Mega Man Legends 2 Abridged: 04 - Falling With Style

Uploaded by TauVertex on 20.04.2012

[Narr] -After obtaining a dropship from a mysterious man resembling Roll's father,
our heroes lose no time preparing for the journey to the island,
where they hope to stop a massive airship with NO functional engines
from crashing.
Yeah, good luck with that, kids.
[M] -Roll, why are we doing this again?
I mean, it's not like a have a better idea,
but this whole thing seems pretty ridiculous,
Maybe it'd be a good idea to stop and think it through a bit more.
...also, this thing smells funny.
...Roll? R--
{CRUNCH} ...Ow... [N] -Well THAT went better than expected.
What dangers await Rock in this desolate land of snow and ice?
Stay tuned and find out! [M] -This is really gonna suck...
{♫ Theme ♫}
{Captioned by Chiz}
[M] -Expedition Log, Day 1.
It's been...5 minutes since I landed on this island,
and morale is already extremely low.
A crisis like this brings to mind the great words of Napoleon Bonaparte,
'Sacré bleu! Why is this place so cold?!'
Oh, what do we have here? [Poh moaning]
Aww, it's okay--
[L4D Witch Screams] You try to do the right thing,
You try to be a nice guy, but NO,
some people are just WAY too sensitive, ya know what I'm saying?
I think you know what I'm saying.
[Wolf] -TURN BACK! -...hello?
-For a great evil rests on this island!
Things that go...GRRR!
-Yeah, cool, can you tell me the way to the centre of the island, please?
-Oh, it's just past the monkey by the giant elephant.
RUN! -Hey, thanks a lot!
-Wait, did you just say...
Monkey...? -Greetings my friend!
-Uh...Hi. ...Have you seen any...elephants...?
{Explosion} [Rush Mammoo] -Oh, you kids these days!
Think you can just walk ALL over me,
interrupt my nap, and take my stuff, do you?!
-Hey, what's that thing up there...?
-You pay attention!
MY generation knew how to show RESPECT!
I'm SO angry with you, I'm gonna--
WHOA nelly! {Wet farting}
{Music slows to halt} [Prosec.Blue] -A fart joke? Really?
[TauVertex] -Come on, you saw that attack, it had to be done.
[PB] -No. No it didn't.
First the lifeforce joke, and now this?
So much for having class... {Music starts back up}
[RM] -You know what they say about elephants, boy...
They ALWAYS forget...
and I'm about to forget YOU ever existed!
-Don't you mean 'Elephants NEVER forget'?
-Don't interrupt me! -Aren't you more mammoth than elephant?
-What did I tell you about respect?!
Oh, forget this. I'm leaving!
I'm taking my STORM with me,
AND your dropship!
{Birds chirping} -...okay.
[B] -What were you thinking?! "We'll just fly your airship into the storm!"
"Everything will be just fine!" [VB] -But Barrell, as you can see,
we ARE fine. [Guard 1] -We made it! It's a Christmas miracle!
[G2] -It's not Christmas, stupid! [G1] -Well it should have been...
-Yes...somehow... Didn't we lose our engines?
Barrell! Don't you know about the Entertainment Software Rating Board?
-Uh, no? [N] -Well then, allow me to explain!
There are 4 standard ESRB content ratings!
Everyone, Teen, Mature, and Adults Only.
[Teisel] -What ever happened to K-A?
-Having an airship full of innocent civilians die horribly
is only allowed in games rated 'T' and up.
Your demise would be inappropriate for impressionable young minds,
so the universe compensates as necessary to prevent it!
And that's why your engines are working again.
[T] -That makes about as much sense as an omnipotent narrator.
[N] -I know, right?! [VB] -Ahem.
I used to OWN ESRB!
It was called ESR-VB back then.
-...that doesn't make ANY sense, Werner.
[T] -Never before have I seen such a sight...
magnificent, angelic, pulchritudinous light.
A glory so beautiful, that my senses are numb.
MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS! A bare-naked bum!
[Guard] -We lost the engines again, sir!
-Of course. Strap in everyone, this could get rough.
[Y] Well JUST great.
-We're all gonna die!
We will scream like diminuitive female pre-adolescents!
-Well on the bright side, we finally found Trigger.
It's no wonder we couldn't find him; he doesn't have that handsome mustache anymore.
-Mistress Yuna, would it not be advisable to warn the carbons of the present danger?
-*sigh* No, Gatz. -But, why not?
-BECAUSE that's what we've been doing all this time, with an astonishing lack of results.
No. THEY got themselves into this mess, THEY can get themselves OUT.
-But what about Megaman Trigger?
-Eh, he should remember all of this anyway,
unless he has amnesia or something stupid like that.
Ummm, Gatz? -It appears the carbon vessel is attempting to land.
-Right where we're standing, of course.
To the Yuna-mobile!
-This unit IS the Yuna-mobile... -What did I say about talking in third person?
-Hmfph. There she goes. Completely ignoring me, as usual.
Geetz, does it seem a bit chilly to you?
[Ge] -Mistress Sera, it would appear your clothes have gone missing.
-Isn't that typical. I bet Yuna's responsible, somehow.
[Ge] -Also, it appears Megaman Trigger is having difficulty breathing.
[S] -Hmfph. Also typical.
