
HyeSung's going somewhere away from Eric
Is he trying to start the mission?
Okay! (he starts running without thinking)
- Did you find it without the box? - No box!
Eric is obviously watching him now How is he gonna take the key out..
He's been holding it for a while!
- Wow.. it's almost invisible! - (no way) Can you open it?
I did it! Hahahaha!
The left three members get bigger shovels
It's time to shovel properly..
Now, how will these two work it out The next member operating the mission is?
(There's a box!)
Drops the key hidden in the glove!
(keeps shoveling hard)He doesn't care what others attempt to do
The key goes into the box quickly
Uh hu hu hu hu!!
(an insole)
Did you find an insole? (after him, it's my turn..)
(overexcited) An insole and a key, uhaha!!
Pure Smile
- Wow.. unbelievable.. - It can be a wrong one
DongWan clears the mission!
- This height insole! (for MinWoo)- How are you doing, Eric?
worn out
- Look at his sweat! - (sensitive) What about me!
- (staffs) Eric! Eric! - You better dig up hard!
What's all this labor? It's not what MT is! It's supposed to be fun!
Andy's digging up crazy now! Some are on the ground by themselves. Shiny ones!
(wicked smile) He must be on something
Eric is still absorbed in digging What is Andy's last plan?
I've been doing this so hard and if you just find it as easy as that..
Found it!!
If it's the right one, game over!
feeling bad
Eric approaches him to check in person
I'm not doing it anymore!
Eric wins the penalty
- I feel bad for him.. - Eric will change right away, then
Most attractive
Good God!
(that's cool, man..) What's up!
The world star says hello to his fans
Uh! Celebrity! Can I have your autograph?
Stevie Wonder (kindly written in Korean)
- It's really your big day, Eric! - He looks like Kenny G!
(pity) The next winner.. can generouslymake him exempt from the penalty
I don't want it, if you obviously hurt my pride like that!
- We can do that for you.. - But it's not likely to be the loser again..
The thing is.. playing gamesis harder than the penalty..!
If you say so..
There's the market!
| Chuncheon Folk Market |
- Yo man, I don't like Jang-teo (*market) - Well, you're gonna love this place
- What kind of part is that, Jang Ter? - Amazing here, you know..
- (suddenly) What was Stevie Wonder's song? - Isn't she lovely~
Towards the amazing place
Let's go! Stevie Wonder!
- Who told you to do that? - (chic) It makes my legs look nice
(nice legs)
- Do you think the skirt too short? - Yeah, pull it down a bit
You are so pretty!
- Mother! Eric's pretty?- Pretty!
- Do you know who he is? His name? - Hello, I'm Stevie wonder
(Stevie Wonder) Of course I know!
Time to parade
| Chuncheon Folk Market | One and only 5-day-market in Chuncheon area, gathering 140 merchants
Hello! We're Shinhwa Nice to meet you
Eric is carrying out his penalty now
- What is your name? - I am Stevie Wonder
(confused) Wonder????
- Do you know who he is? - I don't know
He's getting the penalty, filming Shinhwa BroadcastHe has to walk around in this outfit..
stares at him
Are you peeking under my skirt?
I wanna buy him a pair of shoescause he dressed so pretty
- Is this your size, Eric? - The ones over there The white ones¢¾
Just like a couple
It's about to burst
I'd love to buy them for you but your feet are too big
what an unusual scene..
- Let's go eat tadpole noodles! - (disappointed) No size for me..
- Hello! How are you? - Tadpole noodles, please!
- Delicious? What does it taste like?- Tastes like tadpoles!
Tastes like tadpoles?
(girlish) Uh.. my hair..
| Tadpole Noodles | Famous food in Chuncheon market The corn batter noodles look like tadpoles
Hey look, Shinhwa Andy's here!
- She's using Andy to promote her place.. - By the way, where's Eric?
- Eric is here! - Hello
What's all that reggae hair! How can I recognize you
- She didn't know it was you.. - Eric's getting the penalty now
- Is that for the penalty? - Yeah, look at his skirt!
- It's so delicious! - Is it good?
After the exciting penalty timeTo the last destination..
Keep the effective range(?) of 15 meters from the car ahead!
- Your driving is so crap - It's a bumpy road! Nothing to do with my driving
Shut up!
(how dare you to the king) I told you to raise your hand first to talk
- I'd like to be the king, too..- Andy, I'll pass the crown to you now
(surprised) No, you can't do that! It's not fair!
You're just afraid of his revenge! You just don't wanna be hit
- Decide by rock-paper-scissors! - Best of three games?
Rock paper scissors!
Andy Wins
even rock-paper-scissors..
- I fail at everything I do, today - Daebak! Wahaha!
Since I'm the king now, I can talk to you as I want!
(arrogant) HyeSung, can't you drive properly? For god's sake, drive safely!
