Episode 19: Customizing Your Option Chain Window

Uploaded by trademonstertv on 06.08.2010

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Welcome to tradeMONSTER.com video trading podcast.
This is Episode 19, "Customizing your Option Chain Window"
presented by tradeMONSTER's own Travis McGhee.
The tradeMONSTER trading platform affords you a number of different ways
to customize your option chain window.
The first of which is by adding or subtracting different months that you
want to display at any given point in time.
For instance right now I am only displaying August of 2010.
I can add September of 2010
October of 2010
So on and so forth.
Or I could remove them and add just my weekly options which are
designated in purple.
Viewing this weeks options and next weeks options for Goldman Sachs.
Now another way to customize this screen is to change the amount of
strikes that you are viewing at any given point in time.
For instance right now I am only viewing 6 strikes.
This can be seen by looking in the upper left-hand corner and seeing the number 6
beside strikes.
Now if I left click on the dropdown I can change this to view 4 strikes
8, 10, 12 or all the strikes available for Goldman Sachs options that month.
Or I could customize it to any given number that you decide.
So lets say I want to change it to 10
I left click on 10
And it makes that change for me.
And finally another feature is the ability to add and subtract columns that you
want to view.
So for instance if I want to add to the columns that I have displayed along the
top here.
I left click on menu
I go to select columns
and then you can see all the different features that tradeMONSTER provides
you with that you could either add or subtract.
So lets say for example that I wanted to add Mark Change and I wanted to
take away the Low.
I simply left click on those boxes and it will eiter put a check mark to say that
it is designated or remove the check mark to say that it is removed.
And then I left click on save and that is done.
Now once you have selected the columns that you wish to view you may not see
them all at that point in time.
And what you would need to do to view all the columns for either the calls or
the puts is to left click on the arrows here.
So if I wanted to see all my columns for the calls I left click on the right arrow
it moves my strike column to the right
and I am now displaying all my columns for the calls.
And if I left click on that arrow it moves it back and now im back to where I
was before and I could do the same on the Put side.
I can also change the order in which I display the columns.
For instance if I wanted my implied volatility to be before my implied
volatility change I left click
drag it
and drop it in front of implied volatility change.
And I have now customized my window for the option chain
on the tradeMONSTER trading platform.
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