[VB] ...Pitch up by 2.5 degrees. Start at 50% power and increase gradually.
Ha! You needs good ratings?
[S] -This carbon vessel should suit our needs perfectly.
[Ge] -Good, your orders, Mistress?
-A blanket would be nice.
I don't like this blanket, Geetz. It's rough and scratchy.
Make them give me a new one.
-If you don't like it, you can go naked again.
-Maybe I will!
[B] -Please don't. [VB] -Now as for you...
...the tall one. [S] -Are you saying I'm short?!
-Care to tell me who you are,
and what you were doing inside a floating purple octohedron with a naked teenaged girl?
-I assure you it's not what you think.
-Well you better start explaining then, because I'm about 5 seconds away
from tossing your hammerpants into the brig!
[B] -Just the pants? -Yes.
-I am known as Geetz, and this is Mistress Sera.
We are from the race known as the Ancients,
[B] -Oh, how original! -As for the nudity,
I'm afraid I have no idea. [S] -It was Yuna!
-I don't know, Tron, something about this just doesn't feel right.
[Tr] -He's got an eyeball on his forehead.
-I want to hear every word they say up there!
-To show our thanks for your hospitality,
I have a story to tell. There's a legendary treasure...
-Yes, we know. Great treasure, Mother Load, apparently not on this island.
-Um...yes. Correct.
The treasure you called the 'Mother Load' is, in fact, an immense source of energy
that allowed the Ancients to advance their civilization
beyond all that came before it.
-I've searched my entire life for this treasure;
I've travelled the entire world,
seeking endlessly for even the smallest hint of its whereabouts.
Tell me: where is it?! -In space.
-Oh...I see. -Its location was kept secret.
Four keys were hidden on this planet, that, when brought together,
will reveal the location!
-In space? -In space.
[B] -Two people sealed away on an island for who knows why,
telling us they can make us rich beyond our wildest dreams.
-Hmmm. -I dunno, Werner, this seems kinda fishy.
-Preposterous! These people seem like the epitome of trustworthiness!
I mean, look at them!
Do they look like they would lie to us?
Look at that face!
That is the face of an honest man.
What do you ask in return?
-A better quality blanket. [S] -I want my own room!
-You drive a hard bargain... Wery well. What must we do?
-On delivery, I will give you the locations of the keys,
placed deep within our most complex, heavily guarded underground facilities.
-That sounds like a lot of work...
...Barrell? Why are you staring at my chest...?
-Oh! I was just admiring the buttons on your suit!
They look really nice!
-Why...thank you. I'm glad you think so.
...and, I guess we'll be going.
-My my! The guards have nice buttons too!
Hey look, this one has a little microphone!
{Heavy audio feedback} -Waaaaaugh!
Agh, what are you two doing here?!
-Why, listening, of course. [K] -What are YOU doin' here?
[T] -This is MY room!
[K] -Riiiiight. -So, four keys, eh?
Four keys, four of us.
What do you say, Teisel? -No. Way. NO. WAY.
Last time we worked together, you...
Remember my dad's car?
-I don't think so... -Well then, let me remind you,
Do the words 'Active Volcano' bring back any memories?
-Ahaha, yeah... -You're not coming with us!
-Even if you refuse, I'll just follow you around anyway.
-Argh! You need to get a girlfriend, man!
[Gl] -Hmmm... -Don't worry, Teisel, it'll be fine!
We don't even have a car!
-That is true...
Alright, then. Agreed.
We'll combine our resources and work together to find the keys first,
before Weenie McBlooshur-Face up there.
{mildly giddy} Alright, I've always wanted to say this.
Gang! Let's split up and look for clues!
-See you later, Teisel... [K] -Hey, Bola, it's me...
[T] -Game on, beardy man. [N] -Meanwhile, many miles away...
[RM] -Hmfph! Stupid kid.
{Ticking sound} Wonder what that is...
[PB] -I gotta say, Tau, you've had bad ideas for jokes in the past,
but this has GOT to be an all-time low.
[Tau] -What? It's just a fart joke... -No no no no no.
It is FAR worse than that.
This is a lowering of standards.
X, you're with me on this one, right?
[Xintend.] -I'll be staying out of this one.
[PB] -Wait, where are you going? [X] -I'll be over there. {Door shuts}
[PB] -Here, let's here LordMoonstone's thoughts on the subject.
[PB] -And what about your Team Fortress 2 team?
[TF2 P1] -You need better form.
You need more tongue... [TF2 P2] -Yes, more tongue, more wetness...
{More wet farting noises, giggling}
[TF2 P3] -More liquid!
[PB] -Ugh...guys, this isn't really what I had in mind.
[TF2 P4] -Okay, Tau, you go up to the microphone, pull your cheeks back...
[PB] -No, no, no. Moving on, moving on...
Hey, what about LittleKuriboh?
["LK" as Marik] -Yes! It is I, LittleKuriboh!
[Tau] -That's not LittleKuriboh. ["LK" as Marik] -It is true, LittleKuriboh!
[Tau] -Um, no? ["LK"] -I just thought I'd drop in.
I have heard from a very reliable source,
that Mr. Vertex eats babies.
That's all I have to say, uh...okay. Bye guys.
[Tau] -Okay, Blue, who is this really?
[PB] -Do this again, and you're fired.