Garam Masala (2005) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 9

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Think it over, sir... sir! - Stop picking on my brains! Lmbecile!
Where did she spring from?
Get back in that car, there's nobody at home!
No problem. - Problems begin when you go upstairs!
Why? - The door's locked!
I have the keys. - But you can't do that... listen!
There's a different lock there! At least listen to me!
He couldn't understand a thing!
How'll you open the door when you don't even have the key?
What'll you do up there when there's nobody at home?
When are you coming back? - What...?
She's going to commit suicide. To end her life... she's not coming back
what's that to you? This guy's such a pile on!
At least listen to me! - Shut up!
You could climb all over us! Let's take the stairs... come on
He's going to be butchered today!
What happened? - You saw...?
What did I see?
Did you see nothing? - What's there to see, kiddo?
Get that car out, else you're the one I'll see... c'mon now, move it
Hey... Hello.
Have you taken the day off today? - Yes, this is my day off
It's great, isn't it? My flight timings have changed
I can now come back home early. - Sure, but that's a problem for others
How...? - It changes our timings, too
what timings? It was done for the convenience of the passengers
And they love the change. - Maybe
But I know people who have a lot of problems with it
who has problems? - A friend of mine
Your earlier timings were just right for him
The airline can't keep everybody happy
what happened?
What's up...? - I don't know
It happened once earlier when I was getting off the flight
If you wish, may I... - what?
Nothing... forget it. - What is it, Sam?
You won't misunderstand if I say something, will you...?
What? - You'll get me all wrong
I won't! - You're sure?
My papa used to be an expert at pulling legs
what? Was he a thug? - No! He was a masseur
He used to relieve pain by pulling the leg
My fingers possess the same magic. Want me to work on you?
Do what it takes, Sam. Just drive this pain away
Go in there, change and lie down. I'll fetch some oil!
What happened...? Want me to carry you?
Vanished! - What's vanished?
The pain has vanished. - Vanished...? Lmpossible!
Do this!
Do this!
Try this!
How did the pain vanish so easily? - It has vanished
just why I hate this back-ache!
Mac, this is deepti. - Deepti who?
From the airport. - Airport...? Oh yes!
Stay right there. I'm coming over
Sir, the gate's over there. - Oh, damn my memory!
You hit me...?! - Let go of my collar!
You're pushing me...? - Go ahead... bump him off
The Singapore flight has landed!
There's no timing for them
The Singapore flight lands, the Bangkok flight takes off!
It's like managing an airport... - He just doesn't understand...
Look, he's still here.
Sam, when did you come? - I've been here a long time
I'm really famished! Let me see what's there to eat
we have a problem... - what are you up to? Lay off!
How often have I told you not to bring mutton into the house?
Mutton...? Meet my friend. Sam. - I know him already
why did you introduce me again? - Because he's the meat-eater!
I'm sick of reasoning with him! Why do you eat mutton...?
No, that's no big problem. - How's that possible?
The stink has spread all over the house. I can't eat here anymore
No problem, darling. Let's go out and eat
Very good idea! Make sure you go out to eat!
Especially in dangerous situations... - dangerous?
I mean, the stink of mutton has spread all over the house, hasn't it?
It's very bad for health!
It could even cause nose-cancer. - Really?
Really! I swear it on everybody! Myself, my dad, mom...
Your friend comes up with lovely jokes
I'm the one who's told him all these jokes
But timing is of essence! Must know when to say what!
Hurry up... you know how difficult it is to find a table? Go on!
I'll just change my shirt. This one is stinking
First grab a bite. Change that shirt later
Lay off, will you? - You don't know...
don't tell me. I know everything! - Listen to me, Mac...
Are you going to watch while I change?
Quickly change!
Else you'll pay a heavy price!
What's this? - What?
Whose is this lady's bag?
Whose...? It's mine! - Yours?
Actually, I have unusual tastes.
It has my mobile, watch, shaving cream...
brush, blush... everything. Aren't you getting ready?
What for? - For the dinner?
