Mahabharat - Episode 74

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Lord Krishna told Arjun:
This Earth is your realm of Action
You will be judged by your Actions
Hence, do not run away from Action
Desire less Action is your duty
Your duty is your Religion
If your Action are only for yourself ...
... then they will take you towards Sin
So, become free of yourself and do good ...
... for the world for that is the path of salvation
Other actions are prisoners of Temptation, Anger, Lust
How can such action lead to salvation?
If society is unhappy so is the individual
If society is in tears then so are you
If the trees are cut off you'll get no fruit ...
... because trees yield fruit and give shade
You are a part of society
Do not think you are the owner
This is the best Knowledge
The lives of those who know this is a Yagna
Geeta Chapter 4 Verse 36 ''Supremacy of Knowledge''
Cross the sea of Sin with the ship of Knowledge
Just like Fire burns everything ...
... the Fire of Knowledge will burn away ...
... Desire, Anger and Temptation
Remember this forever
There is nothing holier or purer than Knowledge
Knowledge is the best
Geeta Chapter 4 Verse 41 ''Call to Action''
He who has neither Faith nor Knowledge ...
... he who is forever in doubt ...
... is lost for all time
He is neither happy on Earth nor in Heaven
Hence, O Arjun, get rid of doubt and ...
... awaken the Perfect Man within you
Follow the path of Knowledge
Renunciation is the ultimate limit of Knowledge
You praise both Renunciation and the path of Action
Are they not contradictory?
Which one is superior?
Why? How?
The True Renounce rises above Jealousy and Ambition
He is above contradictions and thus frees himself
Only the foolish think the path of Action and ...
... Renunciation are contradictory
The Wise do not think so
Giving up Action actually means forsaking selfishness
Renunciation is impossible without the path of Action
The one who follows the path of Action ...
... has a lull knowledge of the elements
Whatever he does, his every action ...
... is for the welfare of Man
Thus, he is unstained by Sin ...
... like the water does not stain the lotus
Geeta Chapter 5 Verse 10 ''Work with Detachment''
The Man of Action surrenders all rewards and ...
... is happy in the castle of nine gates of his body
What nine gates is he talking of?
He is talking of two eyes, two ears ...
... two nostrils, a mouth and two excretory openings
What he actually wants to say is ...
... only the Man without desire can be happy
The Soul which yields to temptation is unhappy
I never thought of it like that
If Man could think like that ...
... why would Krishna have to say it?
All right! Let's go ahead
Krishna is saying ...
Man is unhappy because ...
... his unwisdom has covered his wisdom
When the wisdom of the Soul destroys unwisdom ...
... the Supreme can be seen in its radiance
The wise thus obtain God in their mortal life
They do not have to be reborn
It's not your problem who lives or who dies
Accept as the path what others call Renunciation
Fight without Doubt, Jealousy or Ambition
None can be Perfect without sacrificing them
Geeta Chapter 6 Verse 5 ''Potentiality of Human''
It is your duty to awaken the Soul
Arise O Man!
Your Soul can be your friend as also your enemy
He who can control his Ego, Mind and Senses ...
... will be his own friend
Those who are controlled by them will not prosper
Those who are balanced will find peace ...
... and one-ness with God
However, those who go to e_remes ...
... cannot find fulfilment
Life should be balanced
Those who live a balanced life ...
... will find their sorrows disappearing
Like a lamp in steady wind ...
... his Soul is steady in temptation
Steady the restless mind with your Soul
That is the solution to your problems
Look at me, Arjun!
Those who see me in everything ...
... can never go astray
I never forget those who do not forget me
He lives in this world and yet, is within me
He is Perfect who shares pain and pleasure
Geeta Chapter 6 Verse 32 ''Yoga of Meditation''
Geeta Chapter 6 Verse 33 - 34 ''Control of Mind''
But even the perfect mind can go astray ?
Of course, it can go astray
How then will this affect achieving Godhead?
Is the person who strays destroyed?
Whether in Heaven or Earth ...
... the person who does good is never destroyed
O Arjun! Set your heart on me. Seek my refuge ...
... and you shall be given lull knowledge
I am the greatest Truth
The entire Universe revolves around me
I am the taste in water ...
