Het Hele Verhaal (The Complete Story English CC) Johan Oldenkamp Part 7 of 15

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after the birth or death of a prophet
and what resulted were a set of rules to follow, rules that determined good and evil and what you can and can´t do
in a culture we do things that are based on common sense like a rain dance for making rain because we want things to grow
here came laws which surpassed common sense - like we are seeing today laws that defy logic
you can become angry about that, make tv shows etc but the fact remains that laws have surpassed common sense
and thus cannot be explained by using common sense - conflicting laws cannot be explained and do not make sense
here some came to the conclusion that the official story as told by major religions is not entirely correct
Johannes Kepler noted the Sun did not revolve around the Earth but rather Earth revolves around the Sun
Galileo as well noted this and was confined to his quarters by the catholic church because this theory was not allowed
history is full of examples of severe punishment of those who have findings that conflict with the powers that be
...in this case the church
the crusades have everything to do with power - they were organized by the Templars polarizing Christianity against Islam
the real reasons being something buried in Israel in Jerusalem which could still be there as the conflict continues
there is a lot of interesting activity in Jerusalem
This is the 7th cycle - the industrial revolution - 1755
what came here was a power on top of law - a power that ignores laws set by nations
and this started with the creation of the Bavarian Illuminati in the form of a secret society that is structured like a pyramid
with each layer compartimentalized and taking orders from a higher layer not knowing what that layer above does
it is a pyramid of power that controls our planet through multinational corporations, cartels, media and banking
like a hidden planetary Mafia - at times showing its face through Bilderberg meetings for example this weekend in Spain
the Bilderberg group was founded by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, father to our queen Beatrix who attends
it´s one big power game where things are decided for us
this seal can be found on the one U.S. dollar bill - if you translate these words correctly you find
Annuit Coeptis - "God has approved" but if I translate this correctly it becomes "The destruction has begun"
quite a different interpretation - Novus Ordum Seclorum translates freely to "New World Order" - the goal of Illuminati
they want a global government with all inhabitants of this planet being subject or subdued to this government
totalitarian control like George Orwell described in "1984"
it´s here - the U.N. is part of the Illuminati the W.H.O. based in Geneva is part of the U.N.
and does what the U.N. dictates like when the highest pandemic alert is given for a non existing flu epidemic
and almost dictating people get vaccinated with a substance that is not tested adequately - this is executed as ordered
I.M.F. another example
realizing this I became angry at first and told everyone - but it is a game because they shifted us to a higher conciousness
we are all going to this level - we are all going to discover we are above any man made law - I for one simply ignore the law
I no longer recognize law and play my own game - if this surprizes you: yes it is possible
I am out of all administrations - no Social Security no longer registered in any town hall administration
I no longer pay any taxes whatsoever and it is well known because I speak about it when asked in presentations etc
but nothing is done because I simply create my own reality in life as a freeman
we will be above the power of law - the Illuminati have set a fine example for us and we will gladly follow
just live your own life - play your own game become a creator of your own life again
a lot can be said about this cycle - all sides in both world wars were financed by the same club - Prescott Bush financed Hitler
nothing is more profitable than war - the biggest trick being the use of fake money - detached from the gold standard
giving you the power to create more money out of thin air and debt - thus creating a finite bubble which any truthful
financial expert today knows will burst because it is now a system only based on mutual trust - mainly yours
and when this trust fails on a global scale then this will mean the end of money - worth no more than the printed paper
maybe to be used as toilet paper - but worthless
the money game is created by the Illuminati - The Federal Reserve bank is a privately owned institution
the Dutch National bank is in private hands too
on the dollar: "The Great Seal" - they have sealed this secret or stamped it with their seal - however you wish to interpret
through the money system these people became very powerful the civil war in the U.S. was to break free of London City
a lot of people that could have prematurely lifted us to a higher level of conciousnesshave been "removed"
