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Whoa, she put on so much weight!
She used to be so pretty.
I can't believe that chick over there
thinks it's ok to wear that swimsuit.
I had to sit next to this really huge guy on my flight to Chicago.
Why does that always happens to me ?
I mean there's nothing wrong with being overweight,
I'm just worried about their health, you know.
The 3 letter word
Disapproving glances from strangers,
thousands of clothing stores whose sizes run so small
you don't stand a chance if you've got a belly.
Movies that constantly portray fat people
as mean, annoying, lazy, stupid...
The allocation of a second section in porn
for anybody who's not fit
The fact that fat is an insult
as if that's the worst thing you could be!
And let's not forget the weight discrimination
that has increased 66% in the last 10 years.
I often wondered to myself :
why is fat such a big deal?
Why is society such a big fucking bully?
Traditional Values
People didn’t always hate « fat ».
Throughout the 15, 16, 17, 1800s,
big thick jiggly bodies were all average.
I mean, keen on these rolls from this babe in 1800s.
And check out the saggy lines on these ladies from 1639!
How can we return to our traditional values?
Never thought you’d hear me say that, huh?
I have three proposals to work against weight discrimination,
fat shame and “fat phobia”.
1: “fat” isn’t a bad word
Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself.
There’s nothing wrong with referring to fat as fat.
Although it’s been used as a derogatory insult,
we can take that shit back !
By shying away from the word “fat” as if it's an insult,
we reinforce fat shame.
Just like my vagina is not my hoo-ha,
my flower, my special magic place,
neither is my fat my pudge, my chunk, my fluff…
It’s my fat !
And there’s nothing insulting about calling it by its name.
2. It’s not about “health”
Having fat does not mean that someone's unhealthy.
Just like being skinny does not mean that someone’s healthy.
Total body health is actually much more complicated than that.
So, when I see someone automatically assume
they know someone’s health status just by looking at them
I know, secretly, it’s not about their health.
And assuming it's like, a stranger, someone in passing,
let’s be real!
People won’t just care about a random stranger’s health
but people do care about a random stranger’s fat!
The other reason why I don’t buy the “it’s about health” argument
is because “fat shame” does have negative health outcomes
for people who are fat.
Is constantly being devalued and dehumanized
good for someone’s psychological well-being?
This kind of stress translates
into real physical outcomes in peoples bodies.
3 : love thyself
My last proposition is to truly, fully,
completely love your body, including your fat.
Take care of your body and take care of yourself,
whatever our bodies end up looking like is fine!
And we should love the shit out of them for 2 reasons :
one, loving your body is good for you.
Secondly, loving your body is a direct threat to fat shame.
When fat shamers look at people who are fat,
they are confronting fears within themsleves :
fear about being lazy, or unattractive,
whatever the association may be.
In shaming that person, they feel better about themselves,
and their own insecurities
like, “Oh, I’m not the lazy one,
that’s the lazy ass over there”.
And when you’re over there,
all busy loving the shit out of yourself,
it'll piss those fat shamers right off.
Because, by having fat and loving yourself,
you are challenging that person’s expectation
that you would feel at least as insecure
as they do about themselves.
By being fat and loving yourself,
you’re forcing people to confront their own fears.
And… welp, I’m all about people confronting their fears.
Alright everyone, have a great week!
I'll see you next Thursday!