MWC: Microsoft debuts Windows Phone 7 Series

Uploaded by networkworld on 15.02.2010

Microsoft fired its latest shot on Monday against competitors like Apple and Google
in the battle for the cell phone software market.
Windows Phone 7 Series, unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, will be on phones
by the end of the year and is a complete rewrite of the Windows Mobile operating system.
Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft "I'm enthusiastic about the direction in which
we're heading. It's a step, it's a big step but togther inside Microsoft and the best
talent we have a chance to work with at companies like AT&T and Orange, I think we really have
a chance to have a major impact on the market."
Windows Mobile has been showing its age in recent years, something alluded to by Ballmer
during the news conference, and with the new version Microsoft has given it a completely
new look.
The home screen consists of "live tiles," dynamic icons that update automatically with
information gathered form the Internet or the user's behavior. Five of the tiles lead
to what Microsoft calls hubs -- menu areas that collect together data based around functions,
not applications.
For example, the people hub consolidates phone contacts, friends on Facebook and Windows
Live, e-mail addresses and information about these people. Phone numbers, mail addresses
and social media status updates.
Another hub does the same for images.
JoeBelfiore, Vice President, Windows Phones "I'm going to touch the pictures tile right
here and navigate in. And this part of the hub is the gallery, where I can view all of
the pictures that are available for me to view on my phone. I'm going to pan to the
right, and the phone has picked the latest gallery of pictures that I have synced from
my PC or that I have taken with the phone camera so they are available for quick viewing.
I'm going to pan to the right and again, a what's new feed that shows all of the activity
of my friends as it relates to photos."
Other hubs include Office for productivity apps, games, an online marketplace and music
and video.
JoeBelfiore, Vice President, Windows Phones "Every Windows 7 Series phone will be a Zune.
And it will work just like Zune HD and it will give you a full, rich way of syncing
your content onto your device and consuming it."
Microsoft said it's working with several device makers on handsets based on the new operating
system and also cooperating with several network operators. The first phones should be available
by the end of the year.
With unprecedented competition in the cell phone software space the new operating system
has been seen by some as something of a make-or-break move for Microsoft.
Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft "There's no doubt that this phone market is
a, highly competitive; b, high dynamic, and c, super exciting. And there's not question
in our minds, as we go back a couple of years, that we needed and wanted to do some things
that were out of the box, clearly differentiated from our past and, hopefully you'll agree,
clearly differentiated from other things going on in the market."
At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this is Martyn Williams, IDG News Service.