8x10 Tasveer

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"There are some lost memories."
"There are some lost thoughts."
"It hurts me all the time."
"I can't forget it. It's haunting me."
"There are visions. -Yes."
"There are visions. -Yes."
"There are visions. -Yes."
"There are visions. -Yes."
"Of some unseen picture."
"There are visions. -Yes."
"There are visions. -Yes."
"There are visions. -Yes."
"There are visions. -Yes."
"There is some intoxication, some punishment."
"Is this some problem or some mistake?"
"Danger of the past events."
"Danger of other things."
"Of all the forgotten moments."
"There are visions.-Yes."
"There are visions.-Yes."
"There are visions.-Yes."
"Of some unseen picture."
"There are visions.-Yes."
"There are visions.-Yes."
What happened, Jai? Tell me. What happened, Jai?
I'll be there.
Hi Wayne.
Buddy, why do you keep coming back?
The bears hate you. -And so do we.
All right buddy. You know the drill.
Hands behind your head. And step away from the trap.
Come on.
What are you smiling at?
No evidence. No crime.
Freaking mad man.
Well, call me for the funeral.
Come on. It's almost been four minutes.
Hey, guys.
Guys, listen up. 100 foot cliff. Four minutes under the water.
And that ladies and gentlemen, is a new world record.
Stop exaggerating John
But drink's on me tonight.
One bear trap as evidence.-Thank you.
They've been waiting for you all morning. -Who?
Those ladies over there.
Why? -No idea.
Hello Ms. Soniya, how are you?
I'm fine. Thank you. She is my friend, Emily.
Hello. -Hi.
Her husband is missing. She needs your help.
Why don't you take her to the police?
She went there. It's been a week. He is still missing.
Jai, if not for you..
..today my child wouldn't have been alive.
In your case, you were lucky as you had a photograph.
She has a photograph too. That's why I've brought her here.
Okay, I'll try.
When was this photograph taken? -Just at that time.
A minute after clicking the photograph, Emily went to the bathroom.
When she returned, he wasn't there.
I'll need some luck, because after a minute my life will be in danger.
Oh, it's really good
I'm just going to he ladies' room.
Hurry back. We have to get back to the cabin before dark.
I'll wait here by the car.
He fell in the ravine. Sampson Trail.
Near Mile marker. 0.4.
He is alive, but injured.
He is alive.
Take good care of your husband. Okay.
Thank you so much. -Thanks, bye.
Jai, I've been trying to call you!
There's been an accident.
Dad. Dad. -Jai, On the boat. On the boat.
I saw..
How are you, Savitri?
How are you?
As per Jatin's wish, I'm going to read out his will.
There are 12 pages of legal terms.
But the gist is this.
'I'm leaving everything for Savitri.'
Savitri, you have to sign some papers.
I don't believe this. How can a father do this to his son?
As it is, I never wanted his money.
I know. But it feels bad.
When one doesn't leave anything for his only son.
Does it matter? It's all right. It's okay.
All right. As it is, what do I care when you're with me?
Thank you.
I felt bad about what happened yesterday.
What is there to feel bad, Mother?
You know what I think about dad's business.
Don't be so angry with your dad.
I'm not angry, Ma. I'm just sad.
Dad never understood my point of view.
That's not it, Jai. Jatin was going to change.
Jatin was going to transfer all his wealth..
..in your organisation's name.
In the name of my organisation?
He knew that this was the only way to win you back.
Maybe this is what he wanted to tell me that day.
That day in the morning,dad came to meet me.
'Good morning, Dad.'
'Are you sure you won't come with us?'
'You know my answer.'
'Today is a special day, Son.'
'What's so special, Dad?'
'Your oil company's annual party.'
'Announcement of profits.'
The environment's loss and your profit. That's all.'
'I know you're not happy with my business.'
'But today I'm going to do something..
..which will make you proud of your dad.'
'Good. Good, Dad. I am happy for you.'
I was not ready to listen to him.
Son, please.
Bye, Dad.'
'Are you sure you won't come with us?'
'Today is a special day, Son.'
'Help me, Son.'
Same dream again? -No.
Now we will have to deal with another dream.
I love you.
Will you marry me?
I don't know how this question popped in my mind?
I know it's been only a year since we've known each other.
But I feel I've found my life partner.
I don't want to lose you the way I lost dad.
