Ordering Goseiger figures from CS Toys!

Uploaded by MMPRtoys on 04.03.2011

» Ladies and gentlemen, you are watching MMPRtoys!
» (Whispering:) Mia’s got her headphones on.
I can do some ordering from CS Toys.
Right, Mia?
Okay, good. For some reason, I never got the Goseiger vinyls.
I shall get those now!
(Normal voice:) Alright, proceed to checkout.
» ♪ [Rock music] ♪
♪ [Music fades out] ♫
» BRUNO: Pink Ranger.
Yellow. Blue.
Gosei Knight. Black.
Power-up Red Ranger.
And regular Red Ranger.
» ♪ [Music resumes] ♪
» BRUNO: Oh, seriously?
How about you? Yes.
I thought these were, like, limited edition and sold out.
Huh. What about you?
Look at that! What about you?
Yes! » ♪ [Music ends] ♫
» Huh, they all came with the cards. I wasn’t expecting that.
I thought that was like a limited edition thing that went away like a year ago.
Yay, I have all the cards now. Hooray!
Thanks, Mr. S!