- (speaking of which) You suck at driving! - People always complain about other drivers
But he has no idea how to do cornering! Have you heard about 'slow in fast out'?
You want me to teach you basic driving skills?
Hey! He's driving all day without falling asleep, without even blinking his eyes
HyeSung's driving so hard for us! Can't you be more grateful to him!
- You guys are so mean!!! - DongWan, I'll give you a kiss later¢¾
(a kiss?) You said you were gonna protect me, be friendly, bla bla..
(change of heart) That's overI can't stand you anymore
Finally they arrive at the lodge!
It's here! There's a stone bridge This is so cool!
- What happened? - Looking outside, he hit his head, ppak!
Such an unlucky day!
Such an unlucky day for Eric
I think he completely fell for it!
- Your face is especially dark today? - Eric's had a hard time, getting four penalties
Woo~ It's nice!
She has to wash her feet first
(filthy) Guys!
(dropped) the neck cushion is taking a shower
- Oh, no! No! - Just pick it up!
- What is wrong with you? It's soaked! - (sorry) Gomdori.. Are you alright?
Seriously, everything's against me today
Arghhh! My sunglasses!
- HyeSung, help me.. - What! Just pick it up
- You can't even do this? - I'm too exhausted to do that
- You drive me crazy.. - Just stay here with me!
I don't care whatever happens Just do it on your own!
She sees herself in the mirror
keeps taking pictures of her from behind
- By the way, why would I be still in these clothes? - Hahaha! Well, don't ask me..
Let's go
The place where the secret of hidden camera will be explained to him!
The climax of the show.. We have to be careful until the end
A fox in a trap
- This place is really high..- Two of us will do the race for real
(instructions delivered)
This hot summer, with a very cool TV show, SHINHWA Broadcast
It's not the god of eloquencebut the god of MT for this week
- It wasn't written in the script, was it? - I just did it on my own
- There's a mission card, OK! - Don't try to be MC, just read it clearly
This hot summer, you are watchingSHINHWA Broadcast now
- I'm a better MC, right?- You are much better..
- This game is 'tray-serving race' - Tray serving race!
You'll have a tray with a cup of water for the raceThe one finishes the line first will be the king
You have to finish the line fast without spilling water Eric, read it out please
- No, I can't read it out - Please, I'm begging you
- I don't wanna say these words by myself - It is okay, just read
Of course the loser will get a penalty!
Eric won't be the loser again.. (Can't be..)
If he loses again, he's a silly idiot!
Can it be more straightforward? Please bring the trays, cups, and water
Go to the starting point
Operation Desert Fox The grand finale is about to begin..
And there's the last game, tray-serving race Finally we'll tell him about the hidden camera
- As you can see here.. - Hahahahaha~
- What's wrong with you? - Cause it says here it's stuck!
The others carry the trays the cups are stuck on it!
- When we give you this, act like it's unstable - Uh... uh.. like this..
- Don't overdo it, though - That's a bit too much..
That's enough! I can handle it well!!
Trays, please!
(what a fool)
Eric, you idiot!
Chut.. idiot.. You are more idiot..
Idi~ot~ Idiot Eric
Only the idiot doesn't think himself an idiot
Trays come in
- (confident?) I don't think it's that hard?- Oh, wait.. it's quite.. (acting mode)
Hey! Why don't you wipe the tray first!
He might notice now..
Thank god..
The two real trays are placed next to Eric
suspicion 0%
(it doesn't come off)
Ready to go
Ready to be fooled
Run towards the end of the hidden camera
in earnest
just for fun
no effort
A lonely race of a manwho can never be the king
I'm going to win this time!!
Arghhh!! OH NO!!
OH~ NO!!
(why everyone's not coming?)
What's going on..?
You spilt it, too?
Behind Eric's back.. There's the hidden camera world!
You spilt it, too?
Can't you see..
Eric, take this!
The cup doesn't come off from the magic tray
The moment everything seems frozen What is happening to me..?
Except Eric, it's a festival
This has been Hidden camera show for Eric!
Operation Desert Fox a great success!
What is this? What? What?
(overexcited) From the first up until now You were meant to be the loser all the time!
- We all planned it! - WAIT A SEEEEEC!
completely lost it
Explain it to me logically. Sit down! (can't face the truth)
- I was dying to tell you the truth..- The throwing one! I got the chicken right away!
- We were all acting! - We all memorized the order and the answers
- And what was next? - The paper one! We secretly did it with our hands
Your glue was so strong yet you took it off! The staffs were like 'how did he do that?'
Come to think of it..It was quite strange from the morning..
I just thought it'd be my unlucky day.. Now they say it was all meant to be like that..
losing his cool..
Alright.. Whose idea was that?
- (scared) Don't tremble your mouth..- There's gotta be the leader who started it
There's no one like a leader..
JeongHyuk! Look up here!!
What the heck~
- Well, you've been through a lot today.. - You've been fooled and we're so happy¢¾
- I can't forget the look on your face - How foolish was that! Ahaha!