... the light in the Sun and the moon
I am the essence of the Vedas
I am sound of the Heavens
I am the sweet perfume of the Earth
I am the brightness of Fire and the life in animals
I am the penance of Sages
I am the first Seed ...
... the wisdom of the wise, the lustre of the lustrous
I am the power of the powerful
I am desire when it is pure
I am in everything and yet, separate
I am Indestructible and without definition
I know everything of the past ...
... the Present and the Future but ...
... none knows me!
I am the Father of this Universe as also the Mother
I am the three Vedas
I am the Master and the way
I am the Creator and the Destroyer
I am the Refuge. I am everything
I am the heat as also the rain
I am the Earth's Indestructible Seed
I am a friend to all ...
... but they are all equal to me
I don't love or hate anyone
Those who worship me with faith ...
... they are in me and I am in them
Geeta Chapter $ Verse 2$ ''Royal Secret''
You are the Creator! The only Refuge!
You are the Supreme One!
You are the Eternal, Unborn god!
Only you have lull knowledge of yourself
O God of Gods! O Divine Spirit!
How do I recognise you? How do I know you?
Speak to me in lull of your power and glory
There is no end to my infinite vastness
Even then, listen!
I am the Soul in the heart of all things
Geeta Chapter 10 Verse 21 ''Divine Glories''
I am the beginning ...
... the middle and the end of the end
I am the Vishnu among the sons of light, the lord of winds
I am Sun among lights, the moon among stars
Geeta Chapter 10 verse 22 ''Meditating Upon the Sell''
The Sam Veda among Vedas, Indra among Gods
The Mind among the Senses, awakening among the living
I am Shiva among demons, Kuber among monsters ...
... Fire among Radiant Spirits and Sumeha among mountains
Brihaspati among priests, Karikeya among warriors
I am an ocean among lakes
I am Bhrigu among Seers and the Eternal Word 'Om'
I am the Himalayas among things that don't move
Among trees, the tree of Life Narada among Sages
Kapila among Seers an Chitraratha among musicians
Among horses I am the horse of Indra
Among elephants, Airavata. A king among men
Thunderbolt among weapons Kamadhenu among cows
Cupid among creators and Sheshnag among snakes
Geeta Chapter 10 Verse 30 ''Methods of Meditating''
Prahlada among demons. Time among all measures
The lion among animals. The eagle among birds
Among warriors I am Rama ...
... the first among letters
I am never-ending Time
I am the Creator who sees all
I am Death ...
... as also the beginning which will take birth ...
... in the Ages to come
Geeta Chapter 10 Verse 34 ''Divine Glories''
Among women I am Fame, Speech Memoy, Constancy ...
... Intelligence and Forgiveness
I am Spring among seasons, lustre of the lustrous
I am mystery. I am victory
I am Vasudev of the Yadavas, Arjun of the Pandavas ...
... Vyas among the Sages, Shukrachaya among Poets
Geeta Chapter 10 Verse 3$
I am the seed of Creation ...
... all that moves and does not move
Nothing can happen without me
I am the Life and the Soul of all beings
My eyes have opened, my lord
Dilemma and doubt have forsaken me
What you say is the Truth. There is no other Truth
I want to see your Divine Form
You cannot see it with your eyes
For that you need Divine vision
Geeta Chapter 1 1 Verse $ ''Divine Vision''
My heart is gladdened at the sight of ...
... your unglimpsed, glorious Divine Form ...
... but my heart trembles with fear
So, O Creator! My lord! Bless me and ...
... reappear in your original form
What form is this?
How can I describe the Divine form to you?
It is only for those with Divine Vision
Had you accepted Sage Vyas's gift of Divine Vision ..
... you could have seen it yourself
No need to remind me of my misfortune
Cary on with your narration
As you please, my lord!
Forgive me, my lord!
O Creator! O Eternal One!
O Lord! O Merciful One!
Forgive me like a lather forgives a son ...
... God forgives his worshipper ...
... a friend forgives a friend. Forgive me!
There is no forgiveness between friends
... a lather and son, God and his worshippers
The basis of these relationships is ...
... Love, Faith and Worship
Geeta Chapter 12 Verse 2 ''Path of Meditation''
The one who worships me, meditates on me ...
