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Your grandfather is waiting in room 17. It's one flight up.
Come in!
Good day, Henrik. Thank you for coming.
It is a good thing that you came. Please sit down.
Your grandmother asked me to see you. It was her last wish.
She would like you to visit her at the hospital.
She will ask your forgiveness for all the difficulties-
-that our family has caused you and your mother.
When I was just born and my mother a widow, we came-
-the long trip to your estate to ask for your assistance.
We got two small rooms in Söderhamn and an allowance of 30 crowns!
That was my brother Hindrich who took care of that.
Nothing could be more meaningless than this conversation.
It is awkward when a man without humanity suddenly becomes sentimental.
I cannot tell your grandmother that you have refused me.
I cannot say that you will not see her.
I believe that will be necessary.
I know that your aunts have made you a loan so that you can continue in Uppsala.
And I also know that your mother makes her living as a piano teacher.
I am offering to pay off the loan.
How do you respond to my offer?
-What would you like me to say? -I'll pay off your loan.
I'll take care of your tuition and pay you a monthly allowance,
All you have to do is go to the Academic Hospital.
Section 12.
Reconcile with your grandmother.
Your grandmother and I have lived together for nearly 50 years.
It is painful, Henrik.
I'm asking for a moment of charity.
Not for me, I don't need that, but for her.
You're going to be a minister, Henrik. You must know something about love.
Have pity on a sick and desperate person.
Are you listening?
Go to the memory you call ''my grandmother''-
-and bring the message that she lived her whole life without helping my mother and l.
She knew how miserable we were, and sent small presents for Christmas and other holidays.
Tell this woman that she deserved both her life and her death.
She'll never receive my forgiveness.
I despise her for my mother's sake and for my own-
-as I loathe you and your kind.
Are you thinking of hitting me, grandfather?
Ecclesia invisibilis, ecclesia militans, ecclesia.. .
Ecclesia militans, ecclesia pressa, ecclesia regnans-
-and last but not least, ecclesia triumphans.
Which meetings do the Greek and Catholic churches acknowledge?
Constantinople, 381. Ephesus, 431.
-Constantinople, 553. -Now we're ready!
We are truly ready. To think we'll be examined by Sundelius?
It would be a catastrophe if we break down.
-What's this? -This is Frida.
-The secret fiancée? -She has teeth.
-See you in ten minutes. -Pax tecum.
God, please help me? Sundelius might fall ill-
-and send the friendly lecturer. It has happened before.
Good Morning, Professor Sundelius!
Nothing gets in the way of my breakfast cigar.
I can say, with all faith, that this is a real Cuban cigar.
Yes.. .
Which, of you gentlemen, would like to begin?
Who will make the first push?
You gentlemen know that I am considered demanding and that is intentional on my part.
We carry on with too many lazy, stupid and uneducated theologians.
A good command of religious history demands diligence-
-interest, breadth of view, a good memory-
-and self-discipline. Qualities particularly suited for a minister.
I raise a screen and make sure that all the idiots.. .
... lazy dogs and blowhards get stuck in it.
There's always something? Don't you agree, gentlemen?
Now, who will go first?
Very well, Mr. Kugelman.
We shall discuss scholastics, whose most prominent representatives were...?
Johannes Scotus Frigena, Saint Anselm of Canterbury. 9th century.
Approximately. What were the characteristics of the two gentlemen?
Frigena maintained that true religion and true philosophy are one and the same.
Anselm claimed that ideas are reality and not simply words.
Credo ut intelligensia.
Mr. Bergman.. .
Your subject will be the Apostles.
Would you name a few of the Apostle's forefathers?
Which authors are considered apprentices to the Apostles?
-Barnabas. -Correct.
There are, in addition, some much more important figures.
Clemens of Rome, Polykarp.. .
Three more!
What is meant by ''Apostolic Assembly''?
They are the assemblies that the Apostles established.. .
-... in Rome, Ephesus and Corinth. -More!
-Ephesus. -You have already named that.
-Alexandria. -No, but Antioch.
What do we mean by ''Apostolic symbolum''?
