UNBOXING: Elago S4 Glide Case for iPhone 4/4S [HD]

Uploaded by Techfa on 27.07.2012

Hey Guys, Techfa here and today I will be Unboxing
The Elago S4 Glide Case for the iPhone 4 and 4S.
This Case is the 'Soft Feeling Grey' version.
Where it will include a complete protection for the whole device.
and Also a hard shell construction.
So Yeah, Let's get Going.
The Case costs 23 Dollars in the US, which you can get off Amazon.
The Link will be down Below.
OK, So Here is the Case
The Box, Packaging.
Outside, here's the back and here's the front.
From First Thoughts, The case feels durable
and Really Hard. Which is Good.
OK, The Slide Case. So, All you have to do is put your device in
and Just slide the bottom in as well.
This is Techfa and later on you will see the Review.
Also, not the mention. Inside the Box comes with
A Spare Sliding Piece
Of the Bottom of the Case.
Which Is in the Same Color as here, Grey.
It also comes with few documents
This I believe is a Screen Film Protector, Which is a screen protector basically.
and an Advertisement for the other product.
Other than that, there is a Microfiber Cloth
Which you can use to clean the case.