GSP MSU 2010 - Astronomy Sci-Fi Video

Uploaded by Zortroxofdoom on 26.07.2010

The year is now 64 A.E. (After Earth). After the astronomer
Michael Feeback discovered meteorite "Feebinator", the human
race slowly moved to the planet Mercury, rebuilding the
planet to an exact replica of Earth. The humans now have to
wear highly advanced sunglasses to stop their eyes from
burning from the closeness of the sun.
The year is now 64 A.E....
[whistleing] [crash]
>> Captain: Great Britain! I do believe a metorite has struck Mercury!
I'm going to jump in my spaceship straight from Lowe's
and go hunt it down right away!
Jolly ho! Is that a map of Mercury you have there?
>> Girl: It is! Did you just see a Meteor fly across the sky?
>> Captain: I did! I did.
>> Girl: Good thing I have a map for it. I'm looking for it too.
>> Captain: That's a great thing. Will you join me on my space journey
to find the meteorite?
>> Girl: Yes. I think it landed right here.
>> Captain: Skull Harbor. Let's go through the time warp field there.
>> Girl: Straight on to morning!
[time warp slurping]
[warping sounds]
[time warp burping]
>> Girl: We have just reached Black Rock Way.
>> Captain: Oh, boy!
>> Girl: Oh no!
>> Troll: Fi fi fo fum! You cannot cross this bridge!
>> Girl: Captain! What should we do?
>> Captain: Fire your weapon!
>> Troll: Your weapons don't hurt me!
>> Girl: Now what?!
>> Captain: I have an idea.
Troll, will you accept this water, sucrose, deoxitrose, citrious acid, natural
flavor, salt, sodium citrate, monopotassium, phosphate, modified food starch?
>> Troll: Maybe...
>> Captain: And join our journey?
>> Troll: I accept your offer.
>> Captain: We can now use her strength.
We're off to find a meteorite that struck Mercury
>> Troll: It's pretty hard to get across this bridge, guys.
You gotta keep going straight, then you're going to veer right, and
then you're going to jump to the left. You're going to bunny hop
5 steps,and then you're going to keep going straight until the end.
Take another left, curve around the loop-di-loop, and then you're there.
>> Girl: Will that get us to Skull Harbor?
>> Troll: It'll get you there. Or not. But I don't know. Just try it.
>> Captain: Okey doeky there then.
>> Troll: I'm off.
>> Captain: Goodbye!
>> Girl: Do you feel an odd presence?
>> Captain: I DO feel a presence around here. >> Girl: Huh...
I've never seen Mercury before.
>> Captain: Me neither. It reminds me a lot of Kentucky.
Okay. We are now across the bridge. We shall veer to the right.
One hop this time. Slide to the left. Slide to the right. Two hops this time.
Criss cross. Now, everybody clap your hands!
[time warp slurping]
[time warp burping]
[time warp slurping]
[time warp burping]
[time warp slurping] [time warp burping]
>> Girl: I think our ship may be broken. We've been going in circles for a while too.
>> Captain: Yeah... Sure have.
[ship creaking]
>> Mechanic: (Southern accent) Howdy, partner! It looks
like your ride herehas a little damage to it. Why don't
you come in here to my bar,and me and my guys will
fix this up around back.
>> Girl: Can you tell us where we are? We're looking for Skull Harbor.
Which is right here.
>> Mechanic: Oh, no, no, no. You're over here. You were holding this upside down.
You're actually over here. You need to go back the way you came.
>> Girl: Sorry, Captain.
>> Mechanic: Come on right in and we'll get you fixed
up so you can get on your way. Have a good drink. Hot,
single locals in there. Pretty girls if you know what I mean.
>> Girl: Hey, don't talk to my captain like that.
>> Mechanic: Sorry, sorry, lady.
>> Captain: You can't even walk in there.
>> Mechanic: Oh, sorry about that, guys. The door you need to use is actually over
>> Girl: Thanks.
>> Mechanic: Right on. I'll be getting this out of your way.
[bar chatter and music]
>> Mechanic: The ship's ready out back. You can pick it up whenever you want.
>> Captain: That's great. We've been waiting here for 5 days!
>> Captain: What are you doing?
>> Girl: I'm on vacation!
Asteroid! (jokingly hits the Captain)
[time warp slurping]
[time warp burping]
[long pause]
>> Girl: Captain, I hope I can figure out my map now that I know how to read it.
>> Captain: Aye, aye.
>> Girl: Oh, no! She's been murdered!
>> Captain: Yes! And there's one thing for sure.
She's murdered and someone's responsible!
[dramatic sound]
>> Girl: We're almost there. We just have to get up this hill.
[groaning sounds]
We can do it.
>> Captain: Who are you?
[gun cocking] >> Space Farmer: Who are you?
>> Captain: I'm the captain from Earth trying to retrieve my meteorite.
>> Space Farmer: Your meteorite? This is my land!
Didn't you see the troll I killed back there?
[dramatic sound]
>> Captain: Who is that?
[time warp slurping]
>> Girl: Why? Whyyyy?!
>> Captain: It's gone!
[The End]