I think I'm not going. - Why not? Such a lovely evening...
don't you like going out with Mac? - I'm sick of eating out
But how can you eat here? - Why not?
I mean, I'm not talking about the usual roadside eateries
lmagine a lovely restaurant, eating a dinner in candlelight...
...the soft music... it's all so romantic. So you're going, aren't you?
No! I'm eating right here. - Like hell!
I mean, how can you eat in such a filthy setting?
You must go out! - Don't force deepti...
if she doesn't want to go out! Whatever deepti wants will happen!
We'll go to the restaurant if she wants to go. Else, we won't!
Don't you know how to behave with a friend's fiancée?
Aren't you ashamed of? - You must go to the restaurant!
We're not going! What are you going to do?
A friend's true worth you'll know... - I know your two-penny worth!
Whatever you say, you're not eating in this house!
You're going out! Even if I have to lose my life!
Why are you fighting over me? Let's go to a restaurant
No, we're not going! We're eating right here!
Are you guys eating here? - Yes, we'll stuff ourselves right here!
The three of you, you mean. Not everybody
what do you mean by everybody? There are just three of us here!
What the hell! Why are you hitting me?
If somebody asks me to make something else later...
I won't be able to do it
One moment. We'll cook what deepti wants today
You want to eat cheese? - Sure
what if somebody else asks me to make something else later?
But who else is around? - He knows
And why don't I know...? What is the problem with you?
Look, I don't have the strength anymore to...
forget it
I can't, you know...? Better I cook and leave
did he have something to say? - I'll explain!
He can't cook for all of us!
Exactly why I'm saying the two of you will not eat here! Go out!
Forget it. Let's go out and eat. - Sure. Let's go and eat
All right. I'll go and change
No... not in here! That room!
Why? - That's a better room
Shyam, don't test my patience. Else, I swear...
Exactly what I'm saying! Trouble inside, trouble outside
what? What trouble...? - Calm down, darling...
I'm going out of my mind! What are you getting at...?
Can't you still understand? - I understand everything, you creep!
Leave him alone, Mac! What are you doing?
He's making obscene gestures. Like this...!
Why won't you let me go in? - You want to know? I'll tell you!
I have personal things in there. - What personal things?
Hairbrush, toothbrush, towel... a whole lot of things
As if it'll kill you if she sees all that!
That's not all. I've put half a dozen undies up for drying
Two of them have holes!
I won't look at them. - I don't trust you. What if you do?
Your goddamn undies... - Leave him alone, Mac!
Don't get into a fight. I'll go into another room. Okay?
Won't you at least hear me out...? - I don't want to!
I hate going to prison, else I'd have killed you!
I wanted to tell you... - what...?
What's happening here?
The mains were switched off and I escaped!
I was telling him that they took off the main switch in the office...
and I escaped getting a shock. But when did you come?
Just now. I wondered what was happening here
You escaped this time. But not forever! Good bye!
Hey, listen...
where are you going? - I want to live!
And heart-attacks are very common nowadays
Mac, what's happening here?
He's leaving us and going away. Tell him to stay
why are you going?
I won't go, if you say
I didn't know you'd be coming so early.
Must finish my work in the office
You'll leave me all alone? - I'll be here with you
I'll come back soon. We'll have a quiet dinner and...
The cheese-pakoda is ready
cheese-pakoda? Who is it for? - Cheese-pakoda...?
It's for Shyam. - Me?
He eats cheese four times a day! Morning, afternoon, evening and night!
You'll bloat up like a buffalo!
No big wonder! He even looks like a pakoda!
All right, throw it away! We'll have only what Sweety likes
Throw it away! You know how I hate pakodas
do the dishes immediately and make curry and rice for everyone
what soup have I landed in...?
I'm always getting into this mess...
These fools play their own game and I'm the one who gets hurt.
I'm going for my work-outs. - Yes, darling! You build good health
I'll take care of the office! And we'll have dinner together!
Let me go! - So sweet!
Couldn't you tell me Sweety's here? - As if you were listening!