Arirang TV: Korean Home Delivery

Uploaded by simonandmartina on 05.01.2011

I'm looking for the best place to get delivery guys on bikes
and I think this is a good place here.
This is a busy intersection
Well, I think the difference in delivery culture is that here,
delivery culture is so common. You see so many bikes on the streets
so many delivery boys, no matter what the weather is
nothing can stop them, so it seems like delivery is much more serious here
it's a much bigger deal.
Here it seems like you can order anything, so it's awesome!
So here, you might have seen our door before,
It's covered in ads. These ads are always left outside of our door.
and they're all magnetized and we've been collecting them.
Every time a delivery guy walks by our front door
he'll always put one of these fliers on our doors.
and we'll take them in here and we'll store them.
You can see we've got tons of fliers right here,
so we can order anything, so whenever we're hungry
and whenever we don't want to leave the house, we just grab this little
bucket of fliers and we'll just pick one out and we'll start ordering some food
and it's awesome, because it always comes here.
So today we're gonna order pizza online and we're gonna get it sent to the park right here
watch how it's done
In Canada I did, once. It was very difficult. They did not want to do it
But in Korea it's a lot easier. You just say "hey come to the park
I'll be the guy waving for you, give me the pizza" and they'll give it to you.
Much easier.
Where's the pizza? Come on! Oh! You see? Assah!
Hello! Pizza's here! Okay!
So the pizza guy said he couldn't come actually to the park
because it's illegal to drive to the park,
so I'm gonna meet him at the corner right there. Alright!
Okay! Here's the pizza! It's here! Oh yes!
That is nice! Let me see that! This is fan…thank you very much
Oh! This is fantastic. Oh! You see this? I'm here in the park,
and they deliver the pizza to me here. I can be anywhere!
I can be on top of a building. I bet you they can deliver it to me if I'm on a plane.
They're just that awesome.
Ordering in Korean is completely mindblowingly awesome.
Here I am again, doing this scene for the fourth time. I don't know what to say