101 Ways to MAKE FIRE - #6 Rock and Rasp

Uploaded by ROBwithaB on 11.09.2009

I'm ROBwithaB
and this is “101 Ways to Make Fire”.
(bird in the background) And that's a Hadeda.
Today we’re gonna go back a few thousand years.
I'm going to show you how to make fire with...
...a rock.
That’s right. Welcome to the Stone Age.
As you can see
I'm sitting on my Stone Age steps in front of my Stone Age house.
Ordinarily I’ll just bash two rocks together,
but the particular kind of rock I'm looking for
I haven’t been able to find yet.
So in the meantime,
I'm going to use this, a file.
This is carbon steel, tool steel.
What we’re going to try to do is knock off tiny flakes of the steel
at high speed with friction
so that we get a
chemical reaction
between the iron
and the oxygen
this is a skill that takes a little bit of practice.
It’s all in the wrist.
The flick of the wrist.
The trick is to get the strike fast enough
that you can get intense temperature.
Okay, I’ve got a beer tin here,
I’ve got some kapok
Which I’m gonna rub
against my trousers, just to get a bit of static going.
I’m going to shove that in there.
The static
is gonna help my piece of char cloth
to stay where it’s supposed to be
so it doesn’t go flying off with the wind that I generate with my speedy wrist.
Then I’m gonna brace the file against my leg,
like that.
(Cell phone ringing) Uh, the stone age cell phone.
Now, you want to grip your rock in such a way as to keep your knuckles away
from the sharp teeth of the file
Otherwise you’re gonna have a serious...(Shouting)...ARRGGHHHHH!
Right, let’s try that again,
shall we?
(Shouting) AHHHHH!
Okay, let’s try that again.
There we go.
Okay, I’ve got a little tinder bundle,
got char cloth,
and it’s glowing
and we have fire.
Thank you very much ladies.
How's THAT for Oonga Boonga?
Oonga Boonga, Oonga Boonga!