Purdue team submits world record claim for Rube Goldberg Machine

Uploaded by PurdueUniversity on 28.03.2011

>> In 3, 2, 1.
And into the Big Bang we go.
Fires out to the band gun.
Fires a frog which then evolves into the salamander, climbing,
releasing the pterodactyl, [inaudible] stops,
killing the dinosaurs, sending us back into the time stream,
back into Ice Age, sending the Cave Man into the Stone Age,
releasing Stonehenge and then into the Biblical Flood.
Ancient Egypt as the pyramid rises, into the Roman aqueducts,
where the water flows -- takes a little time --
into the Medieval era.
So there Columbus goes, falls off the edge of the Earth,
jousting into World War II.
Tank assembly, so non-assembled tank into tank assembled.
Plane flies across, bombs the machine.
World War II, so now we take a record, flip the record,
right into the CO2 tank, CO2 rocket for the moon, and boom,
right into the Cold War steps, so knock down the Berlin Wall.
So Darth Vader, Bob Barker, Toy Story and the Three Horsemen.
So into the server, loose stream of death,
goes into the final apocalypse.
[ Sirens ]
>> It is still going.
[ Applause ]