Designing Uncharted 2 with SketchUp

Uploaded by Google on 17.02.2011



ROBH RUPPEL: My role as art director on Uncharted 2 was--
it was like being an architect in a virtual world.
And you've got lots of people doing different things.
So as an architect, you just make sure we're all sort of
moving in the same direction.

ROBH RUPPEL: I think some of the challenges of working on
Uncharted 2 is just keeping that bar raised.
It's pretty easy to just quickly push something out.
But it really wasn't an option on Uncharted.

ROBH RUPPEL: Concept art is sort of the first front.
First thing we start doing is quickly sketching.
First rough ideas, shapes, tones.
And then, as soon as we can, we start
going into the 3D process.
And for me that's where SketchUp is completely useful
because it's so fast.
So right away, I start making real design choices that
actually we can implement them in the game.
Because I'm really thinking about how tall is the ceiling?
How many pillars are there?
How thick are those pillars?
Can you hide behind those pillars?
Instead of just drawing, by actually making design choices
in the third dimension, you can help the process along
more accurately and faster and keep it more flexible because
you're working in 3D, and gosh, it was just my personal
choice, just because it's so fast and easy and quick.
We used it a lot in the Shambala level, which is the
big ending of the game, the big lost city, the lost city
of Shangri-La.
What was super useful about blocking that stuff inside
SketchUp for Shambala was that we had to come up with a
modular system.
We've got to have this immense city, but it also has to
render at 30 frames per second.
So you have to have a lot of instances, which
is repeatable geometry.
It came up with kind of like a simple modular system that you
can have half a dozen pieces, but if you arranged them in
the right way, you wouldn't notice that
it was so few pieces.
You'd just be, oh, what an amazing city.
So being able to work out that shape language inside SketchUp
was super useful.
ROBH RUPPEL: I definitely see concept art going more three
Drawings only get you so far.
You can do a really sexy drawing, but the real design
comes in working out the design in the third dimension,
whether it's films or games.
Again SketchUp, fast, easy, quick.
It's a great, great design tool.