It is something concerning confession.
I don't know anything more.. .
The gentleman will now take a nice stroll in the gardens.
There is so much to marvel about in the spring-
-regardless of one's belief, or disbelief, in God.
My man! How did it go?
there's always hope.
You've never been to our place.
You are welcome to dinner on Sunday, 5 o'clock. On the dot!
Good Night, Frida!
Apologies for just dropping by, But Justus stopped by the restaurant and told me.
You haven't eaten, so I brought beer and cold cuts.
I have to go downstairs and piss.
I don't think I've pissed all day.
No one could possibly get so low?
What is it, Henrik?
I don't know what can I say to mother.
First things first. Go and pee.
Come.. .
We won't have any children in any case.
I'm going home, it's starting to get light out. Just stay in bed.
I have to go home and tell my mother that I didn't pass my exam.
Poor Henrik.. .
I could accompany you.. .
One day you will.
-Do you really think so? -One day we will get married, Frida.
Your mother doesn't even know that we are engaged.
She can say whatever she wants.
Why must it be so secretive?
First things first.. .
Good Morning!
-Good morning, children! -Good morning.
Good morning, Karin. Did you sleep well?
-Do you have a sore throat? -Yes.
Here, let me see.. . Open your mouth and say ''ah''?
Very good!
Good morning, Axel. How is your stomach today?
-It hurts. -The doctor will be here shortly.
-Is Pappa sleeping? -I'm pretty sure.
I sleep and I dream that I am sleeping.
I dream that I'm sitting in my study and sleeping.
The door opens and in comes the most beautiful.. .
... the most lovable, the most tender woman.
She comes over to me and blows with her soft breath.
She says: ''Is Pappa sleeping?''
And I think: this must be how it is, waking up in Paradise.
You should learn to remove your glasses otherwise they'll fall on the floor and break.
Are you as sensible as your mother?
-What do you want, my dear? -Dinner will be served in a few minutes.
Sit still, and I'll comb your hair.
Aren't we having a guest? Your brother Ernst.. .
He's a friend of Ernst's who studies theology.
Does Ernst pal around with a seminary student? The final days are approaching.. .
Ernst says that he is modest but agreeable.
he's learned to be terribly poor but handsome.
Aha, now I understand the interest in Ernst's social network.
Now you're being silly, I'm going to marry my brother Ernst.
-What about me? -Oh, you'll understand.
Didn't Mamma say that you should take care of the hair in your ears?
. How can you hear with so much hair in your ears? -They are very fine listening hairs.
No one can touch them, because they give me a particular kind of hearing ability-
-that allows me to hear what people think.
-Can you tell what I am thinking now? -You are too close.
My listening hairs are being overtaxed.
lf you stand over there in the light I'll tell you what you're thinking.
-Now, Pappa? -You are very pleased with yourself.
In addition, you are very pleased with the fact that your father loves you.
-Have you slept well? -Yes I have.
-Hello boys! -Hello Pappa.
-Hello Pappa. -Hello girls. Welcome!
Did you tell your friend that dinner starts at 5, Ernst?
I stressed that we are punctual to a fault.
-I was delayed. -You may have dinner in the kitchen.
-I'm terribly.. . -Come!
Now, then come in for my sake.
Mr. Bergman asks your forgiveness, he was at the hospital visiting a sick friend. There there
-This is my mother. -Good day.
-Is your friend seriously ill? -He has broken his leg.
This is my father and my half brothers.
-Gustav, Oskar and Carl. -Good day, young man.
Svea is married to Oskar, Martha to Gustav, their daughters.
Torsten Bohlin, who is considered my intended. And that's the whole family
Let's get seated!
-Who broke their leg? - No idea. That was your sister's.. .
Aha... watch out for her!
Would the gentleman please sit beside Martha?
Anna beside Pappa.
Let us say grace.
In Jesus' name we take our seat, and bless the Lord for the food we eat. Amen.
-How are your studies coming? -Thank you, well.
My husband Gustav the nice plump one over there.
I'm talking about you! He is a professor of Roman law.