Will you be Mrs. Jai Puri?
Great smile.
He wanted us to remember him this way.
A drink in the name of life.
Jai, someone's here to meet you.
Hi. I'm Habibullah Pasha.
Also known as Happi.
and not a Y.
Yes. -How can I help you?
I forgot. I'm Detective Habibullah Pasha.
Also known as Happi.
With an I.
Shall we sit?
It hurts after a while.
Your father was a nice man.
He helped me a lot when I came here.
He gave me money, a place to stay.
I live in Toronto.
I've come here unofficially, straight from the airport.
The case doesn't look that straight.
Your father was a good swimmer.
All his life he travelled in boats.
So how did he drown so easily?
He didn't drown. He suffered a heart attack.
Did he have any enemies?
Many people were upset with him.
I was one of them.
So did you do this?
Now listen, detective Happi with an I.
Leave with your guns and weapons. Okay, goodbye.
Look, I want to ask you something before leaving.
Who benefited from his death? Think about this.
I have a theory. Will you listen to it?
Hi baby face.
Happi, how are you? -Very fine. Thank you.
Let's go.
Sir, could you please walk me through it?
Sure, Officer.
I was standing there on the boat.
And I heard a sound. Sunder shouted out.
Well, I gave him his drink. And he sat there.
And suddenly he slipped. -Why did Mr. Puri sit on the railing?
That was his favourite spot. He always sat there
Who was standing closest to Mr. Puri when he fell?
What conversations did you have with Mr. Puri on the yatch that day?
Just casual. You know we've been friends for a very long time.
He was a very, very good swimmer.
Where were you when he fell overboard?
I had to go and see to the food.
Hi. -Hi.
Good morning. -Good morning.
Hi -Good morning.
It's a great day today.
Let's go.
Hello. -This is Happi with an 'I'.
I thought we have spoken, Detective.
Last night I checked your father's case file.
I told you it was an accident.
Do you know my friend Andy wanted to conduct his post-mortem?
We did not have legal rights. We could only request.
Someone forbid her from conducting the post-mortem.
Who? -Your mother.
You think I've murdered your dad.
No, Mother. I just want to know your reason..
..for refusing the post-mortem.
The reason is that I didn't want your dad's body to be dissected.
As a Hindu, how could I have given permission for this autopsy?
Ma, this is bullshit.
Can't you forget these religious things to get to the truth?
What truth are you talking about?
We all were there.
We saw him slip into the water.
We saw him getting a heart attack.
He died in my arms.
I am sorry mother. But what do I do?
I met that man called Habibullah Pasha.
What did you say is his name?
He calls himself Happi. -Happi with an I.
How do you know?
We'd helped him when he had shifted here.
He told me.
He must have also told you that..
..he was dismissed from the police force.
Because he suffered from paranoid delusion and OCD.
To escape ignominy, he ran away to Toronto.
You can't trust him, Son. He is insane.
Thank you very much.
Actually, he is quite harmless. I've known him for a long time.
I would appreciate if he stays away from me and my family.
If you need anything else, just give me a call.
Sure. Bye.
Hang on. Hang on. Please. Listen to me.
Listen, I've told the police everything.
If you don't want to get arrested, then just get out of here.
But we have to find your father's killer?
My father was not murdered.
He was. To prove this, I need your help.
I'm really tense. And I don't want to talk to a crazy fellow.
Just go.
Hang on. Hang on.
Hang on. Hang on. Please. Hang on.
Assume this just for a second.
Jatin was murdered.
If he had been alive, he would have told you that I'm not insane.
But he is no more.
It's so sad.
For me and for you too.
Listen to me, and go back to Toronto.
I was not dismissed from the police force.
I myself left the service.
You can think whatever you want.
But I'll surely catch the murderer.
'On the boat I saw..'
'What truth are you talking about?'
'Jatin was murdered.'
Good that mom clicked this snap before the accident.'
Show me the truth, Dad.
'Jatin, enough. You've had enough to drink.'
Savitri, from tomorrow our new journey will begin.'
'In the name of that journey..'
'Cheers. -Cheers.'
'Cheers, Uncle.' - Cheers.
'With this champagne, I cleanse all my sins.'
'Sunder, another glass, if you please. -Sure. I'll get it.'
'I'm serving lunch.'
'I'll help you with that, Aunt. -Okay.'
As my friend and my lawyer, you have always supported me.'
