Mayan Riviera things to see and do

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cindy and i love to stay at all-inclusive resorts when we travel and i make no apologies
This is a plug for them. They deserve it. It's a phenomenal way to travel when you're airfare,
hotel, food, drinks, accommodations, transfers everything is included.
What happens with that is it gives you a little bit extra money left over for doing other things.
And because today all-inclusive resorts are such an absolute bargain
I mean for a couple hundred dollars extra, there's many tours you can in
where you're staying at and that's something that cindy and i love to do.
So many different things to see and the Yucatan
is abundant with sites from the Mayan ruins like Coba, Chicen Itza, Tulum.
It's got to biosphere . . .
Sian Ka'an biosphere and
there's so many things around. There's lots of
caves and cenotes
Yucatan peninsula is still . . . it's this large peninsula
of limestone and the limestone is porous
therefore underground there are cave systems all over the place and many of these
are huge i mean
Imagine that three of the world's longest case systems are found in the Yucatan Peninsula
One of them i think is something like 40 miles long has some
of the places in the caves
you're out walking on ground in other caves you might be swimming and
snorkeling. They have phenomenal caves for diving. That's one of the things I look forward to trying on the
next trip
into a cave system will be to go
literally underwater not just snorkelling. Snorkeling we've done now.
But to go underwater and go through some of these
caves are all lit up and
film it and see what's in there because
it is phenomenal
i love. it it's
beyond anything i would have imagined and
if you're going into one of these things like this is Aktun Chen.
It's a just a few minutes past the Bahia Principe turn-off
and you go in along
right and
it's maybe five six seven kilometers in
very short distance. Taxi ride is easy to get there
add very inexpensive. The taxi will wait for you while you 0:02:16.459,0:02:18.169 take your tour
and it's an absolutely awesome experience.
All sorts of different creatures you're going to encounter
Again this is a warning if you're going to be one of these things
that these are not sanotized. The caves are not sprayed against insects and bugs
and other things. It is a natural environment so if you're afraid
of insects
there are some HUGE
spiders to be seen in the background
and it can be really. . .
Just take you back. i didn't even know what the heck they were but
there were some huge creatures down there.
And it's awesome! They don't chase you or come after you
You see bats in their natural element
and if you've heard of caves smelling because of bat guano
it doesn't. This cave didn't smell
there was no smell to it but it is very humid because
there's water dripping constantly
and if you can imagine like the surface is about forty or fifty feet above us
and the roots of trees come all the way through this porous limestone
The first time i saw it i thought that was like electric wires coming down.
They come right out from the top of the cave.
It's the root of the trees above -it's forty or fifty feet those roots just
drive themselves through that
but if you keep going through the caves you willing encouvter water
It's very humid that temperature is constant
Very humid. There's many places the water is dripping.
Walking is easy it takes about a half an hour and forty five minutes to walk through
Aktun Chen. and and this is one of the options But there are so many others and
for cindy and i the really exciting one
which was above anything we had anticipated but we wanted to try
is snorkeling in a cave. So on one of our tours went to this cave system
and it is in the middle of a jungle it's like a hole in the ground.
There's a stair you can see they're built stairway down there
There's a generator because no town around this, there's no house
It's just in the middle of a jungle
You arrive there they pull the crank on the generator, it fires up gives the lights under
the ground
and now you descend down through the stairs
you get down there
Gets ready with your snorkel gear and jump into the water
The water was not cold
although i will say that it was
cooler than some of the other water
that we have encountered like even at the outside cenote but it is not cold.
I spent probably about
half an hour forty five minutes in the water
and i i didn't feel cold i could stayed in there for another hour
without even thinking about it
There were maybe about
four or five flashlights given out and that's what we had for lights so
there you are, you're underground in the water
and now you can start swimming around and seeing what there is
It was such a cool experience because
against these things you see on these explorer shows like
national geographic and all these things
if you want to, you can make this the part of your
YOLO life experience
the next time you see something like that on TV you're thinking
Yah I know what that's like! I know what it's like. I've been there, I've done that!
It's a really neat thing too
be living life instead of watching other people
live life
All of these tours are relatively inexpensive and even flying to the yucatan cancun
mexico, all-inclusive resorts many times even from Vancouver we see deals that
under a thousand dollars person for one week so
it's not
something that is over the top
i absolutely love it i love these experiencesI love to see more things and experienced more
in life because
for me and i know that YOLO! This is the only life i will have
i love chalking up these experiences and
at times when I look back and I watch these videos i can't even believe
that i was there. not even that long ago and doing things like that it's
that's what life is about it
Finally the thing I would to say, if you have kids
many of the resorts, all-inclusive resorts have really greates special deals for kids
where in many instances if they're staying with the parents in the room you don't even pay
extra for them
and for kids to experience this
it can change
whole outlook on history on learning about life It's just phenomenal.
I remember sitting in classrooms in the school learning about caves and stuff and thinking who cares!
Well I really wish that as a kid i would have had the opportunity to go to these places
as you can see most, everyone with us were adults
so if you have kids, by all means, include them in your travels you vacations
take them to phenomenal places and see what there is
even in these
deep deep dark caves where we only have lights that we bring with there are fish in the water
Unbelievable! There is a fish in the water in these caves
It is phenomenal and
I love to travel and look forward to going back. I want to go to Sian Ka'an Biosphere
and do so many other things in the Yucatan
I look forward to bringing you more video from our travels. Thank you for watching