RomaHeta 8 - part 3 [English sub]

Uploaded by SotetAG on 17.05.2010

Honda! What is the meaning of this?!
An incubated virus...? No, this is—
I'm detecting some unknown data from Feliciano and his brother, and it's different from the Error!
This isn't infection!
Don't let Feliciano get near the altar!
Feliciano's power is flowing into the altar! At this rate—
Feliciano!! What are you doing?!
Get away from there, Feliciano!
Feliciano! Get away from the altar! At this rate, you will cease to exist!
Feliciano! Get away from there!
... Shit!
Oh, no! Feliciano's termination program has started!
Kiku! Can't you interfere from there?!
I'm trying! But no matter what I do, it's being taken in by Feliciano himself—
Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop!!!
Save the game? - Yes - No
We'll watch your backs. You'd better be grateful.
I collected some protection equipments along the way to the swamp. If you would please take a look...?
I collected some protection equipments along the way to the swamp. If you would please take a look...?
Aw, goddammit... Wang Yao's medicine isn't working, either.
- Hoata! ☆ - Drown in booze - Usual operation
Natalya must be aware that Ivan is infected.
Yeah... So why is she still following him?
... Well...
Maybe she just can't betray him, no matter what.
WHY? Isn't she the one being betrayed?
Haha, Alfred, you're really still a child...
Natalya is Ivan's ally through and through. I don't think she would give up without a fight.
... Either way, it's complicated.
Ahh, it's no good. My head still hurts...
What was that—just now—
What's wrong, Al?
N-no... nothing.
Hey, hang in there!
A few flowers are carefully arranged
You came to see me? There's no one else to protect this place, so I can't go too far, and I was getting really bored.
Well, why don't we play? ... Come here, Natalya.
... Ivan, stand back.
Natalya! Ivan is being controlled by the Error! Even you can see that, right?!
Even so...
I am my brother's ally. As long as my body can move, I will protect him.
... Let's go!
Herbal Medicine (Blue)
Herbal Medicine (Red)
Medical Heal
King Arthur
Musou Ranbu
Al ☆ Phoenix
Angel's Grail
Herbal Medicine (Blue)
High-Quality Healing Potion
Time for Action
Medical Heal
Musou Ranbu
Hoata! ☆
Musou Ranbu
... I—van.......
You did your best, Natalya.
I'll take care of them now, so you just rest, okay?
I was actually a little worried that she'd end up defeating you.
Now it's finally my turn. ... Let's go!
Musou Ranbu
Oh, come on! You guys can't be that weak, can you?
We're doomed, Al! He's too strong...!
Shit! If we're killed here, Ludwig and the others—
Hey, aren't you going to try again? If you won't make the first move, then I will!
I am my brother's ally, not your enemy.
Natalya! Hey, hang in there!!
Francis! Heal her! Hurry, before the Error gets here!
N-Natalya...? Why— What have I done...?
You lowered your guard, Ivan.
We'll help your sister. Don't worry.