Julian Assange Rape Claims Explained

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But I don't want a guy to go to jail or to be silenced for something he
didn't do
Again, I support him
He's a romantic guy
But I want you to look into the crime that he committed to warrant an
international manhunt
This whole thing is not sitting right
Assange is under investigation for sex by surprise
What's that?
Well, apparently this is Sweden's version of rape, sexual molestation
and unlawful coercion
There are separate allegations from another Swedish admirer who he was
also hooking up with
As I go through this, I'm gonna' try to es- it's confusing, but I want you
to try and follow this along with me
and then ask yourself this question:
Does this make sense?
And if this were done by you, would you be getting the same attention
that, y'know, that he's getting?
Would you not be let out?
Watch this:
Why don't we call her woman number one?
She met Assange at a seminar hosted by the Swedish Brotherhood Movement
So he's speaking at this seminar and she's there
Eh, woman number one has also had a blog posting
that has since been removed
called "The Seven Steps to Legal Revenge" that explain how a woman can
use courts
to get their, ahh,
to get back on unfaithful lovers
Step seven says:
"Go to it and keep your victim in sight
Make sure your victim suffers just as you did"
He was invited to be the key speaker at the seminar on war and the role of
the media
This is about the time when Assange was threatening to release more
confidential documents
So, woman number one
agrees to let Assange stay at her apartment leading up to the event
She says,
"I'm gonna' be gone for a few days"
Well, it didn't work out that way
She was staying
with some friends and he was staying at the apartment
And he was staying at the apartment
Well, on a Friday, she decides to come home early
And he says,
"Well, I'm gonna' have to leave because you're here now"
And she says,
"No, no, no - you can go ahead and stay"
So they go out for a nice dinner at a restaurant
Spark flew, they go back to the apartment
and they get busy
Consensual business
And, this is important to the story, so I apologise, a condom was used, but
it broke
Both agree that it was consensual and that the condom broke
That's important
Now she claims that she was raped
Because it doesn't show here
And here's why I say that
Because the very next evening she put together a party
in honour of him
At the apartment
That was held after the seminar
Got it?
The next day Assange speaks at the seminar
Now, he's introduced by a Swedish social democrat
who defended the actions of WikiLeaks as upholding international law
So he's surrounded by friends
Assange gives his speech and everything went as planned
Well, almost
There's one person there that he couldn't miss
One attractive, young, adoring female fan,
who sat right in the front row, caught his eye during the seminar
Here's the seminar
And here she is.
Now, remember, he's at the seminar with woman number one staying at woman
number one's house
and he sees woman number two at the seminar
Now, apparently, she attended the seminar because she was a fan of
I mean, what 20-something wouldn't be just an uber-fan of Julian Assange?
He's famous
He's rich
He's good looking
Okay, he's famous
I mean, one out of three ain't bad
Well, actually, it's pretty terrible
But this is woman number two
And here's where things get a little murky:
there are conflicting sources here, but woman number two is allegedly
hanging around after the speech by the stage trying to catch his eye
and, they do
Well unfortunately they don't really talk
but these two start to talk
They start to chat, woman number one and woman number two
I mean, what are the odds?
Woman number one introduced woman number two to Assange
and says,
"Hey, you really should meet her. Even though we just had sex, you should
meet her."
Well, they end up hanging out in a group setting
after some flirting, Assange and woman number two make a breakthrough and
they go to a movie together
leaving woman number one here
He must be really good, because again sparks fly and Assange says,
"You are HOT. You're great. We should continue this, BUT I've got to run
over to woman number one's house because she's hosting a party for ME."
Hosted by the woman he slept with
the night before
woman number one
So woman number two is left at the movie theatre
He promises to contact woman number two real soon
and heads off to the party
woman number one's house
Remember, woman number one supposedly had been raped the night before but
here she is organising a party in his honour
Now, who hasn't thrown a party for the guy who just raped you?
But she had such a good time that evening
that she tweeted during the party
"Sitting outside nearly freezing with the world's coolest people
it's pretty amazing."
To me, this doesn't exactly fit the profile of someone who's been sexually
assaulted by guy number one
While she tweeted that, Assange was flirting with woman number two on his
cell phone
Well eventually they meet, again, that Monday
Woman number two and Julian Assange
And Julian actually convinces her to buy him a train ticket because he
needs to get out of the city but he needs cash because he fears the
government would track him
So, she says,
"Okay, but I've gotta' go to my apartment and get the cash."
Which is lucky because at her apartment they can have sex
And they have sex
Consensual sex
And Assange wears a condom
The next morning, they have sex again
"Where did I put that money?
This time, however, no condom
And there's the problem again
Woman number two is so upset by this rape, that she decides to go breakfast
with the man who just raped her
You see?
After breakfast, Assange heads out
She pays for his train ticket to leave
Okay, if this account is true then both parties apparently agree the sex
was consensual
which doesn't make much of a case here
Where's the crime?
Well, Sweden is a little different
It is "sex by surprise"
Didn't have a condom!
Well, there wasn't much of a crime there that's why the case was closed
in August
So the woman brought in a high-profile social democrat attorney
Waitaminute -
He's a supporter of the campaign to extend the legal definition of rape
As a result of him being brought in, in September the case was re-opened by
Now here's where things get sketchy!
Regret begins to set in with woman number two
Woman number two is the one who contacted the attorney
But woman number two, also, she's regretting it, and of all the people in
the world, if you're going to tell someone about rape or something
Your Mom
Your Dad
Your brother
Your sister
Your best friend
No. No. No.
She decides to call woman number one
And woman number one and woman number two - they realise when they started
"He doesn't love me!
He's a liar!
He's a dirtbag!"
A few days pass
(I mean, why act right away?)
After the revelation that he didn't love them, and that's when the two
women took action
And the two women now, because two women claiming this is so much better
than one,
they went together to the police to report that they were seeking
on how to proceed with an assault claim
Woman number two claimed she was upset that Assange had refused to wear a
condom when she asked
And, eh, I dunno', woman number one said that she was raped in-between the
party and the breakfast
I dunno', I dunno'
Does that sound right to you?
I want you to know
I am defending Assange
I think he's a romantic guy