Look here... It's the bottom which is the best-
-but first we take the leaf with our fingers.
It tastes better like this. Lay it against your lips and bite.
Mmm... Good?
-Goodbye. -Goodbye and good luck.
-Goodbye. -Goodbye, please let me thank you.
-See you again! -You're welcome.
-I'm Anna and you are Henrik, isn't that right. -Yes.
-Can we go together? -I'm sorry, I don't have the time.
-Something erotic, I would think! -I'm going home to write a difficult
Then you need something to strengthen you.
Good evening, Engineer. Good evening.
-What can I offer you? -Miss Frida can offer us some punch.
-And cigars! -I'll tell the waitress.
You seem familiar with Miss Frida.
No... my colleagues and I come here sometimes, but I don't know her.
Your cheeks are getting a little color, minister.
Do I note some denial, let's hear the cock crow?
Her name is Frida and she's from Ångermanland.
-Nice girl. -Very nice.
Thank you.
Now... How was the evening?
I have never eaten dinner with four courses and three wines.
It was like theater.
Everything was very obscure. I don't mean to be critical.
Thanks, Frida!
My stepmother is a remarkable character, grander than her situation.
She is a powerhouse who guides us with an iron hand.
lf there is something that doesn't fit in, she cuts it-
-amputates and deforms.
She's very good at that, the charming lady.
May I propose a brotherly toast?
-Carl Eberhard, '89. Thanks! -Frik Henrik Fredrik, '06. Thanks!
I'm an engineer.
I've had a few inventions registered at the patent office.
In the eyes of my family I am a failure.
The black sheep. I've been locked up a few times.
I'm not really so much crazy, but I'm considered a little unstuck.
Our family has produced so much godforsaken normality-
-that it needs a bit of insanity.
I've taken care of that.
Doesn't becoming a minister require a belief in God?
-Isn't that a primary requirement? -It is.
How the heck does one believe in God nowadays? Pardon the tactless formulation.
-It's difficult to explain here. -An inner voice?
A feeling of being in someone's hand?
Of not being omitted, delivered?
A warm breath on your cheek?
To be a little pulse in a boundless circulatory system?
Meaning, patterns, moment of grace?
I'm not being ironic. I'm very serious, my young friend.
Why do you ask if you already know?
I believe that a man who is blind can have opinions-
-about red, blue and yellow.
I'll become a minister for my own sake-
-and not for humanity's.
I'm sorry, but we're closing early tonight.
We're having breakfast for the consortium and we must set the tables.
-Then Miss Frida.. . -is busy this evening? Yes, I am.
-Your little sister Anna is very.. . -... attractive.
There are many who come a-courting.
Our princess is very clever, pure of heart, tender, full of love.. .
-That sounds good. -Yes, she is so damned like her mother.
I don't understand what you mean, brother?
I think Miss Frida would make an incredibly fine minister's wife.
-Weren't you going to write a letter? -Yes.
Everything has gotten so dreadfully expensive. The coal... What a winter we've been having.
The coal and the wood have gotten twice as expensive.
What is it, Henrik? You look so down. Did something happen?
You know that you can say anything to your old mother.
I took my exam in religious history and failed.
-When did that happen? -A few weeks ago.
I'll try again in November.
-Then your graduation will be delayed. -Six months.
How will we manage, Henrik? The loan is almost all gone.
Tuition, books, and your lodgings.. .
We promised to pay back your aunts when you became a minister.
I'm trying to find more students, but people are taking fewer piano lessons.
-That's understandable. -Yes.
I could do some cleaning again, but my asthma has gotten so bad, and.. .
You don't need to do cleaning, Mamma.
We'll help each other.
-Isn't that so, my dear boy? -Mamma.. .
I'll quit my studies, look for work and move back here.
We'll pay back the loan and figure out what we can do later.
My poor boy.. . You are certainly even dumber than I am.
We can't allow ourselves to be stopped, when we're so close to the goal.
Don't think that I'd let you come home to be an assistant telegraphist?
Or a substitute teacher?
You, who will be my minister. My minister!