There's a good reason we did this for you While preparing for our comeback, as the leader..
You've done a lot for us to make it We were so grateful and planned this for you
So that you can work harder till the end..
- So that you can laugh out at least for today - So that you can work better next year!
It is kind of a prize(?) for you, right? (that's ridiculous)
- It's me, Eric.. - (shy) I'll be so awkward!
As the representative of Shinhwa Company,you've been working so hard for Shinhwa's comeback
I really appreciate your hard work I believe you can manage well next year, too
It's been almost 15 years now..I haven't said 'thank you' that much for 15 years
(as you know well) We don't say such a kind thing Well, you've been so lovely lately
- Shame on you! Before that, it was so good - I hope you keep up the great work
To my best friend Eric,
So awkward!
same here
- From now on, I'll go to your place more often - Aou~ Does it look like the best friend!
(shy) I told you! I'm embarrassed!
I'll do my best to fill up YoungBae's vacancy
- Uh.. Why are you blushing so much? - That sort of thing is just too awkward..
Our best leader Eric! I'm sure you'll alwaysbe the good leader as you have been
- I feel so strange - And the hidden camera..
Though we deceived you, we hope you can understandwhat we really think and wanna say to you
You think I can?
I was trying to touch your heart..
I hope it helps you forget about the trouble we've been through<3
More fighting and let's make it better, together
I did it from the bottom of my heart!
You must have been under a lot of stress to keep 6 different opinions in harmony
I want you to remember that all of us love and care about you more than you think
What we're really like..when the camera's not on
Let's show everything as it is at least in Shinhwa Broadcast
- I almost cried, you know..- That would've been so touching.. Cry!
(watery) Until the last moment, we're Shinhwa I LOVE YOU<3
The heartfelt story they couldn't tell as they are always together
Shinhwa Fighting! Eric Fighting!!
Maybe your brain wasn't that naughty after all
mixed feelings..
- Why? Why are you being like that? - How do you feel now?
- But how did you know I'd fall for it? - Cause you're such an idiot!
- Just tell us how you feel now! - You were an idiot..
- He's so confused that he fell for it.. - Still I can't quite believe it
When I watch this episode later, I'll see what really happened
There will be completely different imagesfrom what I can expect now
We're all having fun while you're filming a docu
(suddenly) Now, shall we shout'hidden camera for Eric, a great success!'
- First things first.. He was saying something..- Let's listen to what he has to say, first~
- Do you have to go somewhere? - Do you have an appointment?
- It's not easy to deceive someone all day long - He's going mental..
I could definitely see your strong teamwork(?), there
(the evidence of hidden camera)
Your sincere individual interview was touching and I hope HyeSung keeps his word
(Eric's best friend) YoungBae's vacancy, now you've gotta be there for him
Also, I want you to be more friendly as my best friend
- DongWan, do you have anything to say? - It's a memorable day he's successfully fooled..
Shall we shout 'hidden camera for Eric, a great success'..
We have to do the shout!(can't give up the final shout)
Hidden camera for Eric A great success!!
There's another one, let's see the video
There's another one? (more video?)
Eric, did you have fun today?
A video message from the producer?
I know you've had a hard time with penalties I hope you're not too offended at the moment
We're giving you a gift in reward for your hard work
Can you imagine what it is~?
(most awkward) He's just like me
Pick a member who's been most wicked and let him get a penalty that you choose
The ups and downs in life
Thank you so much<3
- I didn't really do anything - (cheeky) Me neither!
But there's nothing you can do now.. Eric has the final say
How could you do this to us
Jinnie suggested the ice thing for me so I don't feel hot But it was you that change it to Stevie Wonder!
- It was you that mentioned Stevie Wonder, first - Ok, I'll make the decision now! With a backhug
Wait.. I mean.. it's.. you said it first..
Ah, Why!
Let's do it for real
Oh~ He's going to HyeSung
Push HyeSung and hug JunJin
we're safe
It's fine as long as it's not me!
Park Chung Jae Park Chung Jae
- You really choose me? -Jinnie was nice to me. I don't feel good about it
(pissed off)
JunJin, what's the one you don't wanna do? Say it! Whatever it is
He wanted to say this line..(the absolute authority he's wanted so badly)
(muttering) Why would he pick me..
I made a decision! 'Onew style one flick'! But you have to do it by yourself!
- It's gotta be full power! Until we say it's enough! - The king should do that. Who do you think you are!
Right.. Sorry about that.. I apologize.. please..
Say the sentence 'It is my fault!' and then hit yourself hard
- But what have I done wrong.. - Nothing you can do now. Show us your sad eyes
- What is his fault, though? - I don't know..
That's good!
Self penalty!
self ttakbam
more than enough
The master of self ttakbam
- The sound.. - How can you hit yourself like that?
The hidden camera is over Let's start the membership training
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