'And I'm sorry about what is going to happen.'
'What are you saying, Uncle? I'm indebted to you.'
'Thanks. This is what I wanted to hear.'
'Sunder, my glass please. -There you go.'
'Thank you.'
'Do you mind?'
'When has my opinion ever mattered to you..'
..that today you're playing this charade?'
'Come on, Sunder. Money is not everything.'
'Help, help.'
Oh Sheila.
How is he?
The doctor said that never before has he seen such a case.
He had to be given a blood transfusion.
Are you hiding something from me?
Jai used to get these fits when he was a kid.
What fits?
He'd become almost lifeless, with his eyes staring.
He would regain consciousness, and know somebody's secret.
As if he had peeped into their past.
Hey, champ. -Hi.
How are you doing? -Okay.
Sheila, you rest. I'll stay here.
He is going to be discharged. All his reports are normal.
Wonderful. -I'll go and get the discharge papers.
Tell me. What's the matter?
I know you very well. Something is surely the matter.
I think dad was murdered.
Dude, I think because of this emotional breakdown..
So how could you think of something so senseless?
I have a secret.
Through the photograph, I went there. On the same boat.
At that same time. I saw what happened there.
That railing broke.. -Hang on.
You can say this to a foolish man. Not to your friend.
That's why I didn't tell Sheila.
Do you even know how weird this sounds?
Your dad's death was an accident. Fact.
You can't cope with it. Fact.
You can see the past with the help of 8x10 photograph?
Am I interrupting something?
Nothing, Sheila.
I don't even know why I am this idiot's friend.
He has gone mad.
'Uncle Sunder was closest to dad.'
'He saw him slipping into the water.'
'Why didn't he mention the broken railing?'
And if the railing was broken..
..Who repaired it?'
Why did you run away?
Leave me.
Why have you come here?
I called you so many times. But your cell is switched off.
There is a reason.
That police officer is following me.
Why? -He suspects me.
Have you've murdered dad?
You're asking me this?
Oh, God.
I'll find out the truth.
Can we talk?
What's your theory?
What's your theory?
Massive myocardial infarction resulting due to hypothermia.
Heart attack.
He fell into the cold water. That's why his heart stopped.
We all know that. how is it your theory?
Do you know what are beta-blockers?
I consume these small pills for my blood pressure.
Due to stress, I get mad. So I have to take them.
Happi's pills.
It slows down the heartbeat. And the blood pressure remains normal.
I don't understand.
All the people on the boat knew that..
..Jatin had suffered two heart attacks, right?
Somebody gave him extra beta-blocker.
And then pushed him into cold water.
That's why he suffered a heart attack.
Neither did my dad slip, nor did anybody push him.
How can you be so sure?
If I told you, you won't believe me.
My dad always sat on the railing of the boat.
Keeping his feet on the cooler. Putting his weight on the railing.
Somebody cut the rod before his arrival.
He sat there. He put the weight of his body on it.
That railing broke. And he slipped into the water.
After that, the railing was repaired.
So that nobody gets suspicious. -Nice theory.
But who did it and why?
'Leave me.'
Uncle Sunder.
Oh. -Why were you following Uncle Sunder?
Didn't I tell you?
If you had told me then would I have asked you?
He booked a ticket to India.
Can't you stop him? -No proof.
We need evidence to make our theories work.
'Jatin, enough. You've had enough.'
'Savitri, in the name of a new journey. Cheers.'
'Sunder, another glass, if you please. -Sure. I'll get it.'
'I'm serving lunch.'
'I'll help you with that, Aunt.'
'No hard feelings, okay.'
'That is what I wanted to hear.'
'Sunder, my glass please. -There you go.'
Thank you, Sunder.'
Uncle Sunder murdered dad.
Uncle Sunder..
Hi, Sweetie.
Forget all that. Now that you're awake, tell me clearly.
What the hell is going on?
You won't believe me.
Let's see. You accuse people of murdering your dad..
..when you know it was an accident.
Every alternate day, you're admitted to the hospital.
And your state is such that even the doctors are shocked.
I'm standing in front of you. I'll believe anything you say.
Even that Dracula comes and sucks your blood.
I'll tell you everything in the car.
So through a photograph you have found that your dad was murdered.
I saw uncle Sunder mixing the pills in the champagne.
You know how crazy it sounds, don't you?
I know.
