How to install programs in a netbook without an external disc drive

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In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to install programs in your netbook
without the need for an external disc drive.
All that you're going to need is just a
desktop computer or a laptop that already has a disc drive and is running Windows.
So, let me show you what we are doing.
Okay, I have a CD in my CD drive and what I'm going to do
is make my netbook read the content of this CD from this computer.
By connecting to this computer and taking the information from it.
The first step to make this work is to make sure that both the computer
that has the CD and the netbook are in the same network.
If both of them are connected to the same router, they're probably in the same network.
So, you're probably—if that is your case, you're probably all right.
The second thing that you need to do is to enable "file sharing" in the
computer has the CD.
To do that go to the start menu: "Control Panel",
Click "Network and Internet",
"Network and Sharing Center",
and enable the option that says, "File Sharing".
Click this thing and select, "Turn on file sharing".
and then click "Apply".
It's going to ask you if you want to continue. Click, "Continue".
And... There you go.
Now, if you're computer is not password protected,
—that means—it doesn't ask you for a password when you boot up the computer,
then you need to disable this option over here.
Otherwise the other computer won't be able to open the CD.
Because—what is going to happen is, when you try to access the computer
it's going to ask you for a password.
And if you leave it blank, it's just going to fail.
So, just disable this...
My computer doesn't have a password, so I'm going to have to disable it
to show it to you.
Okay. Once that is done we can close this
and go back to "Computer".
Right click on the drive that you want to use with your netbook,
and select the "Share" option.
Click, "Advanced Sharing".
Click, "Continue".
And check this box up here.
The very top one that says, "Share this folder".
Then you're going to have the choice to give a name to the drive
—I'm going to call it, "Disc Drive".
And before I click, "OK", I'm going to check permissions
and make sure that "read" is allowed.
Okay—It is. So, I'm just going to click, "OK".
And going to click, "OK", again.
And close.
Okay. So, that is all you need to do in the computer with the CD.
And now you need to go to the netbook.
Okay. So, this is my netbook and what you need to do here
is go to "Start" menu and opem "Computer".
Okay. Right click anywhere and select the option,
"Add a network location".
Okay. A wizard will pop up. Just click, "Next".
Select, "Choose a custom network location", and click, "Next".
Now, here, press "Browse".
And, you will have to wait a few seconds for the computers in the
network to appear here.
Okay. The CD Drive is in my desktop computer.
So, I'm going to open that one up,
select it, and press, "OK".
I'm going to click, "Next".
And here I can choose a name. I'm just going to call it, "Disc Drive".
And click, "Select". And now we are finished.
Now, there are some disadvantages with this method that I just showed you.
The first one is that when you put a CD or DVD in your computer,
It won't auto-load here.
You actually have to go inside the folder, and open the executable file.
Another problem is that if you're installing a game,
the game will install, but when you're trying to actually boot up the game,
it's going to ask you to insert the CD, and it won't work because
it just doesn't recognize this as a CD unit.
And when you're playing DVD's, you cannot
—some DVD's just won't let you see them this way.
But other than that, it works perfectly for everything else.
So, let's see if this work. Let's actually open the "exe" file
and see what comes up.
Just click, "Run".
And as you can see it takes a little bit.
You have to keep in mind that the information is going through the network.
And it takes a little bit of time.
And if you have a lot of traffic in your network, it's going to take even longer.
But... Here we go.
We can install all these programs... Let's see...
Let's just try anything.
Okay—so... It works.
I hope you found this tutorial useful.
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