What do you mean, Mamma?
We have been too good-natured. Your aunts will have to open their purses again.
We'll call on them.
I gather that Alma and Henrik didn't come all this way out of kindred love?
It's been three years.
The reason for that visit was the loan which was supposed to cover Henrik's studies.
-The money is all gone. As simple as that. -All gone?
-It should have lasted four years. -Everything has gotten more expensive.
Alma, you decided the amount, I didn't argue.
-Blenda, you have been generous. -Would you like a new loan?
Henrik and I discussed whether he should discontinue his studies-
-and apply at the new Telegraph Office in Söderhamn.
That was the only way out, but then something happened.
I think it's better that Henrik should tell you.
I took my exam in religious history with the feared Sundelius.
Three of us went up and I was the only one who passed.
Afterward the professor asked me for a private discussion.
He offered me a cigar, very amicably.
-He offered Henrik a cigar! -I just said that.. .
He recommended I take the scientific path.
I should write a dissertation under his guidance.
-Then I can become a lecturer. -That is flattering, Blenda.
-Diabolical.. . -I lack the resources.
I can't even complete my exams.
He said that if I can take care of the first year-
-then I can get a doctor's stipend.
It's a lot of money, Aunt Blenda.
-Diabolical! -We're asking for a new loan.. .
... of 6,000 crowns.
Professor Sundelius calculated that this is what is necessary.
-What do you think, Beda? -I'm speechless.
-What are you talking about? -Henrik will be a professor.
He needs 6,000 crowns beyond the 2,000 we already loaned him.
-Do we have that much money? -That's another thing entirely.
If we're to do something then we must do it immediately.
Alma, will you come to my study.
Please sit down.
Maybe we should write a receipt?
I'll just call Professor Sundelius-
-and thank him for his earnest contribution-
-to our family's hopeful progeny.
I'll call another day.
It's not polite to disturb such an eminent figure after 8 o'clock in the evening.
Alma, you understand that we are proud to be able to help Henrik?
-Thank you so much, -You don't need to be thankful.
I'm doing this because your boy is a gift.
Or am I doing it for nothing?
Or for your own love for your son?
I don't know.. .
Let's go back out to the others. Come on, Alma!
Don't cry like that.
Hurry up, Ernst!
-Have you got the towels? -I do.
-Goodbye you two! -Goodbye, Mamma!
-Have you ever been in love? -In love?
What do you mean? I don't know. Have you?
Anna... Tell me, who is your lover?
Pappa and you. Understood?
-Torsten Bohlin? -No, he's not my lover.
-But somebody is.. . -Yes, that is possible.
Ehh, I don't know.
-Would you like to come with me to Uppsala? -I can't, for Mamma's sake.
-What will you do there in July? -They have a meteorological institute.
And it might be nice to have the house to ourselves.
You must talk to Mamma, she won't let me go.
Who else could make my meals, darn my socks, and make sure I get to bed?
Anna? It could be pleasant.
I'll take my bicycle and you the train, and we'll meet at Trädgårdsgatan.
That's very tempting.. .
Present, imperfect and plusquamperfect.
-Well? -Can't we go swimming?
What would your father say? Do you think I'm having such a pleasant time?
But you're being paid for it.
Stop doing that now, Robert.
-Present, then? -Ich bin, du bist.. .
... er, sie, es ist, wir sind, ihr seid, Sie, sie sind.
And now perfect?
Ich habe gewesen.
A young man, Ernst Åkerblom, would like to speak with you.
I told him that you would be occupied with my son until 1 o'clock.
How's it going with Robert?
Is he unteachable or have you hit success?
Robert is clever, makes some progress, but there are gaps.. .
Aha, do you mean gaps, or gaping holes?
-Gaps. -That sounds hopeful.
-Or what do you think, Robert? -Yes.
Are you howling? Blow your nose.. .
Don't you have a handkerchief? Such carelessness? Here!
Don't snivel! Take your grammar book and read in the garden.
I would like to talk to your tutor privately.
You would like to speak with me, Your Lordship?
His mother says that I am unfair and push him too much.