That's why I'll have to do something.
If uncle Sunder has murdered your dad..
..then we should inform the police.
Why have we come here?
Nobody will believe us.
I want to threaten him and make him spill out the truth.
Bad idea.
You stay here.
Bad idea.
Listen. I'll search upstairs. You search downstairs.
Search for what? -The proof.
In movies, normally a dead body is found in such a situation.
One, two, three.
You should take a closer look at this note.
Hi. -Hi, Happi.
Can I have a quick word with him? -Sure.
Hi, Jai.
You must be Sheila. Happi with an 'I'.
So this was your proof?
Your theory was right.
Uncle Sunder mixed the pills in dad's drink.
How do you know?
What about the suicide note?
Are you fooled by the suicide?
At the moment, all doors are closed. -I don't believe
There is somebody else.
Sheila, I suggest don't let him do anything foolish.
I will try but he won't listen.
That vehicle is tailing us.
Which one?
I'm observing it since the last 10 minutes.
Are you okay? -Don't touch me.
I'm sorry. -Your obsession will kill both of us.
This incident proves that there is somebody..
..who doesn't want me to know the truth.
What price will you pay to know this truth?
Your life, or maybe mine.
I promise you. Nothing will happen to you.
Why don't you forget this photograph nonsense..
..and let the police do their work?
If this is nonsense, then how did I know what happened in the boat?
There is no evidence, Jai. No evidence, no proof.
Just your theories. And, maybe this is your delusion.
What do you think? I've gone mad?
I don't know. Okay.
I just know that along with you I am going mad too.
Why are you so angry?
Because I know that you'll never listen to me.
And you'll again visit that ill-fated photograph..
..or wherever it is that you go.
I'm fed up, Jai.
Okay. I won't do it again.
"My heart has found solace."
"My heart is happy."
"What do I tell you?"
"Now this journey has become easy."
"With you as my life partner."
"My heart has found solace."
"My heart is happy."
"What do I tell you?"
"There is no pity, beloved."
"You're near me."
"There is no pain, no sorrow."
"When your love is with me, everything is fine."
"Somewhat like this."
"Your company is like a prayer answered."
"This moment and this weather is ours."
"Come and lose yourself in my love."
"Somewhat like this."
"My heart has found solace."
"Somewhat like this."
"My heart is happy."
"What do I tell you?"
I really think..
I really am sorry about what's happened.
Am I disturbing you?
Jai, its not what you think.
It's disgusting, Mother.-Please. Please let me explain.
What is there to understand, Mother?
Everything can be clearly seen. -Hang on.
Before uttering any nonsense, listen to me.
Yes. I love your mother. I've always loved her.
But she chose Jatin. And I had to accept this.
Now when dad is dead, you both.. -Quiet.
How dare you, Jai.
I think you both murdered dad. -Again the same nonsense.
This photograph business is driving you insane.
Sheila told you?
You should consult a doctor.
Fantastic. Now he also knows about it.
That's not the case. You're very confused.
Maybe you all are in this together.
But I'll surely know the truth.
And yes.. I'd brought my luggage to live here.
But I guess, it's overcrowded.
Please, Jai.
I had some urgent work. That's why I called you.
Did you murder dad?
You're drunk.
Forget that. Did you do it?
I've asked everyone. Only you were left.
I hope you understand.
Come on, Jai.
Maybe you had arguments with dad regarding business.
Anything is possible.
Maybe you both had a fight and you got angry.
He was like a father figure to me.
More than you, he considered me his son.
I don't understand what to do.
There are so many questions. But no answers.
I can't trust anybody. And nobody can believe me.
Everybody is saying I have gone mad.
What do you think? Have I gone mad?
Nonsense. Listen to me. Stop following ghosts.
Today is my happy birthday. Happy with a 'Y'.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
I called up EPS many times.
They said you haven't come to work since a week.
I needed some time off.
Who will know this better than me?
Your mind is muddled with thoughts.
I want you to meet Bibiji.
She is a renowned person.
Maybe she can help you.
You know..
You too don't believe me.
Going inside the photograph, seeing the past.
Can't digest it.
After all, I'm a police officer.
I too had many problems.
But Bibiji's miracle cured me.
Is Bibiji there?
This photo depicts death.
Can you tell me what this is?
Have I gone mad, or am I seeing things?
The life of a man, is like a journey through pictures.
