Ninety Tutorial - Red Bull SPINKINGS Academy Episode 4

Uploaded by RedBullMusic on 14.05.2012

Today we'll do the "ninety", or also called "ninety-nine", as you know this is my specialty. It's my favorite power move.
Very important for the ninety is the start. Legs wide open, pose like a superhero.
Ok it's a joke! When you lean on your left arm on the floor your right leg goes up.
So I lean, I raise my right leg. As soon as the leg is over the ground, I lean on my right arm and at the same time the left leg goes up.
Step one: left arm, wide open legs, one, two, three, four
one, two, three, four.
It's a very fast movement: Pum, pum, pum, um, left, right, left, right, ok?
Try top repeat it many times trying to feel the circle, the rotation, Ok?
Start, I rise my right leg, I lean on my right arm, I rise the left one, I close the legs, head down.
There are three steps: One, two, close. It's very important that you spin on this spot.
As soon as I touch the floor with the right arm I look for the position, boom, I block it.
While spinning, my hand is here. It's not here. If you keep your hand outwards you find it hard to keep your balance.
By this way, I have just the legs which control the spinning and as quick as I close them quickly I become fast
The start gives you the energy and the right push. And then I try to keep with the legs open