I don't know.. . She says that I don't love him.
Yes, I don't know.
Perhaps it's just as well to stop this animal cruelty.
-What do you think? -You should never give up hope.
Bullshit, young man! Robert is an unteachable drone, an idiot.
-A tear drenched drag ass. -That must be horrible for him.
-Is it? Then it must be horrible for everyone. -Yes, perhaps that is it.
What kind of goddamned bullshit is this? I refuse.
''Ich habe gewesen''? The boy's a bloody dung heap.
Pollution at the earth's surface.
Then we are agreed in discontinuing Robert's summer lessons.
-It is you who decides, My Lord. -Exactly, young man.
In the fall he will repeat the grade.
You will stop today and be paid until Friday the fifteenth.
You may stay or leave.
Your Lordship is aware that I am employed until the first of September.
What is this!
You want to be paid without results.
You are being pretentious and presumptuous!
I have my rights.
lf your Lordship refuses me I will go to Her Ladyship, who signed the contract.
You presume to speak to the Countess!
-I am obliged. -You're being impertinent!
You've had too little corporal punishment in your childhood.
Your Lordship is being a bastard who's been whipped once too many times.
What if I make up for your father's sinful laziness-
-and gave you a good drubbing?
Your Lordship must strike first, as you are the oldest and most noble.
You're the devil of a seminarian.
Not badly done, young man.
lf you're to get somewhere you've get to get out of Hell.
Was it the first of September?
Then I owe you for July and August. We'll take care of that on the spot.
-Not a word to the ladies! -Room and board was included.. .
-... but I'll let that go. -Just stay, it's pleasant here.
-Sweet girls and good food. -No thanks.
A cocky devil you are. Are you being resentful?
-Not in this case. -Come on!
We'll have an afternoon coffee with the Countess and the girls and your acquaintance.
-What was his name? -Ernst.
I wonder if there will be classes in the fall.
There will be strikes across the country. Big lockouts in August.
-Hello! -Hi!
I'm glad you both came.
Hello Henrik. Welcome to Trädgårdsgatan!
Nice to see you again, Anna.
-Is it nice to be alone? -Wonderful.
-Have you called the summer house? -Mamma will call soon.
Here, please! You must be starving.
-Please, take some! -Thanks.
The phone rings
I'll get that.
Åkerblom residence.
Nice to hear from you, Mamma. Ernst is here.
He's snoring on his floppy ears The connection is bad.. .
What are we doing this evening? We're going to Odinslund, to a concert.
Are we alone?
Yes, just me and Ernst. This will be an expensive chat.. .
Say hi to everybody! It must be thunder the way it's crackling on the line.
Do I sound funny? It's your imagination.
I can barely hear, we're hanging up now. Kisses... hug Pappa for me.
Imagine going up in a balloon to observe the ice movements down there.. .
-... and Arctic air masses. -I forbid you to leave me!
Mamma will also be lonely if you leave.
It was delicious! I always eat too much when Anna cooks for me.
You make too delicious food. What do you say, Henrik?
-Wonderful. -My sentiments exactly.
-Are there any cigars? -Look in Pappa's stash.
-You should be a nurse. -Wait, and I'll show you.
This is me when I'm a nurse.
The school's on the ground floor and we sleep up there.
It's very nice. Good teachers, very severe.
Long days, a minimum of twelve hours.
From six in the morning until seven in the evening.
We get very tired.
-The uniforms are not very stylish. -Really? I think they are.
The cap is cute.
Later we'll get a badge that will go here, near the neck.
We get it when we finish our exams.
My sister will be a nurse. My sister Anna the nurse.
-You are sweet together. I don't understand at all, when we have it so nice!
Are you sleeping?
No, I knew you weren't sleeping.
I thought I'd go to see you, Henrik, and talk about how it is.
It's not such a good thing that you are here with me-
-even though it's even worse when you are away from me.
Mamma says I should always be in control of my feelings.
I have always been proud that I am known for my cleverness.
I thought that that's the way life should be and the way I want it to be.
But now I'm afraid.
