Bamse's Turbo Underpants - Part 4 - Deadline

Uploaded by eetzi1 on 09.05.2012

”I hear my turbo whistle so nicely”
”The sound that makes my day every time”
”Whining like a violent wind storm”
Would be nice to get the gas out.
Then you have to take spark plugs out
That went well
The paint's coming off! Quite strong stuff that E85
Not good, not bad, inhimillinen.
Now that we are building a swedish car we should speak only swedish
Only two injectors are working Yeah, I think so
All spark plugs igniting?? Well.....
Almost? Yeah...almost.
Everything hooked? Ingnition on, fuel pump on
What was that?
It releases all the....
It burns! Not anymore
Once more Fuse burned
Really? Yup. 30Amp
Hits back still
And we the battery's empty, great
Yes, but it only helps when...
Only two injectors are working, but I don't know why
It's done with sequential ignition... Pretty mystical problem
Tatu at Tatech said that the problem has to be in the wiring. Maybe some wire has burned or something. I don't know.
No sparks on number one No ingition in here, try number two
Do we have all fuses on? It can't fucking ignite if we have the Tatech disconnected!
Haha, soon he will say: "It can't get fuel with the injectors disconnected"
Now we have ignition.
Fuck it grounds far! It hit to the shock.
When I turned this a bit, the connector popped right off! FUCK! Try that one also, it propably pops off too.
Shit Henkka! I'm gonna hit you now! We have been fighting with this fucking car the whole day!
Yesterday Henkka was like: "Aah, who made it work"
"Look how good these are" He had like a boner for these, for fuck's sake!
Henkka hey, high five! Are those center ones connected?
Fuck man!
But if it doesn't work now.... Look! This popped right off
But if it wont work, we have to check the continuity of the ground and insulation resistance...
Now every fucking insulation will work!
Henkka is propably the best helper ever. Best wingman. I just need to kick him every now and then, so that he understands.
But other than that he's good. Henkka is really a good guy.
Shit. I'll fucking hang you.
It works!
Ignition's way too late
Now it's idling already!
"Do yo know what song we're gonna play after first start?"
We got it started!
And works!
Intercooler is a 4.5" one.
The engine cools with the help of a Griffin radiator and a Davies Craig electric water pump.
The wastegate has a foot long screampipe. It throws excessive love to the atmosphere.
Rest of it goes to the exhaust, which is 3.5" the whole length.
And there is a muffler also, if people wonder is there any because it's a bit loud
But there it is! Or maybe I wouldn't call it a muffler. It kinda removes all the squirreils coming from the engine.
Turn it off! Turn the key! Kill the engine! Kill it!
It leaks water somewhere
Alternator doesn't work! 10.5V
At friday we should be in Tampere and today is we-th night and the car is in this shape. No problem!
D-I-Y for the win!
Now give me some mayonnaise!
Something burns now. Henkka what's burning?! It's this wire. It's melting.
WTF!!! Get the battery off! Howcome everything's burning now?
Few variables. FUCK!
This is so fucked up. What can I say
We should be on the road in 6 hours but I think we'll have to postpone the start for about 10 hours.