Задний Дракон ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ [Behind Dragon]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on Oct 26, 2011

Sup, I’m Stas Davidov!
First vid was sent by Semensabaka.
And we like to thank people who mess around with Car DVR Black Box for this video [Car Digital Video Recorder FTW]
Woman: (on the phone) ....it won’t grow too big, but not too small either...
Man: F*ck, who needs traffic lights!
Woman: Yeah, really. (on the phone) Ah, it’s Roma complaining about a f*cktard crossing the red lights.
[surprise in: 3] [SURPRIIIISE]
[surprise in: 2] [SURPRIIIISE]
[surprise in: 1]
Woman: Ah, he’s an epic blockhead, where’s he goin’?
Man: I dunno where’s he going
Woman: Pfft, he also turned on the blinkers...
And “Mr. I ain’t giving myself away 2011”[Misteriaintgivingmyselfawaytwothousandeleven] award goes to..... the owner of AA2909IC car plate!
I think someone’s going to lose the licence thanks to TiX [serves him right!]
Obviously a nerd behind the wheel! [our guy %)]
Shit, red light! Ctrl+Z
Wooo! I am Prince of Persia!! [and Bangs of Time]
But if he runs over a pedestrian - he’ll hit him again in reverse
and pretend that the guy fell on the road and died himself [happens to the best of us]
Nah, maybe the guy just thought about what he’s done [rethinks]
And now is fixing his mistakes!
Now he needs to repeat it 50 times to build on the success [repetitio est m-mater...]
And of course, let’s not miss the chance!
And This is horosho!
This vid is called [Clever Cat]
And in a couple of days 200.000 people watched the cat being clever
So it’s like this - his master built a door bell for the cat from an old alarm clock [like on Scrapyard]
What? He’s eating your cream and doesn’t hear shit?
Try harder! [upgrade those skills]
WOOOW what a clever cat! Oooooooh! That’s fucking smart! [unlike Stas, clearly]
Says you!
It’s as old as the last century! My cat writes me sms! [says Stas]
And it doesn’t distract him from driving
Plus, i’ve checked out Cats vs Dogs a while ago
They do better shit than this! [if you know what i mean ;)]
[cat] My friends’ dog can give a paw! [PWND]
Suck a fly, Clever Cat!
Cmon guys, those are just conditional reflexes
Pavlov was doing it in the beginning of the last century! [before it went mainstream]
[Pavlov’s cat]
Painful to imagine what the cat had to go through to perfect his button pressing skill!
Owner said that it took 15 minutes and a sausage
Can you imagine that?
A whole 15 minutes of beating with a sausage...[15 minutes]
Kuklachev looks like an old cat lady compared to this monster!
And this is horosho!
Third vid was sent by Hunter666MJ
And here we have a guy who sets a Guiness record [a record for...] for the Guiness book of world records [what else]
There’s only one problem. This guy is japanese [no racism]
Bruce Lee with balls of steel! [Behind Dragon!]
Captain Ironbutt! [The Last Avenger]
Only a complete idiot would try and kick this guy’s ass!
Same as kicking a rock.
How sad that they also know about Guiness book of records in Japan [sad desu! :(]
I wonder how he discovered his gift
Ughh..... Yeah! I’m ready to do it again and again!
And walked away with a victorious walk
If you know what i mean
These records are records only because noone would do this sort of shit
Oh, wait. Here’s the info that some dude from France beat the record and in a minute cracked 9 nuts more!
Welcome to the club, France! [dangerous]
Je n'ai mangé pas six jours!
And this is horosho!
And the question was sent by MLetis
Where’s my bear?
Where is MLetis’s bear? [Where’s mah bear!]
Leave your interesting answers here on YouTube!
By the way, heavy metal band “Ametist” is making a music video and everyone can participate in creating it!
All the info is here, click it, it’ll open in a new window.
Me and my band already participated.
That’s all folks, I’m Stas Davidov. Subscribe, thumb-up and send your videos here [thisishorosho.ru] to the “На Обзор” section.
So... ummm... yeah... better let her ask it
Do you eat shit?
It all started when i was 5...
Only before going to work, so i wouldn’t smell like garlic
Eat shit? What boorishness!!! I nom it
Shit! *para pa pa paaaa* I’m Loving It
It’s like this.. No soup - eat poop! >:D
I don’t eat shit, it’s bad for my figure.
Wait, so there’s another way to clean up after your cat? O_O
I eat ROLTON. It’s much worse....
Chocolate it twice as good if doesn’t taste like shit)
Get your hands off!