-What should we do? -Yes, there are only two possibilities.
Either I say: ''Go away, Henrik.''
Or: ''Come to my arms, Henrik.''
You think that either choice is a bad one.
I'm also afraid.
I think that everything will be taken from me.
It's always been like this.
You and Ernst live in your world, which is, for me, elusive.
Do you understand, Anna?
We could always put off the decision a few hours.
-Good Night, Henrik. -Good Night.
-I'll be right there! -See you.
I get scared when I think that we know nothing of each other.
We should sit here and talk for a hundred days.
We haven't even kissed.
Should we kiss each other now? No, that can wait.
-First, we should admit our faults. -No, I can't do that.
Then you'd run way.
Mamma says that I am stubborn and impatient.
That I am selfish and decadent.
My brother says that I have a difficult temperament.
What else can I come up with?
Ernst calls me coquettish, I like to look at myself in the mirror.
Mamma says I'm too interested in boys.
Yes, as you've heard, there's no end to my faults.
My greatest fault is that I am confused.
-That is not a fault? -Yes, in fact, it is.
-What do you mean? -I am confused.
I often do only what people tell me to do.
I have so many feelings, which also make me confused.
-I almost always have a bad conscience. -That sounds like a burden.
Now we're both sad.
Should we kiss each other now so we'll be happy again?
-Wait, there's one thing.. . -No I'm getting tired of this silliness.
Now, we are presumably engaged.
We are now engaged.
Aha, so we're not engaged?
I knew it would be a mistake from the outset.
I have to leave. We won't see each other any more.
You have somebody else.
Yes.. .
You have no need to reproach yourself, actually.
You might have said something earlier.
But then everything was so unreal.
I understand why you didn't say anything.
What has happened to our beautiful future?
I want to share my life with you, but I didn't know that yesterday.
Do you mean that you are contemplating leaving her?
Yes, what's-her-name or whoever.. .
Her name is Frida, she's a year older than me and comes from up north..
-What does she do? -She's a waitress at Flustret.
Oh, a waitress.. .
-Is there anything wrong with that? -No, not at all.
You have forgotten a serious fault - you are obviously stuck up.
How could I be so stupid as to go along with this game?
You know what I'm going to do now? I'm going to go back to her and beg her forgiveness.
I'll tell her what we have said and beg her forgiveness.
-Hey! -Let me get by.
Have you already quarreled? You're not wasting any time.
Anna, my sweetheart, how did this happen?
I am certain that I love him.
-And Henrik? -I am certain that he loves me too.
-Hi! -Are you in town?
-Are you sick? -Come in.
Are you sick too? You look rather pitiful.
-It's nothing. -How can you say something so stupid?
-I can see that there is something. -I'm sad.
-Is there something you want to tell me? -No.
It seems like there is.
Come here, and I'll give you a hug.
Are you afraid of catching a cold?
Get undressed and come lay down.
-You've made a scandal for us. -This is totally ridiculous.
Aunt Charlotta is a gossip and Mamma came here for no reason.
Having a man sleep over - is that nothing?
-Who invited him here? -I did.
-It was really me. -A young man who spends the night.. .
... when parents are away is either arrogant or badly raised.
-What's his name? -Henrik Bergman.
How predictable!
He wants to become a minister, without concerning himself with a girl's reputation.
Charlotta heard your voices through the walls.
And then what? We talked of our engagement.
I love him and I'm thinking of marrying him, if you want to know.
-Did you, perhaps, sleep with him? -No, but I would have if he wanted me to.
-And if you got pregnant? -Difficult at such a distance.. .
I must remind you that you will have to wait until you are an adult.
May I suggest something?
Anna will write a nice letter and Mamma will add a few pieces of advice.
-Invite him to the summer house. -Never! The seducer!
lf someone is the seducer then it is me.
lf Mamma's going to make a fuss then I'll really have a baby with him.
-Then we'll have to get married. -You underestimate your mother's conviction.
After all, nothing has happened yet and Henrik and I are good friends.
I almost forgot! I have a letter for you.
It came this afternoon and I forgot to give it to you.