... with faith is the Perfect Man
My worship is the best
My worshippers are not caught up in this world
Geeta Chapter 15 Verse 1 ''The Supreme Spirit''
This world is like the tree ...
... with roots above and branches below
The leaves are the Vedas
The one who knows this knows the meaning of the Vedas
The branches of the tree are spread all over
They are nourished by three elements:
Light, Fire and Darkness
This tree has its roots deep down in human society
It is impossible to see the tree's real form
None can see the beginning and ...
... foundation of this tree
Man can cut this tree with the axe of Renunciation ...
... and seek that unique path ...
... from where one does not return
Renunciation is the forsaking of selfishness
If you wish to think, then think only of me
Worship only me!
Dedicate yourself to me
Take refuge in me! I'll absolve you from Sin
Geeta Chapter 1$ Verse 65 ''Liberation Through Renunciation''
Set your hands on me! Be my worshipper
Give me your adoration
If you do that, I give you my word
You shall, in truth, come to me
Take refuge in me, O Arjun
I'll free you from all Sin
Mourn not, O Arjun
O worshipper!
I am the Focus of all paths
Indulge in Desire less Action
Do not worry, O Arjun!
Trust me!
Raise your Gandiva and light!
Arjun has picked up the Gandiva, my king
Which means ...
... war is inevitable
I also know the result of this war
If you wish to leave me you may go
What use is a charioteer without a chariot
If this is an order then I'll go but ...
... I do not wish to leave you
Wish to serve me without desire for reward? Okay!
Don't go!
Stop to tell me who was hit by Arjun's first arrow
Stop to tell me ...
... how my brave sons are killed
Has the war started?
My dear Duryodhan must be eager for it to start
He is eager for war to start because ...
... he does not know its result
No Sanjay!
Even If he knew the result ...
... he would still be eager for war
A warrior is never influenced by the result
If you were not blind, would you participate?
You should not have asked this heartless question
Duryodhan is the result of my own ambition
Maybe I would ...
... not have allowed this war to happen
If it could not be avoided I would have ...
... ensured that the Pandavas took the first step
Krishna did not allow my strategy to work
Don't be under the impression that ...
... this war is between the Kauravas and Pandavas
Absolutely not!
This war is between Krishna and myself
If you realise this then ...
... why don't you stop this war
I am a warrior, Sanjay
I cannot back out of the battlefield
For me this is the final and deciding battle
Let it be waged!
Think of Hastinapur
Why should I think of Hastinapur?
When did it ever think of me?
It even quietly witnessed my humiliation
I was King but could not rule
I was my younger brother's representative
Have you seen an elder brother insulted thus?
Hastinapur should also pay for my humiliation
Everyone will pay for it
Both Krishna and I!
Pandavas wounds will actually be Krishna's
Had Vidur been here, he would have spoken of Ethics
But why this delay in starting the war
Prince Duryodhan is asking Grandsire this very question
How long will we have to wait like this?
Till I blow the bugle and announce the start of war
Are you waiting for someone? Why not blow the bugle?
When two armies stand lacing each other ...
... war is definite
When a warrior comes to the battlefield either he wins ...
... or he dies a heroic death
The same thing will happen here
For the time being ...
... keep looking at the centre
It is our good fortune that we are witnessing this
A charioteer like Krishna! A warrior like Arjun!
It is our misfortune that ...
... we cannot hear a word of this dialogue
If a gust of wind ...
... brings to me even one word of the dialogue ...
... O would give up all my accumulated merit
For the first time I regret I was born as Bhishma
I wish I could ask the Creator:
Why was I born as Bhishma and not as Arjun?
O Grandsire!
That milkman is asking Arjun to save himself from war
How can their army lace our mighty army?
Krishna is not a fool. He knows ...
... the difference between death and suicide
I still remember how this milkman insulted me ...
... by not having lunch with me
There you are! They have returned to their camp
At least blow the bugle now
I am waiting for someone
Whom are you waiting for?
Let's say I am waiting for myself
Don't forget that for me this is less of a war and ...
... more like a moral question
So, I am waiting for the proper time to start the war
The auspicious time?
From where I stand ...
... I cannot see anything auspicious about it
The great battle is just ahead
Time inches forward
Bhishma stands there helpless ...
... along with Duryodhan