McHenry Responds to Pelosi's Expanded Healthcare Bill

Uploaded by CongressmanMcHenry on 30.10.2009

Hello, this is Congressman Patrick McHenry coming to you with an update from Washington.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi just unveiled a new expanded version of her health care bill. Meet the
new plan for government take-over health care, same as the old one. The American people have
already rejected the approach to new health care reform that says "government knows best."
The results are the same regardless of how many more pages the democrats add to this
bill. Hundreds of millions of Americans will be forced out of their current health care
plan, Medicare cuts will mean fewer benefits for seniors, bureaucrats will have the authority
to restrict health care services, taxpayers will fund abortion, federal and state taxes
will increase, and the cost of health care will continue to rise. This is the Nancy Pelosi
health Care Bill, nowhere in this nineteen-hundred and ninety page bill are the common sense
reforms that everyone agrees on. Insurance companies are not forced to compete across
state lines, small businesses are not permitted to join together to purchase affordable healthcare
for their employees, and there is no medical liability reform that would actually lower
health care costs. This is the wrong plan, we can insure the uninsured, which this bill
actually fails to do without degrading the quality and increasing the health care costs
for everyone else. It's no wonder the democrats preserve the loophole that insures members
of congress never have to enroll in this awful health care program. Now we need to fight
against this and I hope the American people will join us and say "No" to this health care
bill. That’s what I am going to do and I urge you to do the same. Thank you and God