Many pictures.
Like these tarot cards.
Every picture captures a moment.
Our ancestors would draw pictures on walls..
..and we click pictures.
The motive is still the same.
Capturing the moment.
What has that got to do with me?
You have the power, using which..
..you can use current photographs as a medium..
..to peep into the past.
But how did I develop this power?
There must have been an incident..
..that prompted this power inside you to awaken.
What incident?
Only your past has an answer to this question.
Remember, the more time you spend in the past..
..returning to the present will get difficult. -I know.
If I stay in the past for more than one minute..
..it feels like I barely escaped death.
Be careful, you can lose all means of returning.
What do you mean?
The pictures are your way in and out.
If you are inside the picture..
..and someone destroys it or tears it apart.
Then you will be trapped in there forever.
There's just one thing left to do.
Look for the truth.
Only this picture will reveal the truth.
It ends today. -Damn that Bibiji.
Thanks man, for being with me. -Damn that Bibiji.
Uncle Sunder was not alone. Someone was with him.
We just have to find that out. -I agree.
But what will we do now? -Just wait and watch.
Where do we have to go?
Damn that Bibiji.
What's wrong?
She's the reason, why I ran away.
Hi, Sally.
Look who's back from the dead?
Happi, with an 'I'.
You know you are a scoundrel.
You ran away leaving a girl stranded on the marriage dais.
And that too when I was bearing all the expenses of the marriage.
After convincing my parents..
..that you are not as cheap as you look.
I gathered my entire family scattered all around the world.
Just so that I can spend my entire life..
..with a lousy police officer like you.
Do you want to say something?
I need a favour.
You know I can lose my job for this. -Yes.
I feel like strangling you Habibullah pasha.
Yes, Sally.
God, you frustrate me.
If you need me, I'll be at the nurse's station. -Yes, Sally.
No one will come inside.
She's quite scary. -Not scary, she's very lovable.
Ready. -Yes,
but for what.
Just be ready to transfuse the blood.
When? -When I come back.
From where?
'Stop it Jatin, you have had enough.'
'In the name of that journey..'
'Sunder, another glass, if you please. -Sure. I'll get it.'
'And I'm sorry about what is going to happen.'
'Savitri, I was asked to bring the papers. -I know.'
'It would be too late tomorrow. -It's his decision.'
'We must stop him. -I am not a part of this.'
'You can't just agree with him every time.'
'Help. Help.'
Look, the beep is getting slower.
Is he dead?
Sorry, I called her here.
I thought you are dead.
You would have done the same if you had seen yourself.
Staring with eyes wide open.
Sheila, he's going to do that again. Please stop him.
Please sweetheart.
Just one left.
Either I do it here in the hospital, with everyone.
Or I will do it alone.
But Sweetie, I will do it.
Stop it Jatin, you have had enough.'
'From tomorrow, our new journey will begin.'
'Cheers. -Cheers.'
Sunder, another glass, if you please. -Sure. I'll get it.'
'I'm serving lunch.'
'I'll help you with that, Aunt. -Okay.'
'Adit. -Yes, Uncle.'
No hard feelings. -What are you saying, Uncle?
I was always indebted to you.
'Thanks kid. That's what I was waiting to hear.'
Thank God. -Yes.
We thought..
You have put me in trouble again.
Sally, come let's go.
I know everything now.
I called him.
Hey buddy.
He'll drop you home.
I have some urgent work to attend to.
I will have to leave.
Go on.
I am not going anywhere, sweety.
I'll be right back.
So you know.
You couldn't stop meddling, isn't it?
Why did you do it?
Money, Jai.
That's the most obvious answer.
Adit, help Jai to the wheel chair. -Sure, Sheila.
Come on, buddy.
I am going to help you.
I'll keep this.
Did we get an answer to our questions?
Nothing at all.
Did you ever miss me? -Yes, Sally.
God, you frustrate me. -Yes, Sally.
You came back when you needed a favour. -Yes, Sally.
You should think about me as well. -Yes, Sally.
Let's meet on Saturday. -Yes, Sally.
Get some rest, I'll see you later.
Bye sweetheart, see you later, okay.
Bye, thanks so much. -My pleasure.
Time for a joyride, buddy.
Don't try to act smart like you just did in the lift.
Now we'll get into the car, take care of business.
And you, my friend, will be a good boy.
What do you think, you won?
