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Good evening ladies and gentlemen.
It's been thirteen years since Pro TV has started helping people in need.
I must say that we feel and you all feel generous this time of year.
But it isn’t enough to just say it, we must take action as well.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery said “When you give yourself, you receive more than you give”.
Tonight we begin once a again the “Give and win” campaign and our first story is a truly disturbing one.
It is the story of Kassandra.
A little girl of only 4 years old, but one who has been through a terrible ordeal.
Her grandmother, if we can call her that, has abused her ever since she was abandoned by her mother.
After being burned with cigarettes, badly beaten and nearly starved to death
she was taken at the local hospital and saved by doctors.
Afterwards she was placed in the care of a loving family, who gladly took her in.
You will find out all about it in the images that follow.
Kassandra is just now, at the age of four, finding out what it means
to have a family who loves and takes care of you.
Dana Rotariu, the wife of former soccer player and current assistant manager for FC TIMISOARA Iosif Rotariu,
for her as she would her own child.
You might say that she saved from certain death when she took her out of the hospital.
>> Dana Rotariu: She was very underweight and I understood from the doctor
that she had 24 surgical interventions. She was beaten and abused.”
She who now became her adoptive mother remembers how she cried
when the little girl begged her in a soft voice: “Will you take me home?”
“And I said yes I will". I couldn’t leave her there, I wanted her to have a normal family
and eventually to make her better.“
As if she had not suffered enough,
Kassandra also has a disease which slowly grinds her bone structure.
Her adoptive parents took her to several foreign clinics
where she had numerous surgical interventions.
She slowly started moving her head and neck, we could pick her up.
Kassandra now enjoys the benefits of having two parents and a little brother,
she can finally able to experience snow, play with toys and feel pampered.
Just this year she found out that there was a Santa Clause
and she asked her new mother to write down her wishes.
>> Kassandra: I wish that I could get better and to have my bones put back
and for Christmas a little Barbie doll…
Her adoptive family and Romanian doctors have sent letters to hospitals
throughout Europe so they can find out where can they operate on Kassandra.
They worry tough, because the cost of those operation rises up to several thousand euros.
Money that her new parents trying to raise.
>> Kassandra: Santa Claus with white hair. He arrived in snow banks.
Bringing plenty gifts to little boys and girls.
I have here with me Mrs. Dana Rotariu and Kassandra as well.
Good evening and welcome.
Mrs Rotariu, in short, what has determined you in these economically troubled times to adopt Kassandra?
Her life is gift from God and I just couldn’t leave her there.
So you and your husband were very moved when you saw her there?
Yes, we had to do something
I understand. And how is the little girl feeling being part of your family?
Well, we hope that she is very happy now. We did all we could to put her on her feet.
Kassandra has taught us that anything is possible and that miracles can happen.
Now let us hear what the little angel has to say. Good evening little angel.
How are you? Has mommy been good to you?
And are you happy at home with mommy and daddy?
Yes I am.
Well done love, I wish you all the best.
Is Santa coming?
You know Santa, sometimes, gets here early for children who have been very good.
Madam, you have also adopted a six year old boy and have two children of your own.
I assume that you feel the same way about Kassandra as you do for the others, correct?
Exactly, we are one big happy family.
I am absolutely convinced. And what about the husband.
Everyone asked me, at first, what did your husband say and I said he is even happier.