You will talk with Master Bergman. Would you like to read your mail first?
No, send him in. It's you who wants me to speak to the boy.
-I don't know how to start. -Yes you certainly do.
Would you like something to smoke? A cigar, a cheroot, or perhaps a cigarillo?
Naturally, you may smoke your pipe.
-Is that English tobacco? -Yes.
English pipe tobacco is the best, the French is so harsh.
I can see the station building on the other side of the lake with my binoculars.
I entertain myself by monitoring arrivals and departures.
I have schedules for the express, the local, and the freight trains.
I can watch and compare.
A diversion for an old man who has lived with rails and locomotives.
There is nothing more beautiful than the new locomotive the Germans are building.
Perhaps you have no particular interest in locomotives?
-I haven't thought of them that way. -No, naturally you haven't.
-How are your studies coming along? -Thank you, well.
To think it takes so much studying to become a minister!
-What do you mean, sir? -Well, what do I mean.. .
Seen from a naïve, bourgeois point of view-
-it seems to be more of a question of talent in becoming a minister.
One should be a... a fisher of souls.
-One must have a conviction. -What kind of conviction?
The belief in God's existence and that Jesus is his son.
Is that your conviction?
Yes, I am a bit childlike, with a childlike viewpoint on faith.
-Aren't you afraid of death? -No.
Do you believe that there is life after death?
-Yes, that is my conviction. -My Goodness.
The confessions of sinners, and communion? ''Jesus died for your sins.''
And punishment? Hell? Do you believe in Hell?
You cannot say that you believe in one without the other.
All the infernal goings on around us.. .
How does that jibe with the existence of God?
We're satisfied with too short a perspective.
You speak as though you are as convinced as a true Jesuit.
-When will you be finished? -lf all goes well.. .
... I'll be ordained in two years and then I'll be given a post.
No great shakes to begin with. Not enough to start a family, I would guess?
The church prefers that ministers get married.
The wife of a minister has an important role in the work of the congregation.
I suddenly feel tired and would like to lie down.
-Is it because of me? -No, not at all.
A sick man who seldom considers questions of eternity
-can be shaken by conversations concerning death and ultimate things.
I wasn't in any condition to speak with our guest.
I couldn't talk about the things you wanted.
Then I'll take care of it.
Everyone, look at the camera!
Pappa shouldn't be smoking, or we won't see those behind him.
''That was the final action life demanded of her.''
''Karin Ingmarsdotter cried when the Dean's wife left.''
''Maybe it isn't right that we leave, she said.''
''She was happy that the Dean's wife had said that it was a good name.''
''That was the first and last time anyone saw Karin hesitate''-
-''before the great undertaking.''
You little girls, pick up after yourselves.
Gustav, will you help Pappa? Oskar gets breakfast at 7.
That way you'll catch the train to Stockholm without a rush.
Anna, Ernst and Henrik wait. We have something to talk about.
-Good Night. -Good Night.
lf Martha could please.. .
Ernst has suggested that you three bicycle out to the pastures.
The plan was to spend the night.
I am naturally against your plans.
-Mamma, please.. . -Let me finish speaking!
I am absolutely against your plans-
-but I don't plan on forbidding you from setting them in motion.
My children claim that they are mature and will be responsible.
Your parents will await the consequences.
A fragile thread runs between the old and the young.
Us old folks are anxious to hold on to this connection.
The young easily reject something that doesn't fit.
I make no complaint, that's just the way it is.
Our role is to observe.
To make a long story short.. . I plan to be passive up to a point.
I expect to always talk about where I am, in relation to you.
Don't misunderstand me - I'm always here, but I will always speak my mind.
Yes... Mamma understands the pleasures in saying such things.
-It's very refined. -lf you could read my mind.. .
lf you could see into my heart as they say-
-then you'd see neither menace nor refinement, as you put it.
You'd see an unreasonable love for you and your brother.
That's what you would see.
No, I think I'll fish for trout. Would you like to join me?
I'll be back at lunchtime and then we'll have some fresh caught fish. See you!
We have to be careful. Promise to be careful!