The game is not over yet.
Are you fine? -Stop him.
'This picture depicts death.'
'Some incident.'
'What happened, Jai?'
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. You are not in danger now.
He was here the entire night.
Didn't leave you alone for a moment.
Did you catch Adit? -No, he disappeared.
Office, house, bank accounts.
He took everything, and left.
Don't worry?
He can't run far.
Are you happy now?
It's not over, is it?
Hello uncle.
One day, Jatin called us all for a meeting.
'I called everyone here for a special reason.'
'I have an announcement to make.'
'I am going to transfer everything in the name of EPS.'
Savitri, Sunder, Adit and I, as the shareholders..
..would incur huge loses because of this decision.
'That's not fair.-Why, Jatin?'
We were trying to stop him.
As the majority shareholder, this is my decision to make.
I was hoping that Savitri would help us.
But Mother wouldn't agree.
She always wanted to take father's side.
Oh, so that's what you were telling mother that day?
'Jatin asked me to get the papers that day.'
But before he could sign them..
Don't worry, his last wish is being fulfilled.
Now the company is in Savitri's name.
And now, she's going to do what Jatin wanted.
Today, the entire wealth will be transferrd in the name of EPS.
Today? -Sheila, gave all the papers to Savitri.
And whoever murdered dad for the Canoil deal, he can..
Oh my God, mom.
So suddenly, without informing.
Your timing is perfect.
I was about to sign on the agreement.
I am very happy today.
At last Jatin's dreams will be fulfilled.
Come on.
A toast. In the name of life.
Pick up the phone, mother.
Mom. No, Mom.
Up in the attic.. Father..
Please stay with mom in the hospital.
- I need to take care of something. - I'll stay with her, don't worry.
Hi baby, what's up? -Where are you?
Going home, from the office. Why?
Get out of there, you are not safe. Go home.
What do you mean? -Sheila, it's not over.
I have to do something.
Jai, when will this end.
Try to understand, I know everything now. Okay.
I'll see you at home, bye. -Bye.
Please don't tell me.
I hope your useless friend won't deceive me again.
I'll make sure that doesn't happen.
But please, I need your help.
This is an adrenaline injection.
You will regain consciousness instantly.
But remember, you can even lose your life.
Thank you.
Hello, Happi. -Sally called.
I hope it isn't about those pictures again. -Yes.
The truth was always right in front of my eyes..
..but I could never see it.
Congratulations. Will you explain me this new theory.
Dad wanted to show me that.
On the boat, I saw..
Dad saw someone else on the boat other than those four.
But when the entered the pictures the first time..
..I came out without knowing the entire truth.
Jai, you should stop doing this.
It can be fatal. -This is the last time.
Partner, that's what you said the last time.
Even Sally thinks it's too risky.
Happi, listen Don't deceive Sally again. -I won't.
But please listen to me, it is very risky.
Bye. -Partner.
'Cheers. -Cheers.'
'I am serving food. -I'll help you with that, Aunt.'
You have greatly helped me in this. 'way in and out of it.'
'The photos are your only way in and out of
'If you are inside, and someone destroys it..
..or eradicates it, you'll be trapped inside forever.
An incident, that provoked..
..this power inside you to awaken.'
'The answer lies in your past.'
'What happened, Jai?'
'What happened?'
'Why are you quiet?'
'Tell me something.'
'What happened, Jai?'
'Where is Jeet?'
'What happened with Jeet?'
'Jai. Jai.'
'There are some treatments.. -We've tried everything, Doctor.'
'There's an extreme method.'
'But normally I don't recommend it to anyone.'
'Get rid of all of Jeet's memorabilia.'
'His clothes, his toys.'
'And especially, his photographs.'
'I don't know how he's related to it.'
'But keep these photographs away from him.'
'There shouldn't be anything than can remind him of Jeet.'
'If possible, you should leave this city as well.'
'We have a vast business in Canada.'
'Why don't we shift there?'
Hello, Brother.
Same to same.
Switch that off.
I wish Jai could see this.
Thanks to Bibiji, my work got lot easier.
No knives or gun.
Just set a photograph on fire. And he's dead.
Are we ready baby? -Absolutely, darling.
We are completely ready for the switch.
And we are going around and around and around
Just imagine, I am Jai Puri.
The sole and sad inheritor of millions of Canoil company.
God, you are brilliant Jeet.
