How To Chip A Soccer Ball - Master Chipping A Soccer Ball

Uploaded by EpicSoccerTraining on 18.06.2012

Hey guys. Matt here from Epic Soccer Training. I want to take you through this video that's
going to be simply how to chip a soccer ball.
I get a lot of questions. Hey, what are the correct fundamentals for doing this? How can
I do it properly? I want to be able to take those free kicks and just kind of chip them
in the space over the top of the wall and stuff like that.
So let me take you through kind of the basic fundamentals of what you need to do and again,
like I tell you in just about every video, make sure you're practicing right and left
foot if you really want to get better.
So OK, the basic fundamentals of chipping a soccer ball is you really need to think
in terms and this is what I do especially when I have to teach my other leg how to do
things when I was younger is think in terms of golf. When you have a pitching wedge and
you're just coming through the bottom of the ball just to get a lift, that's exactly what
you need to do.
So instead of hitting the ball in the middle, obviously you're going to hit it on the bottom
of the ball and kind of scoop underneath it. You want to scoop all the way through. Where
people mess up a lot of times is they're not really sure where I guess what area of their
foot to get under the ball and you really just want to hit it and kind of scoop it with
your toes. That's going to be the thinnest area but you're going to get a good lift on
it too.
So when you're going and approaching the ball, again it's just like when you're doing passing.
Plant your foot about a foot to the right. If you're left-footed, if you're opposite
direction and you're going right-footed, then you're going to be planting the ball just
a nice foot to the left.
And again, what you want to do is make sure you drive through, lean back because that's
going to create that lift. So one of the things that I like to do, again this is like really
short. I like to go kind of farther away but when you're working on your chipping, you
want to just get a flat backspin. You don't want to get the spin that's curving. We're
going to get into that when we're talking about bending balls and curving balls around
the wall or any of those dip curves that you see David Beckham does a lot for shots or
Cristiano Ronaldo.
But what you want to do is just get that flat backspin. It lets you know you're going straight
and it's going pretty good and what you want to do is just lean back. Get your arms out.
Sorry, I'm trying to hold the microphone here but you want to just create that backspin,
just flat backspin.
One of the good things to do is to try and hit the ball into the net but in the air.
So try and get it over the goal line. You don't want to just kick it here. You want
to actually work on getting some lift or if you're like me and you want to try and like
either hit the crossbar or go over top of the goal so you can get some lift, well, there
you go.
Probably couldn't do that a million times but there you go. Leave some comments on that
one. So anyway, that's what you want to do. Also make sure you're working on both feet
like I said but it's important when you start slowing these videos down, really see the
mechanics. When I'm coming in, I'm leaning back and I'm just hitting basically in the
beginning third of the ball and I'm just scooping it like that and that's where it gets that
quick lift. So instead of hitting the ball all the way out here, that's not going to
get as much lift and what it's actually going to do is this. If I started chipping the ball
on the other side of the ball, that's where you start getting that curve and it's not
going to lift as much. That's why you want to hit it on the beginning third of the ball.
So again, line yourself up. Do it right-footed. Do it left-footed. And just kind of chip it
into the goal in the air. So those are the basic fundamentals of how to chip the ball
and again like I said, we're going to do some more videos on how to bend, how to kind of
do that dip curve where it just kind of sinks down. It just kind of sinks like a rock.
But leave me comments. Let me know. Go up here. I think it's up here. Go subscribe and
let me somewhere up here. Let me know what you think and also I've got a video of how
I went from being just an average soccer player to playing professionally at high levels and
being All-American and all that type of stuff which I highly recommend you watch. You can
do that right now by just clicking the link below this video. So that's it for how to
chip a soccer ball and I will see you guys in the next lesson.