Tips & Techniques For Acoustic Amplifiers : What is Reverb & How it Works: Acoustic Amplifiers

Uploaded by expertvillage on 19.01.2008

On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Jim Dufresne and I'm here to talk about amplifiers.
Let's talk about another effect we could use on our guitar, is we could add a little bit
of reverb. We haven't talked about reverb as an effect yet. That sounds pretty good.
For an acoustic guitar, you don't want to use too many effects. Once in a while you
can probably use Chorus, an outboard equalizer is okay to help you solve any kind of equalization
problems, you might have feedback or room acoustics, or certain guitar acoustics. You
can use the equalizer as an effect itself. It gives you that nice John Lennon sound.
John Lennon used to use a mid-range peak a lot, to give him that telephone sound, like
someone's talking on the telephone. Let's see what this thing sounds like with just
a real high EQ on it. Okay, no bottom, but that's not too bad. Remember, PA systems and
bass amps and acoustic guitar amps are made to be high fidelity systems, that are made
to reproduce sounds faithfully. Guitar amplifiers are an instrument to themselves. They color
the sound greatly.