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ultralight insulation foam concrete monolithic gravity layer flat roof
with shopping pavilions The total area under roof
insulation 2320 m2 setting on its own chassis
may be coupled to the construction site to perform the foam works up to 80 km / h
and tools, construction chemicals, blowing agent, additives in the foam concrete is transported
in the back of the truck work is done building complex
mobile FC50WU production RSD FCI technologies FC50WU prepares the full
range of foam concrete for all types of construction work, plotnostyu 150-1800 gk/m3
equipment, insulation work provides speed of 50-120 m 3 / shift
ready to supply foam to the place of installation by pnevmonagnetaniem
working pressure in the mixer up to 10 bar
originally performed gravity layer marking levels
foam concrete blocks of the corresponding density, sawn to size and install
with partitioning The entire surface of the
monolithic blade is divided into a card that is filled with ultra-light foam concrete insulation
density and thermal conductivity defined by project requirements
in this case insulation is applied as a foam concrete with density 200
kg/m3 and coefficients. thermal conductivity of 0.052 W / m ° C
feed pnevmonagnetaniem foam is the most sparing and efficient way to transport
foam on mud channel to the place of installation and promotes the formation
of uniform fine-mesh structure Foam with this structure
has a higher heat resistance and compressive strength
discharge pressure may vary within wide limits, increasing pressure only
increases the rate of production work Right foam concrete is a
very stable structure that is not broken, do not change the density, does not shrink
thermal protection monolithic foam concrete - the best time-tested solution
exceeds all analog technology: -price - 1.5 - 2 times cheaper; -rate
performance work - in 7 - 10 times faster; - quality - high strength,
low thermal conductivity, high water vapor permeability, homogeneous construction insulation,
environmentally friendly material, fire-resistant, non-toxic , low
water absorption, high insulation, insulation foam concrete monolithic technology
is extremely simple, is an excellent base for roller, spray mastic and roofing;
- Vapor - the highest among all known insulators;
- fire safety - foam concrete is ognebarerom - the highest level of fire
safety; - Ecology - totally inert material;
- lifetime - equal to the lifetime of the building.
SPC FCI Technology (NPK "Foam concrete industrial technology") to carry
out their own professional equipment, industrial volumes of works on sound insulation:
- flat roofs with gravity layer, attic floor, floors, 1st floor of the
ground earth ultralight foam concrete density monolithic D200-250 kg/m3 with a thermal conductivity
- 0.052 - 0.066 W / ms. - Structural pitched roofs
and attics. - ceilings and floors, including
floors over the ground and mate outside walls and ceilings.
- single-layer construction of the outer wall protections monolithic foam
concrete in a removable or not removable formwork, with the carrier or self-supporting ability.
- multi-layer construction of the outer wall protections monolithic foam
concrete as insulation in the walls. - Other works from the monolithic
foam concrete of any density - on purpose; - the production rate of
150 m3 of work / shift FC50WU Professionalnoe
equipment for foam concrete universal mobile installation
for the production of foam middle class FC50WU Capacity - up to 150m3 / shift
of foam. Useful volume mixer pnevmonagnetalya - 800 liters. Foam concrete, concrete, mortars.
working pressure in the mixer and air receivers - to 10kg./sm2.
of the compressor to new. - 1000 l / min.
Foam capacity up to 1000 l/min. Power of electric drive installed
7.5 kW. Power consumption at peak load - 18kW. Dosage of liquid components
- in automatic mode. Dimensions: LxWxH = 3,0 x1,
2x1, 4. Weight - 1600 lbs. installation is able to make
foam concretes density 150-1600kg/m3., Concrete with a grain size of 10-20 mm., All mortars
optimal weight and size characteristics (can put on w / w floor roof)
combined with powerful systems of this class, give a huge advantage
in the development of industrial volumes of work in a construction site.
class of product manufacturing ensures greater reliability of all heavy-
parts and components. The warranty for packing units - five years! Foam
height - 100 m. high reliability and performance
installations, it provides versatility quality execution of large
volumes of work in a construction project, allows an order of magnitude
to reduce the number of workers involved and their qualifications, significantly
reduces the time and the cost of work performed,
enables us to apply effective in building practice
building material - monolithic foam concrete.