Blogsies 01

Uploaded by LazyPillow on 15.02.2011

To be honest im kinda sad ):
I'm inlove
I'm inlove with someone whose black
Not that is bothers me, it's just...
I don't know ^.^
It's just that he's inlove with a good friend of mine
Not that good, but still
He always tells me how much he loves her
And how much he thinks about her
And how many day's hes been thinking about her
I'm Amelie
14 years old soon
From Israel
Short Fuse,
And a bit of a loser, like everyone
Now I can say it full-heartedly
Semen is gross
Lets talk about a few things I want to do when I'm at the US or Canada
I'm not going there or anything...
Buy a pen that you click it once and the model is dressed
And you click it again and she's naked
Not that I'm a lesbian, it just looks cool!
Buy this ball that you shake and it does an answer
Hah, also cool and they don't have it in Israel
Buy that cool frog that you click on letters and he says everything!
Hah, I love that junk
That's it!
And just another thing between us
And just another thing between us