No Jeet. No Jeet, get into the habit of calling me Jai..
After so many years, Brother.
And I thought you died because of me.
That's what you wanted.
That was an accident.
No, I want that life back which you snatched from me.
You said he's dead.
I checked his breath a minute ago.
Should have checked properly.
What do you mean, I should have checked properly.
And you left a loaded gun by his side. How stupid.
Just shut up. -Shut up.
Why did you do this, Sheila?
Stop this emotional crap, Jai.
I love Jeet, and I always have.
What you and your family did with him..
And I loved you. -I know, sweetheart.
You loved me, protected me.
You wanted to marry me as well.
Well done.
Hi, Happi. What's up?
Jai isn't picking up his phone.
I? he fine? -Yes, why?
He's sleeping.
No.. He said he'll be entering the picture again.
Sorry, I didn't understand?
Happi, everything is fine.
No, but Jai said
Oh my God.
I am sorry, Happi.
He said if I tell you anything he will kill Jai.
Happi, I am Jai.
Don't believe him. -Happi, I am Jai.
No he's lying, I am Jai.
Happi, he shot me. Look.
No, don't be fooled by him, Happi.
He's lying. I am Jai -Help me Happi.
Jai. -Shut up.
Sheila. You tell me. -No.
Yes. Jai.
I am Jai, Happi.
Okay. Put down the gun. -No Happi, he's lying.
They are both in this together.
Fine, if we are together.
Then why don't we go to the police and decide this?
Fair enough.
He's putting up a charade.
Don't provoke me to shoot you.
Come on.
Hands at your back.
Trust me, you are doing the wrong thing.
Don't deceive Sally again.
Don't deceive Sally again.
Jai. Sheila..
Sorry Sally..
It's time for you to go meet dad, Jai.
If you wanted to take my place then why wait until now?
Sheila, shall I tell Jai everything? -Of course.
Part one, I had to associate Adit in the plan..
..because you need finance for every plan.
Adit, this is Jeet.
He thought we needed a scapegoat.
Uncle Sunder was a greedy bastard.
It didn't take us long to convince him.
But that day, when he thought you were me..
..everything was about to be ruined.
He had to go.
I enjoyed strangling him to death.
Part two. -Making you fall in love with me.
And that was very easy.
Whether you believe it or not, we both think alike.
Part three, I started learning every thing you did.
The way you eat, the way you sleep, the way you do everything.
Even the way you breathe.
It took a lot of effort.
But slowly, Jeet became Jai.
Now there was only one thing left in the plan.
To replace real Jai.
Everything was going fine.
But one day, suddenly dad decided..
..that he'd transfer the entire wealth, my wealth..
To your environment company.
We had to change the plan.
Adit stole the blood pressure tablets.
I went on the boat, cut the railing.
You know all that.
I hid there and watched everything.
So that nothing goes wrong now.
Plan came back on track.
And, dad died before he could transfer the company,
And as if that wasn't enough our mother..
..the pious woman decided to fulfil our father's last wish.
Jai. -No, Mother.
It's me, Jeet.
Tell me Jai, is that fair.
I have been wronged, isn't it?
Sweetie, will you help me with this?
I'll come back.
Goodbye, Brother.
"The night, the ambience"
"The river banks, the capricious breeze."
No more meeting slyly.
Let's go home now, all right.
I'll go get the champagne.
Don't force me to kill her, Jeet.
Drop your gun.
Damn it Jai, why don't you die?
I know you have been wronged.
Thank you.
You did enough justice by saying this.
I want my life back.
I want my life back.
You snatched it from me.
Brother, give me a chance please.
Please. Listen to me.
Whatever happened in our childhood, was an accident.
I didn't want to hurt you back then, nor do I want to today.
Brother, I am on your side.
See, no tricks.
I have found my brother after so many years.
I don't want to lose him again.
It's too late. -It's not.
The truth will always remain between us.
And there is no evidence, Brother.
Just me entering the photographs.
And no one believes in it, you know that.
We can live together again.
We can be family. - Shoot him Jeet.
Just think, Brother.
Jeet, what are you doing?
Put the gun down.
Jeet, shoot him. -Please, listen to me.
Jeet, shoot him.
Brother, can everything be fine? -Of course.
We can stay as a family. -Of course.
Family. Jeet, shoot him.
This story didn't have to end like this.
Don't do this to me.