Shin Min Ah [2010] Achievements [Eng Sub]

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Korean Advertisers Association [2010]- Model of the Year
MC1: O'live Style Icon Awards [2010]-Style Icon Actress All 3 MC's: Who is it?....Shin Min Ah! Congratulations!
So pretty!
Thank You.
I won the fashionista award last year. This year I am very happy that I win again because of the drama series "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho".
I will work harder to become an even better actress. Thank you everybody.
SBS Drama Awards [2010]- Best Couple 'My Girlfriend is a Gumiho'
MC: Lee Seung Gi, there were a lot of talk that your lips quivered during your kiss scene with Shin Min Ah, what happened?
LSG: It reached you too? MC: Of course
LSG: Actually, I was very nervous because top writers, the Hong Sisters, had written many sweet and moving scenes for the Hoi Couple. With the kiss scene, I was nervous because it’s something many of the viewers had imagined, so…
MC: It wasn’t your first kiss scene right? LSG: Yes...
LSG: I’m thankful to receive the Best Couple Award again this year. I believe we received this because viewers embraced the Hoi Couple in a lovely way. Thank you.
MC: Yes, it was very lovely. Shin Min Ah, while acting, during which scenes did you feel that Lee Seung Gi seemed less like a “younger guy” and more so like a manly guy?
From the beginning, I didn’t get a “younger guy” sense from him because Lee Seung Gi… as all of you know, he has very manly characteristics, so I think I went in with more anticipation.
MC: Supporting one another, you really are a lovely couple. Thank you.
SBS Drama Awards [2010]-Top 10 Stars [Shin Min Ah, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho]
MC: Minah, if Seunggi were to call you noona, how would you feel?
I would feel I gained a dongseng. [laughter]
MC: I’ll ask Minah a question. In the drama, you really liked and ate cattle beef. Do you really like meat in real life?
[Minah said that she did but she's gotten fat because of that, the MC responded with disbelief saying he could not see that.]
SBS Drama Awards [2010]-Drama Special, Actress 'My Girlfriend is a Gumiho'
Forget all the scary parts and remember me as a really, really, really, really, really good dreams.
Female Excellence Award for Acting in Special Dramas
MC: 'My Girlfriend is a Gumiho', Shin Min Ah sshi.
Thank you.
In meeting My Girlfriend is a Gumiho in 2010, a lot of people rooted for me and loved me. I’m so thankful, and because of that I was able to finish a good year.
I’m lacking in so many ways, and so I too feel embarrassed to receive this award. And I feel apologetic to the nominated sunbaenims.
First, thank you so much to the Hong Sister writers for creating such a lovely character.
And Director Boo, SeungGi, MinWoo, Sung Dong Il sunbaenim, Yoon Yoo Sun sunbaenim~ thank you so much and you’ve worked so hard.
To my unni who prays for me every night, AM family members, the onsite staff members, our HyunJoo, YeSeul, KyungIl oppa, DongSu oppa~ you’ve put in a lot.
And to my loving family, my mother hasn’t been well so I hope she gets healthy soon.
My grandparents who think I am MCing from a news article, thank you but I’m not an MC.
Thank you to the fans who helped me to end 2010 well. Thank you!
TVCF Awards [2011]- CF Model Award for 2010
Shin Min Ah: TVCF Award for 2 Consecutive Years.
I received this award a year ago on this stage, I really thank everyone!
In the past year, I filmed a lot of CFs and a drama, with the drama well-liked by everyone, really thank you.
From now on, I will work harder to show better sides of me in more CFs. Everyone, thank you!