JFK wanted to end secrecy, open the books on E.T. contact (and end the Fed´s power through executive order 11110)
Martin Luther King could have bridged the differences between black and white which was against the polarization agenda
Lady Diana could have bridged between Christianity and Islam with her new friend - again against the polarization agenda
Yitzhak Rabin had progressive ideas to create peace in the Middle East - again against the polarization agenda
John Lennon has profound spiritual messages in his songs which made too many aware or enlightened too soon
the list is endless - all former leaders and presidents from South America or Africa who were not corruptable are now dead
all essential resources and utilities have been bought by major corporations who are in bed with puppet governments
and that´s all according to plan - at first I was angry about this but it is all according to the overall game plan
Einstein was a Kabalist - he studied the Kabbalah the Illuminati used the Kabbalah to further their agenda
at precisely the start of the first night here they drew up their master plan and at precisely the start of the 2nd night
they went to a notary in Germany precisely at the start of the 2nd night - they waited one year to notarize their statutes
they were ever so impatient to implement their plan
Nicola Tesla was the biggest genius of our time - he invented just about everything we are using today
Tesla was the real brain behind the light bulb - Edison was smart enough to patent it first - Tesla was behind it
Tesla could intuitively access his "Atlantian" memory - In Atlantis we already had all these advanced technologies
Ask how the Pyramids were constructed you see no forklifts were used - we have no machinery to lift 300 ton blocks today
we are talking 200 million blocks to be placed - if you calculate this - like Nassim Harriman did - it becomes absurdly obvious
like cutting down most of the trees in Europe to transport these blocks using ropes so thick they become unusable
the incredible precision - alignment with Orion - the Pyramids are living proof of a far advanced civilization long before us
mainstream science and historians deny this - the Egyptians today claim that they built and used them as tombs
but the Pyramids were there long before Egyptians came there
Pyramids can be found all over the world - Cuba, Europe
What about Hollywood influence? Like the movie the Matrix coming out exactly at the start of the 8th cycle?
first of all those in power cannot do anything without first getting our permission through our subconcioucness
they have to show us many things through media so it enters our subconciousness - only if we agree implementation occurs
otoh many films contain messages to help us rise to a higher level - you say Matrix but what about Star Wars, Avatar etc etc
you can see the negative messages as well as the positive ones Hollywood is nothing more than an expression of our conciousness
containing positive and negative expressions for us to pick out what we want - it is a tool used by the Illuminati
recently we see a lot about extra terrestials who come here to rule or kill us - disasters etc hoping we will follow this flow
and become afraid and close our conciousness so we will stay vibrating on a lower level
when we stop fearing we realize we are all immortal and that everything around us is just education to reach a higher level
it is an invitation - nothing more
like I said before - we went to the Moon - but did not get the whole story from NASA - the Moon is inhabited like Mars
and appearantly we are not very welcome on the Moon - this being one of the reasons we have not returned since 1972
there is a lot hidden - whistleblowers usually get ridiculed and "debunked" (and sometimes eliminated)
Gulf war - part of the game plan - (control Middle East) but mainly artifacts that were stored in Baghdad were taken
by the Americans - even though mainstream media showed the Iraqi themselves looting - a fine story presented again
the Americans took everything - like in WWII everything was taken with regards to advanced propulsion - the Nazis built
anti gravity craft - all this technology was transported to the U.S. - most UFO´s seen today are made in the USA
seen and filmed by many excited amateur but nothing more than manmade advanced craft flying around for the past 5 decades
Jan 5th 1999 the start of the 8th cycle - a lot has happened first we were scared into believing our systems would fail Y2K
protests spawned against the G-7 summits and globalization - insurgents were planted for riots to create negative press
this is pure front running for the conciousness shift of the masses becoming aware of hidden agendas and speaking out
by now it is G-20 - we are also becoming aware of Bilderberg and are revolting against the hidden clubs and their agendas
with 9/11 the players showed their true power - these were conventional attacks: London Madrid - still with explosives
the attack dates have meaning and were carefully planned training exercises became real on the day both on 9/11 and 7/7