Window Film

Uploaded by Menards on 18.04.2011

If you’re looking for a smart and inexpensive way to save energy in your home,
then stay tuned to this episode of Around The House and I’ll show you how to install Gila window films by Solutia.
It’s an easy do-it-yourself project and you can find everything you need at your local Menards.
Before you begin, make sure that you are working with a standard 1/8 inch single pane glass window
that’s not frosted, etched, cracked, flawed or defective in any way.
You also want to be sure that the temperature is between 45 to 90 degrees
and the window you’re working on is not in direct sunlight during installation.
Some common household tools you’ll need are a tape measure…
scissors… a rubber squeegee… transparent tape… a single-edged razor blade…
a straight edge… window cleaner… and a permanent marker.
Be sure to pick up a complete application kit by Gila along with your window film...
this kit includes application solution… a trim tool… a hard card… and a low lint cloth.
The first thing you need to do is remove or tie back drapes
and make the area as dust free as possible by closing all windows and turning off any fans.
Begin the installation process by measuring your window pane from top to bottom and from left to right.
Once you have your measurements, unroll the film onto a clean flat surface.
Starting from the factory edge measure out your windows length and width adding an extra inch to each measurement.
Then mark the film using a permanent marker and straight edge. Next, cut out your pieces and set aside.
Before installing the film, generously spray the window with the application solution provided.
Scrape the entire glass surface carefully, removing stubborn dirt or paint…and use special care when cleaning the corners.
Next, re-spray the window and squeegee the window clean using overlapping strokes.
To wipe off accumulated dirt and moisture on the window gaskets and frame use the soft cloth provided.
If your window is especially dirty or greasy use a standard glass cleaner before using the provided solution.
Now we can get ready to install the film on the window.
You’ll need clean hands for this part so you don’t smudge fingerprints on the film.
To determine which side of the film is the liner, use two pieces of tape as shown
to pull the pieces apart to separate the clear liner away from the adhesive side of the film.
Do not remove the clear liner entirely…leave the tape strips in place and move on to the next step.
Generously spray the inside surface of the window with a mist of the application solution.
Next, hold up the film by the two top corners with the liner side facing you. Have a helper spray the solution on the film…
then flip the film around and have your helper pull the liner
diagonally downward while spraying the adhesive side of the film.
Be sure to maintain a firm grip on the top corners so the liner can be pulled down and away smoothly.
Next, have your helper spray the entire exposed surface of the film
and window surface with a uniform mist of application solution.
Then carefully lay up the wet film to the wet glass. Align the factory edge with the top window edge,
keeping the film level with the outer edges overlapping the frame. The wet film will flow smoothly onto the glass.
Use the squeegee tool to firmly squeegee the center of the wet film from top to bottom to set it in place.
Then, start at the top and squeegee horizontally pushing, not pulling, from the center to one side,
stopping short about two inches from the glass edge.
Repeat on the other side.
Use the provided hard card to press the film into the corners.
Next, place your trim tool along the window frame or edge gasket at an upper corner.
As you pull the cutter down and away from the corner to trim away the excess film,
you should be pressing it lightly directly toward the glass and outwardly toward the frame.
When you’ve finished trimming the excess film spray the pane again with application solution…then re-squeegee.
Finally, wrap your hard card with the provided low lint cloth to push out any
remaining moisture along the edges and gaskets.
Rotate the towel to a dry section for better absorption after every few strokes.
Wipe the window clean using the low lint cloth.
After a few hours of drying spray the pane very lightly with the application solution and dry once more.
In seven to 10 days your film will be fully cured and you’ll be pleased with the finished look.
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