-Are you staying home to study? -I have neglected my religious history.
-What does Anna say? -She understands.
Perfect.. .
Would you help me with a skein of yarn?
Yes, certainly.
Will you be returning to Söderhamn in the morning to see your mother?
I'm going directly to Uppsala.
-The term doesn't start so early, does it? -I have a make-up exam in religious history.
Have you been comfortable here at our house?
To tell the truth I've been afraid and tense.
My dear... afraid of what?
The Åkerblom's family is an alien world.
I feel like I've been put on a scale and found too light.
That's the way it is in all families. We are by no means worse than others.
Maybe that makes it worse. I feel unwelcome.
-Do you really think so? -I don't mean to be rude.
I feel barely tolerated, especially by you, Anna's mother.
I will try to be sincere-
-even though I might hurt your feelings.
My antipathy has everything to do with Anna.
I know my daughter very well, I am convinced-
-and I think your relationship will lead to catastrophe.
Yes, that might seem like an exaggeration.
Still, I feel obliged to use the word catastrophe.
I cannot picture a more impossible and disastrous combination.
Anna is a spoiled little girl, self-willed, strong-willed, emotionally strong-
-tender-hearted, melancholy and cheerful at the same time.
She needs a mature man who will educate her with love-
-and unselfish patience.
You are young with a truly limited insight into life
-and deep, early wounds, without healing or consolation.
-Anna will come to doubt.. . -May I put in a word?
Yes, naturally.
I don't accept this discussion.
Your family reads Selma Lagerlöf in the evenings.
The author speaks of love as the only earthly miracle.
Does your family believe that this is there to make the sagas more attractive?
I have lived quite some time and never seen a glimpse of a miracle.
Perfect. Australia doesn't exist because Mrs. Åkerblom hasn't seen it.
The fact is that l, with all my power and means-
-will block my daughter's amorous intrigues.
-You cannot block Anna. -The future will show.
I will go to Anna and explain our discussion.
How is it going with your engagement?
As far as I know it is still on.
Miss Strandberg has denied any break up.
Carl has done research.
Even before you came here, we knew the truth.
I'll say nothing to my daughter if we come to an agreement.
I need to write a letter.
Yes, naturally.
-I have to explain this. -Do as you think best.
There will, in any case, be many tears.
-May I ask a final question? -Yes, go ahead.
Why did you let me come, Mrs. Åkerblom, when you already had full knowledge?
I wanted to observe my daughter's love from up close.
The accident had already happened.
-What do you mean by ''accident''? -I mean the same thing as you.
Mrs Åkerblom, you have made a mistake in judgment.
Go and write your letter and leave with the 3 o'clock train.
Anna won't be home until later.
Then I will be gone.
Master Bergman!
-Here are some sandwiches for your trip. -Thank you very much.
Mamma? Where are you, Mamma?
I don't understand what is going on. Mamma!
Don't stand there making such a racket. Come in and close the door.
-He wrote that we'll never see each other. -He might have his reasons.
There are no sensible reasons written here.
-Did you force him to, Mamma? -No, I did not.
When I learned the situation, I advised him to give up, and never show his face again.
What, pray tell? lf you don't tell me, I'll go and visit him again!
-Nothing will stop me. -You are pushing me.
What do you know, Mamma? lf it is about Frida, he has already told me.
Listen to me, dear girl.. .
Your brother Carl has absolute proof that-
-Henrik Bergman still lives with this woman.
I refuse to go into detail, you must draw your own conclusions.
I sensed a discomfort surrounding this man. He is much to be pitied.
No father, poverty, a difficult childhood. All very disturbing.
I entertained a certain amount of pity, which made me doubtful.
You don't respond.
I don't understand what is going on.
What will you do?
It is dinnertime. Would you like to take something in your room?
-I will tell Lisen to bring up milk and sandwiches. -I'll never forgive you for this!
Who won't you forgive?
Is it me you won't forgive? Or your friend?
Or perhaps life itself?
Or God?
-Can't you just leave me alone? -My poor, dear girl.
Stop with your pity!