ADseries Van Shelving: Truly Adjustable Van Shelving | Adrian Steel Official Video

Uploaded by adriansteelco on 13.12.2010

Finally... The next generation of cargo management solutions is here! Featuring truly adjustable
shelves, an adaptable rail system, advanced stamped steel shelves and end panels, and
all exclusively from Adrian Steel. The ADseries features all new stamped steel shelves and
end panels: strong, durable, and ready for hard work. Just as you expect from Adrian
Steel Shelving, but with a clean, rounded-edge design. This advanced design maximizes the
van's cargo space. The end panels feature a six inch knockout, that provides forty-eight
inches of unobstructed floor space for carrying sheet goods flat on the van floor. The end
panels are also contoured to the van walls. This provides thirty-six inches of aisle space
for carry large items, like furnaces, AC units, water heaters, and more. Tools, equipment,
and cargo come in all shapes and sizes, but until now, there hasn't been a truly adjustable
shelving unit on the market. The ADseries is the first of its kind, where all you need
is a screwdriver to simply remove the front shelf bolts, and move the shelf to a different
location. Gone are the days of having to pull the entire unit or drilling out fasteners
just to change one shelf. How? Remove the two front bolts and tilt the shelf upwards.
The two weld studs in the back will release from the unit. Reposition your shelf and reinsert
the weld studs. Put the front bolts back in, and you're ready to go! Real adjustability,
all in less than one minute. Finally! An interior where the customer can put the shelves where
they need them, not where the manufacturer thinks they should be. The exclusive ADseries
rail system allows the shelving to be repositioned in the van, increasing the available space
for trade-specific equipment. Plus, this can be done without redrilling the van. So don't
hesitate if you need to change out your work van interior: just contact your Adrian Steel
distributor and they can do it without drilling more holes. Adrian Steel has accessories for
every need. And as business needs change, so can your van equipment. Plug 'n Play Shelves
have pre-punched holes to easily add drawer units, door kits, and dividers, all without
drilling. New composite dividers just snap into place; no more nut and bolt fasteners
to catch or snag things on. Adrian Steel accessories such as hooks, wire reel holders, and catalog
files and can be added to the new ADseries end panels with end panel brackets. No drilling
required. Tank racks, cabinet lockers, shelf racks, and more can be easily added to the
rail system with just a couple adapters. And did we mention no additional drilling? The
versatility of the new ADseries shelving speaks for itself. This innovative design gives you
the ability to move or change the interior as needed, when needed, and without having
to drill more holes into the vehicle. This innovative system is an Adrian Steel exclusive,
and you get it only through your local Adrian Steel distributor. The Adrian Steel ADseries:
ADvanced design, ADjustable shelves, ADaptable interior, ADd accessories easily, ADrian Innovation.
Adrian Steel.